Ultron vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in a Fight? (MCU & Comics)

Ultron vs. Thanos Who Would Win in a Fight MCU and Comics

Regarding power and strength, Ultron and Thanos are two of the most formidable villains in the Marvel universe. Both have caused destruction on a massive scale and have proven to be nearly unstoppable. Ultron is a homicidal AI turned rogue, and Thanos is not that far off holding the title of Mad Titan. Having said that, when it comes to a battle between Ultron and Thanos, who would win in both MCU and the comics?

Thanos would win in a fight against Ultron in the comics and the MCU. Thanos has more versatile powers at his disposal. He is more durable and physically stronger. Thanos also proved to be an extremely experienced combatant facing the deadliest superheroes Marvel Universe could throw at him. Ultron can easily match Thanos’ speed, durability, and intelligence, but whatever Ultron can throw at Thanos, Thanos can return and then some. Both villains have armies at their disposal and powerful gadgets, but Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet can easily snap Ultron out of existence.

Now that we’ve covered that Thanos would be victorious in a match against Ultron, it’s time to analyze why. We will analyze both villains’ powers, abilities, strength, durability, and other aspects so you can see how we concluded. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Thanos is a formidable villain with mastery over various energies, including magnetic, cosmic, elemental, and soul energy. He is also capable of manipulating matter and biological processes. With his unique control over time and space, he can defeat even the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe.

In addition to his physical abilities, Thanos is skilled in the mystical arts and can cause great damage with curses and spells. It is clear in the MCU that no single entity can stand against Thanos without being defeated. He was deemed the strongest being in the universe with access to two Infinity Stones. And with all six stones, he gained control over reality and became near-omnipotent, able to wipe out half the universe with a snap of his fingers.

Thanos infinity gauntlet

Avengers recognized the threat that Thanos posed and acknowledged the immense power he held with access to the Infinity Stones. Ultimately, his control over the stones allowed him to manipulate time, energy, space, and even souls, making him one of the deadliest and most destructive forces the MCU has ever seen. 


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Ultron managed to cause quite a mess, both when it comes to potential tyranny and overall destruction. Ultron doesn’t have access to a plethora of mystical powers that Thanos has, but he has built-in gadgets that allow him to emit various highly destructive beams. He can also absorb various types of energy to use them as fuel if the need arises. 

Via his technoforming ability, Ultron can manipulate various types of machinery and programming through physical means. He can use this ability to gain control over all machinery around him. 

In the MCU, we’ve seen Ultron using telekinesis, energy blasts, generating heat, and manipulating technology on a large scale. But his most formidable power in the MCU has to be, like in the comics, his technoforming ability to create, manipulate and transfer his mind near-instantly into the so-called Ultron Sentries. Ultron Sentries are an army of smaller and weaker robots that Ultron can command and utilize in mere seconds whenever the need arises. Via Ultron Sentries, Ultron is immortal and omnipresent since Sentries can be dispatched anywhere at any time. 

Ultron using telekinesis

Even though Thanos has more versatile abilities, Ultron’s technoforming ability is simply too overpowered, especially if the location of our hypothetical battle is a place with a lot of machinery around. Due to that, both get the point. 

Points: Ultron (1:1) Thanos

Strength and Stamina 

The extent of Thanos’ physical strength is unknown, but he has demonstrated his prowess through numerous feats in both the comics and MCU. He has overpowered the toughest characters Marvel has to offer through sheer physical strength. He lifted the Galactus Engine from the depths of Ego, the Living Planet, and destroyed a planet by charging into it. His unique physiology means he has almost limitless stamina and doesn’t experience fatigue. In the MCU, Thanos also showed incredible strength, snapping Loki’s neck with one hand, crushing the Tesseract, and overpowering the strongest Avengers using only his physical prowess. 

Ultron’s robotic body gives him access to strength unfathomable to human beings. In the comics, he can lift at least 100 tons, and in the MCU, we’ve seen a plethora of strength feats. Ultron fought against Iron Man and Captain America and gained the upper hand. In his vibranium body, Ultron was strong enough to overpower Thor and make him bleed.

Thanos snapping lokis neck

Being a robot, Ultron doesn’t need to eat or sleep. He has nearly-unlimited reserves of stamina at his disposal. Due to his energy-absorbing abilities, he uses environmental energy to fuel himself. Powering his body is no issue at all. 

Even though Ultron is incredibly strong and has mindblowing reserves of stamina, he still can’t measure up to Mad Titan. Thanos wins this round. 

