20 Best Superhero Couples & Their Relationships Explained

best superhero couples of all time

Relationships in comics are always hard, especially for superheroes. Complicated double lives and the responsibility of saving the world are often too much for most couples, but some get back together no matter what. Both DC and Marvel showcased some bad and good romantic couples, which became quite popular among the fans, and that prompted us to look into some of the best superhero couples that appeared in comic book media.

Of course, it’s hard to be fully objective with these lists, so bear with me and my explanations of each relationship. The list will strictly include couples that are both superheroes, but with one exception, which I will explain in more detail. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end. Also, this list isn’t ranked, and each entry could be placed anywhere.

20. Wiccan and Hulking

Wiccan and Hulking

This unusual Kree-Skrull/warlock pairing is probably the best LGBTQ+ couple that is actually together in Marvel Comics. Of course, there are others, but when these two ended up together, even the fans were happy for them. Hulking is a son of the former Captain Marvel at the time, Mar-Vell, and Princess Anelle, the daughter of Skrull Emperor, who was sent to Earth to safety to be with his biological father. However, Mar-Vell died, and Mary-Joe Altman decided to raise the boy, now called Teddy Altman.

His potential and powers brought him to the superhero group called Young Avengers, where he met Billy Kaplan, the reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch, who went by the name Wiccan. Their love blossomed through many setbacks, especially after Young Avengers disbanded, and Wiccan was suffering from a huge depression, but even after everything, they got married – and they are still together.

19. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown

Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown

Despite not being together, this pairing is one of the best couples in DC Universe. Tim and Steph were seemingly perfect for each other – both had quite bad childhoods and had the motivation to help Batman protect the innocent. As Robin and Spoiler, these two were fan favorites, and the best comic book stories were when they were together – a few examples are ‘Robin/Spoiler Special’ from 2007, ‘Red Robin’ from 2010, and some of the ‘Robin’ issues from #100-120.


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Arguably, the healthiest Bat-Family couple in DC Comics were eventually separated in 2021 when Tim Drake came out as bisexual and started dating his former classmate, Bernard Dowd. Let’s just say that fans weren’t happy how Tim and Steph broke off their longstanding relationship, but at least we got the closure, yet we hope these two will get back together.

18. Apollo and Midnighter

Apollo and Midnighter

These characters weren’t always DC, but the comic book publisher acquired Wildstorm Productions company in 1999. This quite notable company has created many great characters, but these two were, at one point, one of the most important LGBTQ+ couples in comic book media.

Andrew Pulaski, also known under his codename Apollo, was a StromWatch operative who protected Earth from extraterrestrial threats and later was recruited by Superman to join another superhero group, The Authority. Essentially, Apollo was Wildstorm’s version of Superman, while his husband Lucas Trent, Midnighter (similar to Batman), is a vigilante who also worked for StormWatch, but eventually moved to become an agent of the God Garden.


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These two got married, and even after many setbacks, Midnighter was willing to sacrifice himself for the love of his life. They are a great couple that made SuperBat fans hopeful.

17. Hawkman and Hawkwoman

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

These DC OG’s were always meant to be together. Carter Hall, Hawkman, is an archaeologist who has been reincarnated more than a thousand times in DC Comics, and the same goes for Shayera Hol, Hawkwoman. The original incarnations of this couple were Ktar Deathbringer and Shrra, who fell in love despite all obstacles, and when they died, Ktar made a deal with God to fix everything bad that he’s done by reincarnating them for eternity.

There were many versions of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, but they always found each other, proving they were meant to be. Carter Hall and Shayera Hol are the versions of these classic DC characters.

16. Black Bolt and Medusa

Black Bolt and Medusa

Marvel has some really great couples, but the leaders of Inhumans definitely need to be mentioned. Black Bolt, a member of the Royal Inhuman family, was isolated for years because of his condition until he met Medusa, the heir of the Attilan Royal family. They connected through the special sign language they could only understand, and the powerful Inhumans eventually married.

