What Could Have Been: Beau DeMayo Reveals His Plans for Live-action X-Men Film that Influenced ‘X-Men ’97’

Creator of X Men 97 Beau DeMayo Fired Just Weeks Ahead of Shows Premiere

‘X-Men ’97’ turned out to be a surprise hit for Marvel Studios following a series of flops. Fans loved the authenticity of the show as well as the similarity to the original animated series.

Even though most fans expected the show to play the nostalgia card, the story turned out to be brilliant, and nowadays, hardly anyone is drawing parallels between the new show and the old show as the new show is slowly but surely gathering quite the following of fans hungry for more good X-Men stories.

Creating the show was a team effort naturally, but one man seems to be the most responsible for delivering a brilliant story, Beau DeMayo, a controversial Marvel writer who got fired just days before the season 1 premiere.

DeMayo is clearly talented, and due to that plenty of fans have been calling for his reinstatement after episode 5 of the show released. Not only that, but plenty have been calling for him to write the story for the upcoming live-action reboot of the X-Men franchise for the MCU.

While that likely won’t happen as the studio is looking for a writer as we speaking, we were shocked to find out that DeMayo technically already wrote a live-action X-Men film, and not only that but it served as inspiration for ‘X-Men ’97.’

DeMayo revealed that the first script he ever wrote was a sequel to the 2000 ‘X-Men’ movie, and some of that fanfic was used for the animated show which now scores consistently high ratings.

DeMayo himself stated that the script was terrible and he knew nothing about formatting but he will release it one day, and we can only patiently wait for that day to come.

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