20 Best Kang the Conqueror Comics of All Time

20 Best Kang the Conqueror Comics of All Time

Kang the Conqueror is one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic and enduring villains. With a penchant for time travel and a desire to conquer the universe, Kang has crossed paths with many of the Marvel universe’s biggest heroes, including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. But with so many comics featuring Kang, which ones are the best? In this article, we’ll be counting down the 20 best Kang the Conqueror comics of all time. 

Even though the list is unraked, each storyline features incredible artwork and storytelling, and some of the stories had an incredible impact on Marvel Universe as a whole. So whether you’re a long-time Kang fan or just getting to know this time-traveling tyrant make sure to check out our list!

1. Avengers #8 (1964) – “The Coming of Kang!

Avengers 8 1964 The Coming of Kang

What it’s about: In this issue, the Avengers come into conflict with Kang the Conqueror, who is obsessed with history and needs to eliminate the Avengers due to them being probably the only characters capable enough to stop him. In order to deal with the threat effectively, Kang time-travels to the present day and assembles a team of superpowered villains to fight the Avengers. 

Why you should read it: This issue marked the first appearance of Kang the Conqueror and has set him up to be one of the most powerful villains that the Marvel Universe has ever seen. The story explored power, destiny, and time travel in general, which will be reflected in the many future issues to come. “The Coming of Kang!” is considered a classic story from the Silver Age of comics, which introduced many now widely used concepts to the universe. 

2. Avengers: Unleashed, Vol. 1: Kang War One (2017) 

Kang War one

What it’s about: The Avengers are in the middle of the process of rebuilding following the destruction of Civil War II. Captain America is trying to hold the ranks of the Avengers together when an old threat resurfaces. Vision’s previous efforts to stop Kang have now come back to haunt him as Kang reunited with Scarlet Centurion, one of his many versions, and in order to reach Vision, Kang needs to go through the Avengers. 

Why you should read it: If you want a storyline focused on rebuilding and teamwork, this is a perfect piece to pick up. The story is heavy on time travel, like most of Kang’s stories, and it features superb art. 

3. The Avengers #129-134 and Giant-Size Avengers #2-4 – Celestial Madona Saga

Celestial Madona Saga

What it’s about: Celestial Madonna is a woman foretold to give birth to a powerful child. Naturally, Kang searches for the Madonna. Mantis, brought to the earth by the Swordman, has artificial memories which lead her and everyone else to believe she is indeed the celestial Madonna. Kang figures this out and tries to abduct her, but Rama-Tut and Immorts, just a few of Kang’s many versions, oppose him. 

Why you should read it: This storyline presents us with the origin of several notable characters, such as Moondragon, Mantis, and Kree, but it also complicates the connection between Rama-Tut and Immortus. As an added bonus, we see Scarlet Witch becoming a true Witch in more than a name. 


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4. Avengers vol 3. #41-55 Kang Dynasty 

Kang dynasty

What it’s about: Defeating Immortus put Kang the Conqueror on a new path. He decided to finally strike 20th-century earth and conquer it once and for all. He employs the help of his son Marcus, and with a thrilling display of power, he showcases both his enhanced abilities and his unique insight into several possible timelines that the 20th-century earth is facing. Altogether different villain, Master of the World, has the technology at his disposal to get rid of Kang the Conqueror, and Avengers will need to put themselves in the conflict between the two villains in order to stop further bloodshed and destruction. 

Why you should read it: Even though the upcoming MCU Phase 5 movie shares the name with this storyline, it’s unclear to what extent it will be connected with it. Still, it’s one of the most memorable storylines featuring Kang, and it’s good to be prepared. 

5. Avengers (1963) #69-71 267-269 Time And Time Again

Time and Time again

What it’s about: In a classic competition, the Grandmaster and Kang challenge the Avengers to a battle against the Squadron Sinister and the Invaders from during the war. When the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Kang” attempts to defeat all of his alternate versions of himself, only one power can stop his crazy plans: himself. 


