Upcoming Marvel Merch Spoiled ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ Female Villain in Advance

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Spoilers and leaks are nothing new in the world of superhero media, most of the time they come from unofficial sources and are easy to ignore but it’s not every day that the upcoming villain in the MCU is spoiled via McDonald’s toy, and that’s exactly what happened.

A McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion inadvertently revealed a first look at Diamondback for the upcoming ‘Captain America: Brave New World. ‘The packaging refers to the character as “Cascavel,” Portuguese for Rattlesnake, hinting at their MCU adaptation. The figure resembles the Marvel Comics villain, with matching hair color and a black and purple suit.


You can check out the official photo below.

We’re not too surprised to see Diamondback in the movie since Serpent Society and by extension – King Cobra were rumored to appear in the movie for a long time, they even appeared in some leaked set photos. However, recent rumors also claimed that the villains were written out of the movie completely.

Diamondback has a pretty interesting relationship with Captain America, the two often find themselves on the opposing sides but were also at one point romantically involved.

Rachel Leighton, later known as Diamondback, became a mercenary trained by Anaconda in one of Taskmaster’s academies. As a member of the original Serpent Society, she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics, and thrown weaponry, using diamond-shaped projectiles with various deadly payloads. She initially clashed with Captain America but later developed romantic feelings for him. Diamondback was assigned to apprehend Captain America but ultimately aided him in capturing the Serpent Society.

Additionally, Diamondback and the Serpent Society were referenced in a reported 2023 casting call for Captain America 4. The call sought an early 30s female to play a character described as a villain but potentially also a love interest for Anthony Mackie’s character. Another interesting thing is that test audiences reportedly found the chemistry between Mackie and his alleged love interest, lacking, so we definitely can’t wait to see this play out.

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