Thor’s 12 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked


While we all know that Thor is naturally strong because he is of Asgardian royal lineage and the god of thunder, we also know that he is stronger whenever he has a weapon in his hands. Thor is almost always associated with his hammer, Mjolnir, but he has also used different weapons in the storyline of the comics and even in the MCU.

In that regard, we know that Thor has wielded many strong weapons against some of the strongest entities the Marvel Comics universe offers. His weapons often allow him to trim the gap between him and a much more powerful opponent. So, with that said, let’s look at all of Thor’s most powerful weapons.

12. Mjolnir


The first weapon that fans often associate Thor with is Mjolnir because this is the weapon that the actual god in the mythologies wielded. Of course, it only follows that the most iconic weapon Thor wields in the comics is also Mjolnir, which we know is and has always been his greatest weapon regarding how reliable it is. And while Mjolnir isn’t the strongest, it has always served its purpose and been there whenever Thor needed it.

Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a dying star by the dwarves and has always been meant for the mightiest warrior of Asgard. While Thor doesn’t need this hammer, it has been incredibly useful in channeling his ability to command thunder and lightning. And because Mjolnir was indestructible, Thor could pummel any villain with this weapon without worrying about the hammer’s constitution.


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11. Frogjolnir


We know that there are a lot of different variants of different Marvel characters all over the multiverse, and one of them is Thor. In one of the different universes of Marvel, Thor was turned into a frog of Loki. During that time, he helped the frogs of Puddlegulp against the rats. And Thor wielded Frogjolnir during that time.

Frogjolnir is the same as Mjolnir, except Thor wielded it while in frog form. However, a version of this hammer was also created when Toothgnasher, capable of damaging Uru metal, accidentally chipped away a small piece of Mjolnir. This tiny sliver became a smaller version of Mjolnir when it found a frog worthy of its powers.

10. Ultimate Mjolnir


The Ultimate Universe of Marvel is one of the many alternate universes in the greater Marvel multiverse. Thor is one of the many characters who had a version of himself in the Ultimate Universe, and Odin forged his hammer in this different timeline. Odin created this hammer to give immeasurable power to those who wielded it and to act as a key to reviving Asgard after Ragnarök. 

In this storyline, Ultimate Mjolnir had a piece of Asgard in it so Thor could use it to bring Asgard back. On top of that, Ultimate Mjolnir was also a bit better than the regular version of Mjolnir in the sense that it didn’t have Odin’s “worthy” enchantment. This means that it could be wielded by anyone regardless of whether or not they were worthy of Thor’s powers.

9. Thunderstrike


In the comics, there was a point in time when Thor needed a host so that he could exist on Earth. Eric Masterson served as Thor’s host for a long time. But Thor eventually needed to leave Eric’s body, and that left Eric powerless. Nevertheless, Odin felt that Eric was just as worthy of Thor’s power as Thor was, so he decided to give him the Thunderstrike mace, which had the words “The World Still Needs Heroes” engraved on it.

Of course, Odin gave Eric the Thunderstrike weapon because he could still play the role of a hero on Earth using powers similar to Thor’s. While it isn’t the same as Mjolnir, it has its special abilities and is powerful enough to allow an ordinary man like Eric the power to protect Earth from different villains.

8. Stormbreaker


Another thing that we know is that there was another person who wielded the powers of Thor other than Eric Masterson. We are talking about the Korbonote Beta Ray Bill, who stumbled upon Mjolnir at one point in time and learned that he was worthy of Thor’s powers. But because Thor needed the hammer, he and Beta Ray Bill fought over it, with the original version coming out on top.


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Similar to what happened with Eric, Odin thought that Beta Ray Bill was worthy of becoming a hero in his way. As such, he called the dwarves to forge Stormbreaker, a hammer in the comics, to act as Beta Ray Bill’s weapon. And he also bestowed Stormbreaker the ability to allow Bill to use the powers of Thor.

7. The Uru Destroyer’s Arm

uru arm

In the comics, Malekith could sever one of Thor’s arms while also taking Jarnbjorn away. This was when Thor was at his lowest point, as he had lost an arm and was without a weapon. But when he returned to Asgard, he was given a new arm created using the same Uru metal that the Destroyer was made of. As such, he gained a new weapon in the form of his new arm.