Points: Ultron (1:2) Thanos


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Thanos, despite his imposing size, has demonstrated impressive speed and agility. He can move faster than light, fly, teleport, and has lightning-fast combat reflexes. At times, he has even shown the ability to be omnipresent. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos has displayed remarkable quickness in reacting to attacks, such as catching Thor off guard, evading Hulk’s strikes, and demonstrating agility against smaller opponents. Although his speed in the MCU may not match that of the comics, the same can be said for any other character.

Ultron can move faster than the finest human athletes. Despite being made out of metal, Ultron proved time and time again that he is incredibly agile. He can likewise fly; in some instances, he even managed to keep up with Iron Man during flight. Speaking of omnipresence, Ultron can easily achieve this through his sentries. His combat speed might be inferior to Thanos’, but his ability to travel through the internet in mere seconds almost anywhere is truly impressive. 

Ultron flying

Points: Ultron (2:2) Thanos


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Thanos has a remarkable level of resistance to injury. His Eternal biology makes him invulnerable to toxic substances, diseases, and poisons. Should he sustain any damage, his quick healing factor takes care of it swiftly. Death itself cannot keep him dead, and even if he were to die, it’s only a matter of time before he returns to life.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos’ durability was demonstrated when he could wear the Infinity Gauntlet without any significant harm. This shows that he could withstand and absorb enough energy to power an entire continent for a week.

Thanos burned

Thanos’ durability is legendary, but how does it stack against Ultron’s mechanical body? Surprisingly well. Even though Ultron is made of metal, he can never die, never age, and never succumb to diseases. His internal mechanisms are fragile. But as we’ve mentioned, due to being AI, upon the destruction of his original body, Ultron can simply upload himself to a new machine. His defeat via Mind Stone, however, proves that it’s easy to put an end to him, and even though, in theory, he should be eternal and more durable than Thanos, he isn’t. Thanos’ Uru blade can easily cut through even his most durable Vibranium body. 

Ultron body

Thanos wins this one. 

Points: Ultron (2:3) Thanos


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Thanos is famous for his superior intelligence and ability to anticipate future events. As a young individual, he was acknowledged as one of the most intellectually gifted beings among the Eternals and is considered by many to be the most intelligent among them. He had the foresight to predict the downfall of his home planet, Titan, due to overpopulation and excessive strain on resources. He relied on his sharp perception and logical reasoning skills to evaluate the actions and motivations of others, helping him stay one step ahead. Throughout his life, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to think critically and make calculated decisions.

As an artificial intelligence, Ultron is among the most intelligent beings in the universe. He is self-aware and has all universal knowledge at his disposal. He can upload information to his mainframe at incredible speeds, and he can learn almost anything in the cosmos within moments. Even though Ultron proved in the MCU that he is incapable of understanding even the most basic concepts, we still have to consider his learning speed and data processing speeds. It’s something rarely any being in the Marvel Universe can compete with. I wouldn’t say that Ultron is smarter than Thanos, but to be completely objective, both get the point. 

Ultron program

Points: Ultron (3:4) Thanos

Combat Skills 

Thanos is widely regarded as a formidable combatant, proficient in various fighting techniques and weaponry. He is particularly skilled in using weapons, like his double-edged sword, and has successfully defeated some of the strongest martial artists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His hand-to-hand combat abilities are evident as he emerged victorious over Hulk and easily overpowered Black Panther.

Without weapons, Thanos still presents a significant challenge to his opponents, but he becomes nearly unstoppable when armed. His mastery in combat makes him a formidable opponent for anyone in the Marvel Universe due to the millennia of experience and formal combat training that he attended back on Titan when he was still shaping himself to be what he is today. 

Thanos sword MCU

Even though Ultron managed to best Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor in combat, he mostly relied on his raw strength. Even though Ultron doesn’t have formal training regarding combat, he can surely learn anything related to it by downloading the knowledge and everything required to master the moves in mere moments. He is likewise surprisingly agile when we consider the fact that he is a robot in a mechanical body. Ultron would give Thanos a run for his money, but Thanos would prevail simply because he has more experience. 

Points: Ultron (3:5) Thanos


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Ultron vs. Thanos: Who would win? 

Thanos would win against Ultron both in the MCU and in the comics. Even though Ultron is one of the most difficult opponents the Avengers have ever faced, he simply can’t measure up to the godlike being that is Thanos. Even if Thanos doesn’t have The Infinity gauntlet at his disposal, he is still stronger, more durable, and has more diverse abilities at his disposal. Even if Ultron comes to fight, followed by an army of sentries and other machines, Thanos also has armies at his disposal. With Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos can easily snap Ultron from existence, and he is simply unstoppable. A single stone ultimately stopped Ultron. He would be demolished in a blink by the whole gauntlet. 

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