What Is Necrus & How It’s Connected to Aquaman? Location Explained


One of the things that we know about the storyline of DCEU’s Aquaman is that it ties deep into the lore of the comic books, especially when it comes to the different characters involved in the Aquaman storyline. Out of all of the different things that are associated with Aquaman, one location that stands out in terms of its possible importance to the upcoming ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ storyline is Necrus. So, what is Necrus, and how is it related to Aquaman?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Necrus is a fictional location and is a domed city that’s located in the depths of Earth’s oceans.
  • Called the “Black City,” Necrus is a kingdom that only appears in the material plane for a short time when an alien satellite enters Earth’s orbit.
  • In the storyline of ‘The Lost Kingdom,’ there is a great likelihood that Necrus is the Lost Kingdom in question.

Necrus in the comics

A lot of people would say that one of the best parts of the entire Aquaman mythos in the DCEU and the comics is that it is related to fantasy and mythology and is deeply associated with legends. Atlantis itself is a kingdom that exists in myths and legends but is one of the fictional places that exist in DC’s Aquaman character. Of course, one of the places that have become quite interesting in relation to the Aquaman mythos in the comics is Necrus.

First appearing in ‘Aquaman’ #30 in 1966, Necrus is a kingdom that is also hidden in the depths of the ocean, much like Atlantis. It is a domed kingdom that is ruled by a tyrant named Mongo and is incredibly unstable, unlike Atlantis. The reason why Necrus is unstable is the fact that it only appears in the material plane whenever an alien satellite enters Earth’s orbit. That means that it exists in a plane that is well outside Earth’s usual material plane, unlike Atlantis.

Whenever an alien satellite enters Earth’s orbit, the magnetic fields of the planet open up a hole in dimensional space so that Necrus can emerge. The location of the kingdom is also a mystery, as it will depend on the location of the satellite. As such, it can appear at any point on Earth and can mysteriously disappear just as easily as it can appear.

Known as the “Black City,” Necrus doesn’t enjoy the same kind of prosperous rule that Atlantis is able to enjoy due to Mongo’s militaristic rule as a tyrant king. As such, Necrus is entirely militaristic in terms of its approach, as Mongo will not hesitate to kill and slaughter anyone.

In the comics, Necrus and Mongo went to war with Atlantis after an act of violence from the Black City. Although Necrus isn’t very popular in the world of DC, it could still play a part in the movies, especially when it comes to the upcoming ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ storyline.

Necrus is certainly the Lost Kingdom

Of course, one of the things that has become clear is the fact that the next Aquaman movie will revolve around the fictional Lost Kingdom that is yet to be named. We know that Aquaman is the ruler of all of the sea kingdoms despite the fact that each kingdom has its own monarch. He is basically aware of the existence of all of the kingdoms in the sea.


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So, because of the fact that Necrus doesn’t exist in the material plane in the comics, there’s a reason to believe that Aquaman and the other Atlanteans are not aware of its existence or have only heard about it in tales and myths. An event in the movie must have triggered the sudden appearance of Necrus if it is indeed the Lost Kingdom in the title of the movie.

What this means is that Aquaman is likely going to have to find a way to deal with this threat without necessarily escalating it to a global scale in terms of how dangerous Necrus could be. That is probably why the king of Atlantis can be seen traveling different parts of the world in the trailer and has even decided to work with his treacherous brother Orm to try to deal with the newest threat to both Atlantis and the surface world.

At this point, we cannot be sure whether or not Necrus is indeed the threat that ‘The Lost Kingdom’ is going to show, but there’s a good chance that the Black City is actually the Lost Kingdom because there are no other lost oceanic kingdoms in the world of the Aquaman mythos in the comics. And it would be interesting to see how Necrus will factor into the storyline of the movie, especially when it comes to Arthur’s unlikely partnership with Orm.

There is also the possibility that Mongo will also appear in the movie, given the fact that he is the ruler of Necrus in the comics. He may be an obscure villain, but he is still the tyrant that governs the Black City. As such, he may appear as one of the villains that Aquaman is set to face, especially because of his great disdain for surface dwellers. Aquaman’s journey may be related to how he wants to stop Mongo and Necrus before they become threats to the world.


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But we also know that Orm has always been the greatest thorn in the side of Aquaman in the comics. He is portrayed as an unlikely ally to Arthur in the trailer of ‘The Lost Kingdom,’ and that could be an interesting angle to look at because there could be something that’s interesting to look at here, especially when it comes to Mongo’s obscurity as a character.

Even though we know that the future of the DCEU is already in shambles, this movie was made with the idea that the DCEU could still move forward with its current storyline. As such, Mongo’s possible demise in the movie could lead to Orm’s rise as Ocean Master once more, especially if he plans on betraying his brother and taking over Necrus as its new ruler.

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