What Is Silver Surfer’s Body Made Out Of?

What Is Silver Surfers Body Made Out Of

Silver Surfer is one of the most recognizable characters in comic history. This is due to his unique silvery look and iconic choice of transportation, and much has already been written about his powers, as he is rightfully known to be among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, but some core details that, in part, provide him with his invulnerability aren’t as explored. This is why we decided to analyze one aspect of Silver Surfer that makes him so popular, his metallic skin. Let’s see what is Silver Surfer’s body made out of. 

Silver Surfer’s skin is made out of Galactic Glaze, a nearly indestructible metal that Galactus himself designed. Galactic Glaze can easily stand among the most durable materials in the Marvel Universe, as Silver Surfer is truly difficult to injure. Even though Galactus played a vital role in designing the metal, Silver Surfer’s imagination played a huge part regarding the color of his new body, as his looks are inspired by superheroes that he admired when he was a child, before he became the Herald of Galactus. 

Now that we’ve covered, in short, what makes Silver Surfer’s skin special, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Silver Surfer wasn’t always silver and made out of metal 

Before he became the Herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer was known under the name Norrin Radd and was a humanoid alien hailing from the utopian planet of Zenn-La. Like most of his race, Norrin dedicated his life to sciences and exploring the cosmos. He would often spend hours reading and advancing his knowledge, dreaming about freedom and the endless possibilities of the Universe.

Zenn La

Both Norrin’s father and mother committed suicide while he was still on Zenn-La, partially due to the oppressive rules of their utopian society that appreciated perfection above all else.

Jartran Silver Surfer father

The opportunity for Norrin to experience his lifelong dream presented itself when Galactus invaded Zenn-La to consume the planet. Norrin instead offered him a deal. He will assume the mantle of his Herald and search for planets for Galactus to feast on if he spares Zenn-La and its people.

Galactus agreed to the bargain, and the two have been inseparable for quite some time, with Silver Surfer becoming the most notable Herald Galactus ever had. 

Before Norrin could be Herald, his body had to undergo certain changes, and he had to be imbued with Power Cosmic to carry out his duties more efficiently. And this is what brings us to the story of Silver Surfer’s metallic body. 

Galactus created the metal that Silver Surfer’s body is made out of 

Assuming the mantle of Galactus’ Herald meant that Silver Surfer would often face unfathomably unhospitable environments, including temperatures, vacuum, and cosmic bombardments that his Zenn-Lavian physiology couldn’t tolerate.

Silver Surfer also needs to be protected from various other forms of damage due to Galactus having many enemies, and I don’t assume that aliens are exactly elated that Galactus’ Herald is visiting them in order to tell them that their planet is about to get devoured.


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Due to this, Galactus created indestructible and impenetrable metal called Galactic Glaze and coated Silver Surfer with it. Galactic Glaze is among the most durable metals in existence as the metal is capable of surviving extreme damage and extreme blunt force trauma. 

Silver Surfer often needs to handle hot or cold environments, he often fights enemies with insane strength levels, and he has to be streamlined enough to achieve peak speed available to him to search for the planets faster. 

The metal proved to be strong enough to handle everything and more, as Silver Surfer can spend infinite time in space and even tank supernova-level destruction. Silver Surfer also managed to handle the indescribable pressure radiated by the Black Holes. And often, even if Silver Surfer enters the combat with beings even more powerful than he is, he leaves the combat without as much as a dent. 

silver Surfer molding his body

Surfer’s body also needed to be sealed perfectly to protect his inside from the harmful cosmic influences, and the metal proved to be vital when it came to that. 

What is Silver Surfer’s Cosmic Surfboard made out of? 

Silver Surfer’s surfboard is made out of the same material as his skin, the Galactic Glaze. It is said that Galactic Glaze is so durable that only Power Cosmic can affect it, it’s a well-known fact that the surfboard reacts to Surfer’s thoughts, and he can manifest it out of thin air. Although few things managed to destroy the board over time, Surfer easily assembled it in no time. 

Cosmic Surfboard

Silver Surfer can generate additional surfboards from his body since it’s made out of the same metal. 

Why is Silver Surfer’s skin silver? 

Now we know that Galactus “invented” the Galactic Glaze and that he is to thank for most of Surfer’s powers, but silver seems to be such a specific color, so why is Silver Surfer silver?

It turns out that Silver Surfer affected his overall looks, as he had a pretty good idea of how he would want to look when he assumed the position of Herald of Galactus.

Silver Surfer fantasy

Silver Surfer, while he was still Norrin of Zenn-La, often read about Zenn-Lavian superheroes, and while Galactus was creating his new body, he plucked the fantasy of what Norrin would like to like from his mind, so Silver Surfer has silver skin because he always dreamed of having it, it was his “adolescent fantasy.” 


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