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Why you should read it: Kang versus Thor and Hulk? We’re already sold. This features a lot of older stories but ties all the different versions of Kang quite nicely. 

6. Strange Tales Vol 1 #134, 1965

Strange Tales Vol 1 134

What it’s about: Strange Tale features just one of many Kang’s conquests. This time he has set his sights on Arthurian England, and he manages to capture Camelot. The Thing and Human Torch put a stop to Kang’s oppression, and he is forced to retreat to another era. 

Why you should read it: This is an interesting take on Arthurian Legends, and it features one of the most bizarre fights between the Fantastic Four and Kang overall. 

7. Avengers Vol 1 #143 (1975)

Avengers 1 143

What it’s about: After visiting Camelot and promptly conquering it, Kang sets his sights on Wild West. This issue sees Hawkeye, Thor, and Moondragon besting Kang and thwarting his attempts to reach the future through the past. 

Why you should read it: One of the visually most tempting older Kang issues, with an exciting storyline with a unique twist. This is a perfect Wild-West-inspired story that sees notable Avengers hopping through time. It’s a real page-turner this one!

8. Avengers Forever #1-12 (1998-1999)

Avengers Forever 1

What it’s about: Destiny Force is being chased by Immortus, and to grab ahold of it, he needs to kill Rick Jones. With a surprising twist, Rick is saved by Kang the Conqueror, who manages to dispatch Immortus’ army quickly. Rick Jones utilizes Destiny Force to pull several Avengers members from all possible timelines, but they might not be their best selves at the moment. 


Kang vs. Dr. Doom: Who Would Win & Why?

Why you should read it: The most bizarre take on the Avengers ever, this is a classic Kang story with many exciting twists and turns and some mind-blown action. Destiny remains to be a prevalent theme, and the story allows us to revisit some key moments from the team’s history. 

9. Avengers #23-24 (1965-1966) Once an Avenger

Once an avenger

What it’s about: Captain America, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye and pulled into the 40th century by Kang the Conqueror. He plans to utilize them in his efforts to impress Ravonna, a woman he fell in love with, and there’s no greater tribute to love than defeating the Avengers. This naturally fails to produce wanted results, and Kang is forced to conquer Ravonna’s kingdom.

Why you should read it: One of the rare tales with a more human approach to Kang’s villainous persona, we are introduced to Ravonna and the fact that Kang has a heart. This is not your typical love story, but prepare to be moved. 

10. Avengers #69 Let the Game Begin (1969) 

Avengers 69 Let the Game Begin 1969

What it’s about: This story sees Kang the Conqueror teaming up with Avengers in an effort to best Grandmaster. Grandmaster will revive Kang’s aforementioned lover, Ravonna, under one condition only. Kang needs to win in a cosmic game of chess, which will employ the mightiest heroes that Kang can master against those of Grandmaster. The Avengers agree to help Kang, but he needs to return Tony Stark back to earth. 

Why you should read it: If you like cosmic games and technically correct wins, this is the perfect story for you. This is also the issue where Kang gains incredibly potent powers giving him near control over life and death.

11. Timeless Vol 1 #1 (2022) 

Timeless Vol 1

What it’s about: Kang the Conqueror prepares himself for an epic battle against time itself. Usually, it served his whims, but this time the parallel timeline threatened to ruin everything Kang hoped to accomplish. Kang wages war on a near-omnipotent force that grants him everything he has in a last-ditch attempt to secure the future he wants. 

Why you should read it: This is the freshest collection of stories on this list, and there’s no better way to get to know Kang in more detail before he debuts in the MCU’s phase 5. 

12. Young Avengers #1-6 (2005)

Young Avengers

What’s it about: You’re aware that numerous versions of Kang the Conqueror exist across numerous timelines that he both created or tried to destroy. Well, in this issue, we see Iron Lad, a younger but much more benevolent version of Kang the Conqueror, teaming up with the so-called Young Avengers to put a stop to the original Kang’s destruction. 

Why you should read it: This thrilling story sees an attempt to stop Kang from ever becoming Kang in the true sense of the word. The story features great action, memorable characters, and tons of time-traveling. 