Because of how durable Uru metal is, Thor’s new arm was a weapon itself and could grant him strength greater than his normal arm. Thor didn’t have Mjolnir at that time. Still, he could defeat opponents without using a weapon because his arm was already strong enough to pummel his enemies into submission during a time when he was basically “broken.” He was a shell of his former self. 

6. Lightbringer


One of the things that we know about Thor is that we have seen a lot of versions of this character in the comics. Alison Blaire had one of the most interesting storylines from all the different Thor versions in the comics. She was part of God Emperor Doom’s Thor Corps. And she was one of the many members of the Thor Corps with a Mjolnir-like weapon.


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Unlike the other members of the Thor Corps, Alison’s weapon had a name of its own. This weapon was called Lightbringer. The weapon itself was just as strong as Mjolnir but was made special because Alison was also the mutant hero named Dazzler. As such, Dazzler combined her mutant powers with the powers that Lightbringer allowed her to use, making her much stronger than most of the other members of the Thor Corps.

5. Mjolnir (Earth-5113)

corrupted thor 1

Like Thor, Mjolnir also had a lot of different versions of different characters in the greater multiverse of Marvel. Of course, we know that not all of Thor’s different versions were good, including the one in Earth-5113, wherein Dormammu became the lord of the entire world after he defeated Doctor Strange. That was when Dormammu corrupted some of the most prominent heroes on the planet.

Thor was one of the heroes corrupted by Dormammu’s dark powers as he became more of a monster than an actual Asgardian god. Of course, Thor’s Mjolnir was also corrupted in this alternate reality. Due to Dormammu’s dark powers, Mjolnir became stronger than it was and was now capable of mystical abilities that the former version wasn’t capable of. Coupled with Thor’s corrupted state, it became an even more dangerous weapon.

4. The Hammer of Thorion

thorion 1

While he isn’t a canon character, Thorion was the creation of the Amalgam universe, wherein certain Marvel characters were combined with DC characters. In Thor’s case, he was Amalgamated with DC’s Orion to become Thorion. Of course, both Thor and Orion are powerful gods with abilities that surpass what the other heroes of their respective universes have.

Because Thorion was so much more powerful than Thor, he needed a hammer with powers that could withstand his incredible abilities. That was how the Hammer of Thorion was created, as this became his signature weapon against the greatest threat in the Amalgam universe, Thanoseid, a combination of Thanos and Darkseid.

3. Mjolnir (Earth-10190)

earth 10190 1

Earth-10190 is an alternate universe dedicated to the Asgardians because many of the different events in this universe involved the Asgardians. In this universe, the Asgardians were stronger and a lot more savage than their regular 616 counterparts. Of course, there was no other person who was more savage and ferocious than Thor himself, as he was always the mightiest out of all of the Asgardians.

The thing about Thor in this universe was that he was not afraid to take a life and was much more brutal than his regular counterpart. He also wielded a different version of Mjolnir, which had powers and capabilities far surpass the regular Mjolnir of Earth-616. And this Mjolnir even had spikes that were perfect with Thor’s brutal nature in this universe.

2. Odinsword


Many would say there is no finer Asgardian weapon than the Odinsword because it was meant to be the strongest and mightiest weapon in Asgard’s deep arsenal. While the sword was named after Odin, Thor eventually inherited it after his father’s death as he became the new All-Father of Asgard. And while Mjolnir will always be Thor’s most iconic weapon, it had nothing on the powers of the Odinsword.

The Odinsword can channel the powers of the mystical Odinforce, one of the strongest sources of power in the entire universe. This power is so strong that Thor could destroy an entire planet if he wanted to. The caveat, however, is that Thor would have to sacrifice a huge chunk of his life force if he wanted to gain access to the true powers of the Odinsword. 

1. Jarnbjorn


Not many people know this, but Jarnbjorn was Thor’s original weapon before he started wielding Mjolnir. We’ve seen Thor using many different weapons, including swords and axes. But Jarnbjorn was the weapon that allowed Thor to become as mighty as he was because it was this weapon that allowed him to become the mightiest Asgardian of his time.


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Jarnbjorn was so strong that Thor could battle Apocalypse using its awesome power. The reason why this weapon was so strong was the fact that Thor enchanted it using his blood, and this allowed the weapon to become powerful enough to damage Celestials. While many characters eventually wielded Jarnbjorn, Thor was always the one associated with this axe, as he was the one who turned it into an iconic weapon.

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