What Is the Cat Creature in ‘Ahsoka’? Meet Loth-Cat

Ahsoka Loth Cat 1

Let’s be honest: Star Wars isn’t really Star Wars unless it introduces a cute new alien that is guaranteed to sell toys. Ewoks, Porgs, Grogu, and most recently, in ‘Ahsoka,’ we have been introduced to the Loth-Cat. The Loth-Cat was introduced back in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ and made a small appearance in ‘The Mandalorian,’ but what is this creature? Here’s what a Loth-Cat is!

A Loth-Cat is a feline creature originating on the planet of Lothal. They prayed on smaller animals like Loth-Rats and other inhabitants of Lothal. They are not much different from cats in real life and act very similar when interacting with people and other creatures. 

Now that we have briefly discussed the basics of a Loth-Cat, let’s analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in where to find Loth-Cats and why are they important, stay with us and keep reading! 

Where do you find Loth-Cats?

Loth Cat Rebels

Just like their name suggests, Loth-Cats are feline creatures from the planet of Lothal. They are usually found in the big grassy plains of the planet, and even though they can be friendly, they are carnivorous creatures that prey on smaller animals. As we’ve seen, feline creatures can either be domesticated as pets or found out in the wild. 

Loth-Cats in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Very early on in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ we got our very first introduction to the creatures. Seen as both friendly and dangerous, Kanan tries to teach Ezra to tame a Loth-Cat using the Force. After failing, however, the cat attacked Ezra. For the most part, Loth-Cats were used as comedic relief in the show, but there were times they did serve a greater purpose, with Ezra using the Force to have them help in their missions. 

Loth-Cats in ‘The Mandalorian’

Loth Cat Mando

After appearing in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ audiences finally got a live-action appearance of the creature in ‘The Mandalorian Chapter 4’. After becoming wanted by the Empire, Din Djarin and Grogu escape to the planet of Sorgan. After walking into a bar, Djarin walks past the feline, but Grogu, being Grogu, tries to play with it, getting a little too close. After which, the Loth-Cat snarls at Grogu.

Loth-Cat in ‘Ahsoka’ 

Early in the first episode, we see that Sabine Wren has her own Loth-Cat. The creature is domesticated and seems to be doing its own thing in Sabine’s living space. The great thing about this version of the Loth-Cat is that it is fully animatronic. While the one we see in ‘The Mandalorian’ is CGI, they have used the classic Star Wars route and practical effects for the creature. 


Here’s What Happened Between Ahsoka & Sabine

What is the significance of Sabine’s Loth-Cat?


While it looks very similar to a regular Loth-Cat, this one has a distinct look, which could show its significance in the story. This is a White Loth-Cat, and this variation of the animal was very important in ‘Star Wars Rebels’. Throughout the series, White Loth-Cats helped Ezra with some of his major quests, and this was to show his growth in the Force due to him taming the animal. Due to Ezra’s connection with the creatures, this Loth-Cat could be one of the main factors in helping find Ezra.

Do you think there is a significance to Sabine’s Loth-Cat? Let us know in the comments! 

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