What Is the Council of Kangs? Members, Powers, Enemies

What Is the Council of the Kangs Members Powers Enemies

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is about to start phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will showcase a new villain. Kang the Conqueror is a powerful and long-lasting antagonist in Marvel’s universe, appearing in many storylines and facing off against some of Marvel’s strongest heroes. Kang is well known for the fact that he has many versions of himself across numerous different timelines. At times, he was known to collaborate with some of them, and thus, the unique gathering of different versions of Kangs was formed by the name “Council of Kangs.” We’re going to use this opportunity to tell you all about the Council of Kangs, primarily its purpose, and bring you list of original members and enemies.

The Council of Kangs was a group of different versions of Kangs formed by the Kang-Prime with the purpose of eliminating problematic versions of Kangs. The original members of the Council of Kangs were Kang-Prime and two other alternate versions of himself. The primary enemies of the Council of Kangs were Immortus and the Avengers. Immortus’ machinations led to the creation of the Council of Kangs, but likewise, they also led to its downfall. The downfall of the Council of Kangs eventually gave rise to another group that consisted of alternate Kangs called the Council of Cross-Time Kangs.

Now that we’ve covered, in short, what the Council of Kangs is and what its purpose was, it’s time to analyze the events that led to the creation of this infamous group as well as the events that led to its downfall. If you’re interested in more. Stay with us.

Why was the Council of Kangs formed?

Kang’s original purpose in life was always to mess with timelines and conquer the different eras in human history. Kang was also not limited to a single body or even a single conscience, as he soon discovered that there are many alternate versions of Kang across the multiverse hailing from different parts of reality. Not all versions of Kang were created equal; some were considered more dangerous than others.

During the American Frontier era, one version of Kang the Conqueror attempted to conquer the 19th century. He battled the avengers, and Kang proved to be too weak to face the God of Thunder. After Kang’s downfall, he was erased from that timeline, but he was far from being dead. He simply transferred his mind to the newly cloned in the 40th century that was waiting for him. One version of Kang figured out how to evade death by transferring himself to seemingly limitless bodies.


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When Kang-Prime figured out what other Kang did and witnessed his gruesome defeat at the hands of Thor, he was disgusted and came upon the idea to form the Council of Kangs, which would consist of the most powerful and dangerous versions of Kang. The main purpose of the Council of Kang was to eliminate all other embarrassing and useless versions of Kang.

Council of Kangs

Earth-8386 Kang was the first Kang to lose his life, with the Earth-267 Kang being the last. Over many years The trio of Kangs succeeded in eliminating almost every other version of Kang. Each killed version of Kang was replaced by a robotic version that served as a ruler in his own timeline.

What led to the destruction of the Council of Kangs?

Prime Kang made an alliance with two alternate versions of Kang, but he never intended for them two live. The downfall of the Council of Kangs started with the elimination of Earth-267 Kang when Prime Kang’s plan to eliminate the remaining two versions was put into place. The Prime Kang let one of his counterparts into his secret base and revealed to him that his version of Ravonna was still alive, only to then shoot the counterpart dead as part of a plan to defeat the Avengers and the third Kang. He also transported the Wasp, Hercules, and the Black Knight to Limbo and sent a robot to challenge the Avengers to come find his citadel and fight for a way back home.

After the Avengers tracked him down to his secret base in Limbo, they were met with the body of the dead Kang greeting them. At the same time, Prime Kang contacted the third Kang and told him that his citadel was under attack by the Avengers. Third, Kang arrived at the base only to find the body of Kang 2 dead, with Avengers being gathered nearby. At first, third Kang bought into the Prime Kang’s ploy, and the fight broke out between the Avengers and third Kang until Prime Kang revealed his plans- he tricked all of them, and he is planning to dispose of them.

Prime Kang’s plan would have been successful if Ravonna hadn’t betrayed him and allowed Hercules to break free from his stasis where he was trapped. Prime Kang fled from the scene only to be chased by the third Kang, who was at this point still alive but not for long. Third Kang attempted to shoot the Prime Kang with the weapon, but Prime Kang was always several steps ahead. The weapon was modified, and instead of killing Prime Kang, the third Kang killed himself when the weapon backfired in his face.


Seemingly Prime Kang was left the only version of Kang, and he was victorious. His moment of triumph was interrupted when Immortus appeared. Immortus revealed that he was the one manipulating the events behind the creation of the “Council of Kangs,” as well as the events that led to its downfall. Immortus wanted to ensure that Prime Kang would eventually turn into Immortus. Secondly, he wanted to create the so-called Psyche-Globe, which contained the memories of every different version of Kang that ever existed (that the Council of Kangs managed to eliminate).

After a brief scuffle, Prime Kang took the Psyche-Globe from Immortus and attempted to use it. This led to Prime Kang being overwhelmed by memories from the past Kangs. Prime Kang escaped into Limbo, and Immortus returned the Avengers to their proper place in time. Immortus’ plan was successful. Prime Kang was forced two create two additional versions of himself to avoid being killed by the sudden influx of information. One version became the Kang of the 40th century, while the other became Kang-123488.23497.


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This event led to the creation of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs. A second version of the Council of Kangs. Some changes have been made to the membership as the Council of Cross-Time Kangs consisted of many other and different versions of Kang the Conqueror, be it alien or human in nature. Each version of Kang that joined the Council of Cross-Time Kangs was responsible for killing his alternate version from a different time stream.

Council of Cross Time Kangs

Even though the Council of Cross-Time Kangs was initially considered to be an elite society of ultimate Kangs, the notion was later dismissed by the Prime Kang himself when he stated that the Council of Cross-Time Kangs is made out of inferior fools not worthy to carry the identity and Kang’s purpose. The Council of Cross-Time Kangs will likewise be eventually destroyed by the temporal monster Alioth.

Who were the members of the Council of Kangs?

The members of the Council of Kangs were Prime Kang and two alternate versions of Kang that he deemed “worthy.” Prime Kang, however, never planned on letting Kang 2 and Kang 3 live. It was always his intention to simply use their powers to eliminate all other “inferior versions” of Kang. What Prime Kang was not aware of is the fact that he was also manipulated into creating the Council of Kangs by Immortus.

Who were the enemies of the Council of Kangs?

The primary enemies of the Council of Kangs were alternate versions of Kangs, Avengers, and, naturally, Immortus. The primary purpose of the Council of Kangs was to get rid of the alternate versions of Kang. This was a successful feat; however, Avengers were always trying to put a stop to Kang’s exploits which makes them the natural enemy of this bizarre organization. Immortus was the true hidden enemy of the Prime-Kang throughout the whole ordeal as he manipulated the events behind the scenes. His final act eventually led to the group’s disbandment.


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How powerful was the Council of Kangs?

Considering the fact that the Council of Kangs was primarily made up of the three allegedly strongest versions of Kang, the group was unstoppable, at least when it came to the alternate versions of Kangs. Prime Kang and his two counterparts managed to track down and eliminate all the other Kangs. This was done by using various time-traveling techniques and employing powerful technology. Even though the group eventually disbanded, it gave rise to a new group, likewise consisting of powerful alternate versions of Kang.

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