‘What If…?’ Season 2: Here’s How Powerful Kahhori Really Is

What If. Season 2 Heres How Powerful Kahhori Really Is

‘What If…?’ Season 2 introduced a completely new and original superhero under the name Kahhori with Native American roots. Kahhori was empowered by the Tesseract and showcased numerous feats in a single episode that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing her in. It looks like she truly does have a bright future ahead if she shows up in other MCU projects or comics, and due to that, we decided to analyze her powers and abilities. So, let’s go!

Kahhori was empowered by the Space Stone

Kahhori was born as a regular human and accidentally gained her powers when she was sucked into the Sky World via Tesseract lying at the bottom of the hidden underground lake. Kahhori was, at first, unaware of the magnitude of her powers, but as the episode progressed, she became aware that the powers of space-time were at her disposal.

Empowered by the Space Stone, we could expect that Kahhori would gain the ability to over space and for teleportation to be possible for her, but she showcased plenty of both defensive and offensive abilities. This is why we’ve seen her levitating extremely heavy objects, such as the animals that they were hunting in the Sky World. She was able to manipulate weaponry such as rifles, cannonballs, and even humans.

kahhori the hunt

Kahhori was also seen forming extremely potent shields, shields that were able to repel bullets and cannonballs to an extent until she was overwhelmed. Kahhori managed to manipulate both the portal in the Sky World and managed to teleport a group of Mohawks to the Spanish court.

what if kahhori reshaped the world

There’s also that scene in which Kahhori forms a small-scale explosion, seemingly killing Rodrigo on the spot. While those powers are usually not associated with Space Stone, I guess you can call it space manipulation.

Kahhori was extremely fast

All Mohawks that were “trapped” in the Sky World manifested super speed, super agility, and incredible acrobatic abilities, but Kahhori took it a step further. During the hunt and while looking for her brother when she was back in her village, she was running as fast as lightning, possibly breaking the sound barrier.

what if kahhori reshaped the world 4

She was also seen displaying acrobatic feats that far surpass what ordinary humans are capable of, and the Space Stone gave her the ability to display physical feats that far surpass even the most skilled and trained human Olympic athletes.

She has increased durability and, while in the Sky World, is immortal

When she first got to the Sky World, Atahraks told Kahhori that they do not age while in the realm and that they are immortal. It was also evident that Mohawks in the Sky World were practically immune to most forms of damage since Kahhori fell from a great height, hitting the tree branch, and managed to walk away unharmed.


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We don’t know whether Kahhori is immortal in the real world, but her durability did translate to the real world. She was hit with numerous bullets, and a cannonball even struck her face. Expect for being knocked out briefly, she was practically unharmed, besides her body needs to be altered to allow for such speed that she is now able to reach and make it possible to channel extreme powers of the Space Stone.

Kahhori is extremely powerful, and this is why Dr. Strange needs her

Considering that Kahhori now draws her powers from the Infinity Stone, she is extremely powerful, and the limits to her powers aren’t exactly known as of yet. She displayed the ability to manipulate the giant portal, meaning that except for the additional stuff, she does have access to all the primary powers associated with the Space Stone. This is why Evil Dr. Strange will most likely seek her alliance in whatever plans he has and why he actively sought her.

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