Adamantium vs. Vibranium: Which Metal Is Stronger in Marvel Universe?

Vibranium vs Adamantium

The world of Marvel comics is full of different fictional objects that tend to be beyond imagination. Metals are some of the objects we are discussing, as Marvel is full of powerful metals used to create incredible weapons. Both metals are adamantium and vibranium, used for specific purposes in the Marvel Comics universe. But which, between adamantium and vibranium, is stronger?

Adamantium is stronger than Vibrainum. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s better between the two. Adamantium has several notable qualities that give it advantages such as density and strength; however, it’s far more limited in terms of what you can do with it. Vibranium, on the other hand, is a lighter metal that can be molded for various applications, which overall makes it better.

The thing about adamantium and vibranium is that you can’t compare them based on how hard or dense these metals are. That’s because they are both unique in their own right and capable of many different things that most metals aren’t capable of. In that regard, let’s look at which of these metals is stronger and more ideal in certain situations.

Adamantium Properties

wolverine claws

When it comes to the world of Marvel, one of the metals that people are familiar with is adamantium because it is heavily featured in the X-Men comics and movies. Of course, you already know that adamantium is the same metal bonded with Wolverine’s skeleton, so he would have metallic claws and a powerful body.

When it comes to Wolverine, his adamantium claws tend to be so powerful that they can easily rip through most objects. He can use his claws to destroy steel and other objects. On top of that, his adamantium claws can damage Thanos, who we know is one of the most durable characters in Marvel Comics. But just how strong is adamantium?


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Unlike other types of metals that are extraterrestrial or supernatural in terms of their nature, adamantium has been established as a man-made alloy that was created on Earth. It is a very dense metal and quite heavy as well, and that’s why Wolverine is capable of packing a punch and taking some of the strongest hits from some of the strongest Marvel characters.

Adamantium is liquid in its pure form, as it is still quite malleable when heated. That is how this metal was bonded with Wolverine’s body as his skeleton was injected with adamantium. Once it hardens, it is virtually indestructible and can take hits from bullets and other weapons. Of course, adamantium can slice through any object like a hot knife through butter.

In that regard, adamantium is almost indestructible and so dense that it can easily damage other objects, no matter how durable they may be. But the thing about adamantium is that it acts like any ordinary metal in that its applications are limited to what usual metals are capable of and that it also shares the same weakness as conventional metals.

For one, adamantium is susceptible to magnetism, as it has been established that Wolverine tends to struggle against Magneto due to his powers. It has also been established that adamantium can destroy adamantium just as easily as it can destroy other objects. In that regard, adamantium is better off being used as a weapon due to its density instead of using it for armor.

Vibranium Properties


Another metal that fans are familiar with in Marvel Comics is vibranium, which is most notable as the alloy used to create Captain America’s shield. Vibranium is also the very same metal that allowed the Wakandan civilization to thrive, as this metal is used in virtually any kind of structure, weapon, and technology used by the Wakandans.

Vibranium is not of this planet as it came from a meteor that crashed into Earth millions of years ago. The meteor also mutated the surrounding planets to produce the Heart-Shaped Herb that gives the Black Panther his powers. And because vibranium crashed in Africa, the Wakandans were the ones that benefited from it.


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The Wakandans use sonic technology to mine vibranium because conventional mining methods do not work. And this is because vibranium can withstand almost any kind of damage possible.

Vibranium is so durable that it can absorb kinetic energy and disperses it throughout the metal to produce nothing more than vibrations. This is why vibranium can stop projectiles and almost any weapon without much trouble, as the metal absorbs the kinetic energy produced by an attack.

Of course, thanks to this durability, vibranium forms the foundation of the Wakandan civilization as it is used on buildings, structures, weapons, and technology. The fact that vibranium can absorb kinetic energy makes it very useful in many different situations, as the scientists of Wakanda produced various types of technology based on that property. For example, the Black Panther suit can absorb and release kinetic energy.

There’s also the fact that vibranium is incredibly light and is said to be even lighter than aluminum. As such, even though it is so durable that it can take any damage, this metal is incredibly soft. That explains why the Black Panther suit is capable of extreme protection despite how light it looks.

While it might be true that vibranium is strong, there are a few limitations to this metal. That’s because vibranium is weak to sonic technology, as its ability to absorb kinetic energy doesn’t extend to sonic weapons. Vibranium can also destroy vibranium, as we’ve seen time and time again in the comics.

Can Adamantium cut through Vibranium?

Adamantium can cut through Vibranium, and it all comes down to simple science. We’ve covered the major difference between Adamantium, and Vibranium is not that one metal is better. It’s just that Adamantium is much denser, which makes it heavier and stronger. Now due to this density difference, Adamantium can cut through Vibranium under special circumstances.

Wolverine Captain America Shield

This doesn’t mean, however, that Wolverine’s Adamantium claws can obliterate Captain America’s Vibranium shield; at best, the claws can damage it and chip the pain.

Can Magneto control Vibranium?

The answer to this question is complicated, and let’s just say that it’s inconsistent at best. There are a few naturally occurring metals that Magneto cannot control due to their lack of magnetic properties. Since Vibranium is not a naturally occurring metal, we don’t know why Magneto struggles to control it in some instances.

Magneto Black Panther suit control

In one such instance, Magneto had difficulty in a fight against Black Panther due to Vibranium weave in his Black Panther suit; in several other instances, Magneto had no problem controlling Captain America’s Vibraium shield.

magneto captain america shield

This is most likely due to the writer’s inconsistency. We’re going to give this one a “maybe.” Magneto can control Vibranium, but as it’s alien metal in nature, he does so with great difficulty.

Adamantium vs. Vibranium: Which Metal Is Stronger In Marvel Universe?

In the comics, adamantium and vibranium have clashed a few times already, as Wolverine has been able to damage Captain America’s shield. But the thing is that they are both different in a lot of ways.

Adamantium is stronger in the conventional sense because it is denser. It is ideal for weapons as it can quickly destroy other types of metals due to its density. However, it isn’t the most ideal for protection due to how heavy this metal is.

On the other hand, vibranium is the more durable metal of the two, as it can withstand any damage due to its ability to absorb kinetic energy. There’s the fact that vibranium is more versatile as it formed the foundation of an entire advanced civilization, which means that it has more applications than adamantium.


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It is also interesting to note that vibranium is immune to the effects of magnetism, and that’s why Magneto’s powers don’t work on it. And the fact that it is much more versatile than adamantium, which is better for weapons, makes vibranium the ideal weapon of the two.

What do you think, which metal is better? Let us know in the comments below!

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