10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Jessica Jones. This badass woman with street smarts is one of the most notable female characters of Marvel Comics. Her persona made many Marvel fans love her, and we had the opportunity to watch the character on our TV screens. Jessica Jones has been a part of many great superhero teams, which means she encountered some powerful enemies. Here is a list of the ten greatest Jessica Jones villains of all time. They are ranked according to their power levels.

10. Owl

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

We start this list with Daredevil villain, also known as Leland Owlsley, whose origin story revolved around being the true kingpin of New York. Of course, the true Kingpin is Wilson Fisk, but Owl is far from an innocent man. Jessica Jones went through a traumatic experience that put her in a deep depression after her encounter with Purple Man, and during that time, she stumbled upon Owl and another member of the mafia in the streets of New York.

In true comic book villain fashion, Owl brought his own children into the conflict, and Jessica realized that attacking innocent people is not worth it. After this encounter, Jessica Jones recovered and, coincidentally, met her biggest lover in the comics, another superhero Luke Cage.

9. Scorpion

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Jessica Jones has a tragic origin story of her losing her parents in a traffic accident, which bestowed her superhuman powers. After seeing Spider-Man fighting Sandman, Jessica decides to become a superhero, which helps people in need, and among the criminals is Scorpion.

Scorpion is quite a famous Spider-Man villain, but he is also the first criminal Jessica Jones defeated in her “superhero career.” Jessica “busted” Scorpion doing a petty crime, robbing a laundromat. Still, the “clumsy” Scorpion pushed Jessica to truly become a superhero, specifically, to take on the mantle of Jewel.

8. Nuke

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Recently, we saw Frank Simpson in the Netflix TV show Jessica Jones, where he wasn’t fully “unhinged” like he is in comics but still left a great impression on the fans. The unhinged part of Nuke’s character is disturbing, to say the least, especially if we look into his origin story.


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Regarding Jessica Jones, Nuke isn’t really “her villain” because Simpson mostly fought Daredevil. However, the show adapted his character really well, despite Jessica not necessarily thinking of him as a “true villain,” like Killgrave. Nevertheless, he was memorable enough to be mentioned here.

7. Denny Haynes

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Haynes is a typical member of New York’s “criminal community.” He is known as a drug dealer who encountered Jessica Jones during her investigation to find the kidnapped Mattie Franklin. Then, detective Jones joined efforts with Jessica Drew, who found Franklin used by Haynes to produce a super drug.

The drug temporarily gives Haynes powers, with which he puts up a good fight against Jones and Mattie Franklin. Nevertheless, Haynes was a good-typical villain for Jessica Jones, and he should be mentioned here.

6. Jared Beekman

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

One of the more strange villains on this list is Jared Beekman, an abusive and jealous boyfriend of Dia Slone, a former client of Jessica Jones. Slone had special mutant abilities with which she could warp realities, and Jared absolutely detested her for that. To calm him down, Dia transfers her powers to Beekman, who immediately splits himself into two different Jareds – positive and negative.

Of course, the desire to manipulate realities stayed with the “evil” Jake, who kills some notable Marvel women like Elsa Bloodstone and Mary Jane Watson, among them Jessica Jones. Eventually, Jared merged back in one and changed everything to the original state. Quite an adventure for Jessica Jones.

5. The Skrulls

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Skrulls are heavily included in Marvel Comics and are the species that regularly deal with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Of course, Jessica Jones was part of the Avengers, at least as a member of the New Avengers, and she had an uncomfortable encounter with alien shapeshifters.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage get married in the comics and have a child named Danielle. However, a Skrull that impersonates Jarvis kidnaps their daughter, which makes both superheroes mad. Skrulls have good and bad sides to their character, but some superheroes are not very fond of them, and we don’t blame them.

4. Green Goblin

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Now, this one might be a bit of a reach, but we decided to mention Norman Osbourne, also known as Green Goblin, who was always mostly a villain of Spider-Man and Luke Cage. However, after leaving Daily Bugle and getting pregnant, Green Goblin attacks Jessica Jones after Daily Bugle reveals the real identity of the notorious villain.


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After the attack, Luke Cage defeats Green Goblin, but in general, Green Goblin is one of the deadliest villains of Jessica Jones, and that’s why he should be mentioned in these lists.

3. Benjamin Killgrave

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

We did mention another Killgrave already, but Benjamin Killgrave is one of the many children of the notorious villain of Jessica Jones. Benjamin had something to prove despite his siblings not following their “evil” father’s footsteps. He was the only one that didn’t get any powers, and the lack of powers affected that desperation heavily.

It didn’t help that Zabediah was always harsh on his son, which propelled the hate for Jessica Jones even more. After Killgrave died, Benjamin used his corpse and blood to empower himself with his father’s powers. He even injected Emma Frost with Killgrave’s blood and turned her against Jessica, but she defeated them all. Because of the abuse in his childhood, Benjamin is potentially more twisted than his father, sans the powers, which makes him pretty high on this list.

2. Superior Spider-Man

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Even though he is an extremely popular and powerful superhero, Spider-Man is more powerful than we think. In many Marvel stories, Spider-Man had to showcase his fullest power to help the ones in need. However, when Doctor Octopus decides to switch bodies with Peter, the showcase of the power is on full display because the villain doesn’t hold himself back.

Doc Ock’s Spider-Man became the Superior Spider-Man, and Jessica Jones had to be the one to defeat the “villainous” version of the web-slinger. She was part of the Mighty Avengers when she fought Superior Spider-Man, but that doesn’t detract from his incredible strength. Once again, Danielle becomes the villain’s target, but Jessica Jones and Luke Cage give the evil version of Spider-Man a piece of their mind – by punching him in the face.

1. Zebediah Killgrave (Purple Man)

10 Deadliest Jessica Jones Villains of All Time (Ranked)

Finally, we have the hardest opponent Jessica Jones ever faced – Zebediah Killgrave, known as Purple Man. This Croatian Marvel villain is incredibly evil and despicable, with one thing on his mind – to make everyone around him miserable. Of course, the notorious criminal puts Jessica Jones under mind control, during which she unknowingly tortures and harms other people, including herself.


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The psychological and sexual abuse Jessica suffered during that time left a huge scar on her character – in the comics, Jean Grey puts the mental command in Jessica’s brain to prevent that from happening. In the Netflix show, Jessica awakens when Killgrave forces her to kill someone. Jessica Jones does heal, but that period made her extremely vulnerable and Killgrave her greatest villain.

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