Rumors: Scarlet Witch To Get Her Own Standalone Movie Following the Release of ‘Avengers 5’ or ‘Secret Wars’

scarlet witch solo movies

Wanda’s story in the MCU is one of the most heartbreaking. She lost everything in the Novi Grad Bombings, and then, along with her brother Pietro, she turned to desperate means to secure some kind of power to get their vengeance on Tony Stark.

Pietro was lost when the twins turned on Ultron in self-sacrifice, but Wanda continued on, fell in love with Vision, and took a stand against Thanos. By the end of her career in the MCU, she would lose Vision, her imaginary children, and ultimately her own sanity, but she would gain something far more powerful: the powers of Scarlet Witch

Still even as a villain Wanda did one thing right: she collapsed the Darkhold Castle on Wundagore Mountain on top of herself, destroying every single copy of Darkhold in existence, and the collapse of the castle seemingly led to her death. While her death was somewhat confirmed in the 2023 MCU timeline book, fans keep on hoping that one of the most powerful Avengers cannot be brought down with a pile of debris, and if the rumors are to be believed, that debris wasn’t enough.

According to rumors presented on X by mostly accurate leaker and scooper MyTimeToShineHello Scarlet Witch is supposed to get her own movie and it will be released either between ‘Avengers 5’ & ‘Secret Wars’ or after the release of ‘Secret Wars.’

This is not the first time that gossip has spread regarding a potential sequel to Wanda’s story, as several months ago Cryptic HD Quality shared with the internet that Marvel Studios wants Elizabeth Olsen for her own movie, soon.

It’s clear that the ending of MoM left Wanda’s survival under question for a good reason. She is far too popular (and powerful) for the studio to get rid of her before giving her a chance to have her own movie. Let’s just hope that the rumors surrounding Wanda’s solo movie won’t go down as the same rumors that were frequently tied to Hulk’s solo movie, as it was recently confirmed that those types of projects aren’t happening. At least not now.

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