Here’s What Happened Between Ahsoka & Sabine

Heres What Happened Between Ahsoka Sabine

Sabine Wren is a true Mandalorian, rebellious and stubborn but brave and resourceful, making her a perfect partner for Ahsoka. However, the premiere of ‘Ahsoka‘ revealed that they had a fallout so bad that Ahsoka stopped Sabine’s Jedi training. Since Sabine and Ahsoka are Star Wars’s new bread and butter, many fans want to know what happened between Ahsoka and Wren after ‘Rebels.’

Ahsoka’s first two episodes don’t reveal the exact cause of the fallout between Ahsoka and Sabine, but Hera’s comments suggest that Ahsoka grew impatient with Sabine. Sabine was always a stubborn student, as Kanan also complained about her not being “open” to the Force in ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ However, Ahsoka eventually resumes Sabine’s Jedi training in the show after Hera convinces her that Sabine can still learn.

Sabine and Ahsoka were on good terms at the end of ‘Rebels’ as they set out to find Ezra. However, in ‘Ahsoka,’ the two have a frosty relationship as they are both too proud to admit that they need each other. Sabine is also in love with Ezra, and her connection to him might have something to do with why Ahsoka stopped training her, so let’s look into it.

Why did Ahsoka stop training Sabine?

Ahsoka and Sabine

Ahsoka felt that, like Grogu in ‘The Mandalorian,’ Sabine wasn’t ready to become a Jedi. She confirms her fears to Hera in ‘Ahsoka’s’ second episode before the captain convinces her that she needs Sabine.

Ahsoka’s decision to ditch the training was likely caused by the same reasons Kanan complained about in ‘Rebels.’ While Sabine developed a strong bond with the crew of The Ghost, her primary ambition was to save and rebuild Mandalore.

In ‘Rebels,’ Sabine never showed interest in becoming a Jedi despite Ezra and Kanan teaching her to fight with the Darksaber and a lightsaber. Sabine learned to use the blades despite not having a connection to The Force.


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It is unclear why she decided to become Ahsoka’s apprentice after ‘Rebels.’ While her training under Ahsoka sets up a near-perfect partnership in the show, she was probably not fully committed to it at first.

Sabine only becomes fully committed to her position as Ahsoka’s Padawan in the second episode of ‘Ahsoka.’ She even cuts her hair, showing she is now ready to take the training seriously. It is still strange that Ahsoka even started training her in the first place because she showed no Force-sensitivity in ‘Rebels.’

Ahsoka doesn’t see the Jedi order as the revered Force for good it once was, which is why she left it. However, she still respects the rules of the order, including celibacy. If Ahsoka knew about Sabine’s romantic attachment to Ezra, then it could be another reason for stopping her training.

Ahsoka refused to train Grogu when she thought the boy wasn’t ready to be ripped from Djarin and be exposed to Jedi training. She clearly had a similar feeling about Sabine because she told Hera in the show that Sabine wasn’t ready.

Sabine also complained that Ahsoka “never made things easy for her.” Her hot-headedness could, therefore, be another reason why Ahsoka stopped teaching her because both master and apprentice were clearly too proud for their own good.

More details about what transpired between Ahsoka and Sabine in the missing five-year period between ‘Rebels’ and ‘Ahsoka’ will be revealed later in the live-action show. Fans also hope to see what caused Sabine to choose the Jedi path and how her first lessons of Jedi training went.

Is Sabine Force-sensitive?

sabine wren ahsoka lightsaber

Although Huyang tells Sabine in ‘Ahsoka’ episode two that her “aptitude for the Force would fall far short of any other Jedi Padawan,” it doesn’t mean it is non-existent. Sabine has some Force connection, as Kanan Jarrus suggested in ‘Rebels.’

However, Sabine’s Force connection is far weaker than what other typical Jedi Padawans have. She can still fight with the lightsaber, although she can’t harness The Force as well as people with a stronger Force sensitivity, which is partly why Shin defeated her so easily.


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Kanan told Sabine that everyone has The Force in them, suggesting that Force-powers are not limited to high-borns or those with a high midi-chlorian count. Sabine Wren could, therefore, develop a stronger Force-connection with more training.

The first proof of Sabine’s Force sensitivity came while training with the Darksaber in ‘Rebels,’ Bendu, who symbolizes the center of the Force between the dark and light sides, appeared. However, there is no proof of Sabine’s Force sensitivity in the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka.’

Can Sabine become a Jedi Knight?

Is Sabine a Jedi?

Ahsoka agreed to train Sabine because she doesn’t “struggle with fighting,” which means one doesn’t have to show Force talent to become a Jedi. While Jedi training is traditionally restricted to people with a high midi-chlorian count, the order lost its way, and Ahsoka might be on the path to prove them wrong.

Ahsoka doesn’t consider herself a Jedi, and while she respects the order, she also believes that it has lost its way over the years. According to Ahsoka, Sabine doesn’t need to pass the blood test to become a Jedi. Therefore, the two of them are set to change Jedi history forever, as Ahsoka believes Sabine can become a Jedi despite not showing an aptitude for The Force.


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While a high Midi-Chlorian count increases a Padawan’s chances of developing Jedi powers, there is no indication from the original trilogies that it was a requirement before one could become a Jedi knight from the beginning. Ahsoka’s training of Sabine is set to prove that one can become a Jedi by simply choosing to serve the light side of The Force.

Sabine’s Jedi training could also mean that Sabine becomes the first Mandalorian Jedi in many years. However, there is a high likelihood that Sabine, just like Ahsoka, doesn’t finish her Jedi training and chooses to become a wanderer instead.

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