They are still together, but as any Royal Family, Black Bolt had many wives who died for one reason or another. Still, they are quite iconic in the Marvel Universe – and Medusa is really loyal.

15. Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire

Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire

We are back with DC; these two definitely belong on this list. The second Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was in a long relationship with businesswoman and pilot Carol Ferris, a member of the Star Sapphire Corps. She is the bearer of the Star Sapphire Ring, which harnesses the power of love.

One could argue that Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris were meant to be, especially after she decided to take over the mantle of Star Sapphire for Hal Jordan – we saw the live-action version of the character in the infamous Green Lantern movie, portrayed by Blake Lively.

14. Daredevil and Elektra

Daredevil and Elektra

These Marvel Universe misfits are one of the most popular couples ever. However, in the comics, Elektra is portrayed as a very troubled character, to the point of her being mentally unstable. She went through a lot, and when she met Daredevil, Elektra was just a young misfit who attracted a passionate young lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen.


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Daredevil and Elektra enter a relationship, but not without the attention of the worst villains. Bullseye murders Elektra, and desperate Daredevil tries to resurrect her, but with consequences – Elektra is now his enemy. Quite a tragic story between these two, but among the sea of other women, Matt Murdoch always tries to return to Elektra.

13. Mister Miracle and Big Barda

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

If there is a fight among all of these characters, Mister Miracle and Big Barda would “wipe a floor” with most of them. Big Barda isn’t from Earth, but the villainous Darkseid’s planet Apokalips, where she was trained to become the supervillain’s right hand. However, she met a New God from the opposing planet, New Genesis, Mister Miracle, who changed Big Barda’s life.

Their love lasted for decades, and their affection for each other motivated them to become superheroes and protectors of the whole universe.

12. Black Panther and Storm

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

This entry hurts since T’Challa and Ororo Monroe were actually married at one point. The two most famous black superheroes started their romance chaotically, first meeting as kids on the streets of Cairo, but over the years, they reunited and got married in one of the coolest weddings in Marvel Comics.


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However, their love was short-lived since the threats against their homes occurred nonstop, and they couldn’t juggle their relationships with other (to them) more important matters. They were a really iconic couple that is, unfortunately, no more.

11. Vision and Scarlet Witch

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

‘WandaVision’ series and the Infinity Saga offered us a great look into Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship, where we see Wanda mourning her husband’s death and dreams of the family she always wanted. A similar story is also present in the Marvel comics, but their relationship started much earlier – in the 1960s, and they finally got married in 1974.

However, the fact that Vision was destroyed and rebuilt with no memories of their love destroyed Wanda and her yearnings, leading to her going insane, but not before creating magical babies (one of them is Wiccan). Since then, Scarlet Witch and Vision aren’t together, but their story is worth being on this list.

10. Ant-Man and Wasp

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

Not Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne, but the older versions of the characters. Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne have been one of the most iconic Marvel couples from the Silver Age of Comics. The original Ant-Man and Wasp were the ultimate couple that got married but divorced after Hank Pym’s lie led to him hitting her.


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They weren’t perfect, but Pym later improved his behavior, and the two returned to being together. They are also together in MCU with a daughter Hope van Dyne.

9. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

We are back with gay couples, and this time, we have two menaces from DC Comics, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. These two villains of Batman found their way to each other after Harley tried to escape the abusive relationship with the notorious Joker, while Ivy tried to find her own identity as the villain.


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They eventually became best friends, but that friendship became more after circling around each other for years. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy eventually got together, most notably, in the DC Animated Universe, specifically in ‘Harley Quinn’ animated show that showcases their relationship the best. Frankly, Poison Ivy is a much better partner than Joker in so many ways.

8. Cyclops and Jean Grey

Cyclops and Jean Grey

One of the most notable members of X-Men was always the ultimate couple. Yes, Scott Summers had flings with other women, most notably Emma Frost, while Jean was on the verge of being with Wolverine. However, they always found their way to each other, and knowing that these two have literal children together, Rachel Summers and Nate Grey from alternate universes.

