Wanda’s Return to the MCU Is Inevitable – But What’s the Proper Moment to Introduce Her Back? Here Are Our Best Theories

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Wanda was never just a character in the MCU. She started out a villain, became a hero, became a hero with a tragic backstory, lost everything, and circled back to being a villain until eventually becoming sort of a hero again by destroying Darkhold and supposedly taking her own life.

Now even the ending of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ was pretty open-ended, and the official statements on the matter really did nothing to answer the question – is Wanda still alive within the MCU?

Most fans, including me, believe that collapsing debris can’t really do much against Nexus being with such a Multiversal potential, after all, we’ve seen Wanda tanking far worse, so she will likely return. Recently, there’s been a few rumors circling that she is going to get her own standalone movie, even if that doesn’t happen, there are a few projects in which she could return, and that makes total sense.

1. ‘Vision Quest’

Marvels Vision Quest Potential Release Date Plot Cast More

Vision was Wanda’s love interest for much of the MCU and we know that losing him led her to literally break reality. In the ‘WandaVision’ finale, we saw that the new version of Vision was created by S.W.O.R.D. called White Vision. Wanda’s Vision tries to restore White Vision’s memories by using the Mind Stone from his own forehead, which leads to a philosophical debate about what makes a person a “real” Vision. In the end, White Vision remembers who he is and takes off without any explanation, leaving the fate of the character unclear.

We know that character is also up for his own spinoff, with the ‘Vision Quest’ project currently in development, so there is a possibility for Wanda to return to his show and try to get some closure for herself and for the newly-created Vision in the midst of existential crisis.

2. ‘Wonder Man’

Wonder Man not cancelled accroding to rumors

If you’re not familiar with the comics and the character ‘Wonder Man’ it’s likely that you aren’t aware that he, Vision, and Wanda are intimately connected in the source material. Instead of J.A.R.V.I.S., Vision’s creation was done by using Wonder Man’s brain waves. It was never explicitly stated, but it was implied that it was the reason why Vision had feelings in the first place – they came from Wonder Man’s brain waves.

After Vision was dismembered and then put back together to create White Vision, he was basically his old self but had no emotions of any kind, not even towards Wanda. She was devastated by it, as she loved him dearly, so she begged Wonder Man to help and give his brain waves again so that Vision could be brought back to his old self.

However, Wonder Man refused to do it for his own selfish reasons. You see, the entire time Wanda and Vision were together, Wonder Man was jealous because he, too, had feelings for Scarlet Witch. It’s unlikely that this is the exact story that Wonder Man’s show will follow, but we can see Wanda making an appearance just to start another messy relationship with him, or possibly to establish some kind of connection between MCU’s Wonder Man and White Vision.

3. Rumored Wiccan Series

Wiccan Origin

Before the SAG-AFTRA strike, ‘WandaVision’ was supposed to lead to plenty of spinoffs. Some of them like ‘Vision Quest’ and ‘Agatha’ materialized, and some like the rumored series focusing on Wiccan, stayed only, well, rumors. The show will reportedly adapt ‘The Children’s Crusade,’ a Marvel Comics storyline that primarily involved the characters from the Young Avengers and the Scarlet Witch. The storyline was published in 2010-2011 as a nine-issue miniseries.

In ‘The Children’s Crusade,’ the Young Avengers, a group of teenage superheroes, embark on a quest to find and confront the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch caused a catastrophe with reality-warping abilities, and her actions in the ‘Avengers Disassembled’ and ‘House of M’ storylines had significant consequences for the Marvel Universe. This show was also rumored to lead into her own standalone movie.

4. ‘X-Men’ reboot

Heres When We Can Reportedly Expect X Men To be Introduced to the MCU

Now this is kind of a stretch since Wanda doesn’t have all that many connections to mutants in the MCU, but a while back a supposed leak was spreading on X with allegations that X-Men will be a trigger for Wanda to return to the MCU. The group of mutants will find themselves on the brink of extinction and will need Scarlet Witch to stage a “House of M” -style event that will supposedly give them a fighting chance, or relocate them to the mainline MCU.

5. ‘Secret Wars’

avengers secret wars to serve as a reboot

‘Secret Wars’ is on this list because almost everybody is rumored to appear in that movie including RDJ’s Iron Man. Naturally, we’re talking about the Wanda variant and not the mainline Scarlet Witch we’re used to seeing. Wanda in ‘Secret Wars’ means it doesn’t matter whether Wanda is dead or alive in the MCU, since with the Multiverse wide open, there’s no limit on the possible variants that could happen.

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