‘What If…?’ Season 2: Thor’s Sword All-Father Explained: Origin & Powers

Thor all father what if season 2 episode 8 origin powers

‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 8 brought us Avengers of 1602 assembling, mostly to stop that timeline from being destroyed by the presence of “Forerunner” Steve Rogers, who accidentally ended up in that timeline following the fight with Thanos. Captain Carter was initially called to help and protect the royal family consisting of Thor, Hela, and Loki, but she ultimately failed, and Thor held a massive grudge. And even though this variant of Thor didn’t manifest the same powers and abilities as the mainstream variant, we’ve seen him wielding a powerful sword that was able to somewhat emulate his powers, the sword in question is All-Father and today, we’re going to tell you all we know about it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • All-Father is Thor’s sword gifted to him by the King of Wakanda.
  • All-Father is made out of Vibranium and presumably the most powerful weapon Thor has at his disposal, not counting the royal scepter and Mjolnir that Loki lost somewhere.
  • All-Father seemingly gave Thor the same abilities as Mjolnir, allowing him to channel them in destructive waves.

All-Father is Thor’s newest weapon, and it was a gift from Wakanda

And while we saw Asgardians in the comics and MCU wielding plenty of powerful weapons, ‘What If…?’ version of Thor seemingly had none at his disposal. Sure, he had Hela’s scepter, and Loki presumably lost Mjolnir somewhere, but for the majority of the episode, Thor did not display any special powers and abilities, only moodiness.

This changed during the final battle in the episode in which Thor wanted to put an end to Captain Carter’s shenanigans and seek justice for what “she” did to his reality. Thor was misguided in his belief that Captain Cater somehow worsened “The Rips” that were plaguing his timeline, and this is why he decided to use the “All-Father,” his newest sword he got from the King of Wakanda that was completely made out of Vibranium. Thor got All-Father as his coronation present when he assumed the throne following his sister’s disappearance.

Thor with all father

While we don’t know who was the King of Wakanda in that timeline, we do know that Thor mentioned that the secluded African nation was likewise plagued by “The Rips” and that should have been proof enough that Captain Carter had nothing to do with the phenomena.


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How powerful is the All-Father Sword?

As far as Thor’s powers go, he displayed none until he wielded the All-Father for the first time. Captain Carter noticed that his sword was made from Vibranium and came to the conclusion that this spells trouble. Vibranium is one of the strongest and most powerful metals in the Marvel Universe, and as soon as All-Father struck the Vibranium Shield, a wave of electrical energy swept through the room, charging Thor with renewed power and giving him access to electricity-based abilities, so I guess All-Father has the exact same purpose as Mjolnir has, it channel’s Thor’s powers and abilities and the strike against the Vibranium shield seemingly recharged the weapon.

striking all father shield

Even wielding the All-Father, however, Thor wasn’t able to resist the Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic as she easily subdued him so that Stark and Captain Carter could activate the device to return Rogers to his proper place in time.

Despite All-Father being the cool weapon, it’s far from the most powerful that Thor has ever wielded. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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