These original members of X-Men are still married despite all the threats they had to overcome to be where they are today.

7. Aquaman and Mera

Aquaman and Mera

The King and Queen of Atlantis are probably the most iconic couples in the DC Universe, and from the beginning, they were meant to be. It seems cheesy, but Aquaman and Mera always understood each other more than any partner they had, and it stayed that way until their marriage and the consequential birth of their first child, Andrina Curry.

Both are really powerful; when they must protect their kingdom, the seas, and oceans roar.

6. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage wedding

These New York-based Marvel superheroes and members of notable Defenders are a truly iconic couple. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage led a really hard life in the criminal underworld of New York, but they eventually met on the streets as they tried to stop the criminal activity.


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They bonded through their hardships and eventually entered a romantic relationship that resulted in them having a baby daughter Danielle Cage. Despite having a rough youth, these two Heroes for Hire found each other and remained happy.

5. Green Arrow and Black Canary

Green Arrow and Black Canary

One of the most iconic and oldest relationships in DC Comics is the one between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, also known as Green Arrow and Black Canary. This classic Golden Age couple had a troublesome relationship for decades since they first met as part of the Justice League of America.

Of course, in Elseworlds, they are usually married with kids, as the ‘Injustice’ games and comics hint, but in the main continuity, they never got to that point. However, their bond could never be severed despite their troubles, as the many major events and threats suggest in the last few decades. They are one of the most iconic couples in DC Comics that always find each other.

4. Nightwing and Batgirl

Nightwing and Batgirl

Babs and Dick were always hinted at having feelings for each other, all the way back in the 1970s and 1980s, when Batgirl and Robin were still helping Batman clean the streets of Gotham City of crime. Of course, Pre-Crisis versions of the character were controversial since it was hinted that quite young Boy Wonder really likes much older Batgirl, but ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ and multiple other events that changed their characters made it easier for them to finally be together.

Finally, with Tom Taylor’s ‘Nightwing’ comics, Babs and Dick are finally together working as a pair and couple in Blüdhaven, and currently one of the best DC couples today. They even have a dog and live together; what is not to like about these two?

3. Batman and Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman

Bruce and Selina have a really turbulent history since Catwoman was mostly on the opposite side of the law, which Batman really didn’t like. However, their passion and desire always paved the way to return to each other, and in the 21st century, they almost got married.


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Unfortunately, Batman’s paranoia and fear that his vigilante lifestyle will kill everyone he loves break them apart. Despite all of those problems, Batman and Catwoman are one of the most iconic couples in comic book media, and frankly, I have a feeling they will finally be together in one way or another.

2. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

The Fantastic Four is Marvel’s “it” superhero team that graced comics in the 1960s. Their members were always quite interesting and important in every event in Marvel Comics, and Reed Richards and Susan Storm were always the team’s consistent part and staple of the team.

They were always meant to be together, and despite not being the most exciting couple on this list, they were always consistent in their love, which resulted in them getting married and having children – one of them being Franklin Richards, the most powerful child in Marvel Universe.

1. Superman and Lois Lane

20 Best Superhero Couples and Their Relationships Explained

This might be cheating since Lois Lane isn’t necessarily a superhero, but among many women that Superman was paired with, Lois is Clark’s endgame. As journalists working in Daily Planet to team up during the biggest threats to the universe, Superman and Lois were always the consistent part of DC Comics, despite writers trying to put Superman with Wonder Woman during New 52, which just didn’t feel right.

In my defense, in some stories, Lois Lane gets some kind of power temporarily, particularly in the comic book storyline ‘All-Star Superman,’ where we see how their love is stronger than any threat in the universe. They also provided us with Jonathan Kent, a new Superman currently active under his father’s superhero mantle.

What are your thoughts on our list? Who do you think is the best couple in comic books? Let us know in the comments below!

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