13. Avengers #10 (1963)

Avengers 10 1963

What it’s about: Immortus appears for the first time in the issue, and he successfully pits Avengers against characters that are similar to them but hail from different timelines. Giant-Man faces Goliath, Iron Man faces Merlin, and Mighty Thor faces Hercules. 


Kang vs. Thanos: Who Would Win & Why?

Why you should read it: Over time, Immortus will prove to be a real pain for both the Avengers and Kang himself. This issue perfectly highlights his evil nature. It’s a dynamic story filled with twists and turns. 

14. Avengers Vol 1 #11 (1964)

Avengers Vol 1 11

What it’s about: Iron Man is absent from the Avengers, leaving them vulnerable to Kang’s attack. Kang uses a replica robot of Spider-Man, who claims to know Iron Man’s location, to defeat the Avengers, but the real Spider-Man saves them. 

Why you should read it: This is just one more story that showcases the brilliance of Kang and the impressive tech that he has at his disposal. The fight scenes are amazing, and a robotic Spider-Man is only added bonus. 

15. Kang The Conqueror (2021) #1-5 Only Myself Left To Conquer

Kang The Conqueror 2021 1

What it’s about: Kang’s true nature is a complex cycle of creation and destruction dictated by time, which has not been seen by anyone else before. Kang is caught in an endless cycle that starts and ends with an old and broken Kang who sends his younger self down a dark path. The story explores the possibility of changing his tragic fate and the fate of his great love, Ravonna Renslayer.

Why you should read it: One more complex story that deals with the side of Kang we’re not used to seeing. In most of his portrayals, Kang always seemed like a 2D villain, but when Ravonna is involved, you can be certain that his character will be brought to a new level, and it’s going to be enjoyable. 

16. Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 #8AU (2013)

Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 8AU

What it’s about: In the distant future, Kang the Conqueror rescues the Apocalypse Twins from concentration camps and trains them to rewrite history by assassinating Colonel America. However, their mission ultimately fails, and as punishment, Kang sends them back to the concentration camps.


Kang vs. Galactus: Who Would Win & Why?

Why you should read it: This story sees Uncanny Avengers treading through a dangerous new dystopian world in order to stop a bizarre threat from the one and only Time-Bending Kang the Conqueror. 

17. Captain America: Man Out of Time Vol 1 #5 2011 

Man out of time

What it’s about: Kang sent Captain America back in time to 1945, with the intention of having him live out his life as if his time with the Avengers had been a brief trip to the future. However, Steve soon realizes that he no longer has a place in that time period and that his experiences with the Avengers have changed him. He struggles to find his place in the world and comes to terms with the fact that he no longer belongs in the past.

Why you should read it: This story does not focus on Kang so much, as he is only a supporting character. However, it offers a fresh new take on the relationship between Captain America and one of the Avengers’ greatest foes. 

18. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 #19 2009 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 19 2009

What it’s about: Kang the Conqueror rescues the time-lost Guardians from a future ruled by Magus and brings them to Limbo. He gives them a Cosmic Cube and explains that they must stop Adam Warlock from becoming Magus. The Guardians are then sent back to their own time, but they arrive too late to prevent the awakening of Magus and the death of several Guardians in their attempt to stop him.

Why you should read it: Kang is likewise merely a supporting character in this issue. However, he is seen wielding the powerful Cosmic Cube, and we get to see a fresh new take on the teamwork between Guardians of the Galaxy and Kang the Conqueror.

19. Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1 #1-4 2016 

Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1 1 4 2016

What it’s about: Medusa and Johnny Storm have a romantic relationship. Black Bolt is undertaking secret operations on his own. The Inhumans and X-Men have had a significant event occur, causing Beast to align with the Inhumans, and they now face a formidable enemy, Kang the Conqueror, considered one of the most dangerous villains in Marvel history. 


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Why you should read it: One more modern short run for Kang. He is featured in several issues as a threat. It’s an overall entertaining read with lots of great artwork and action. 

20. Avengers: Quantum Quest Vol 1 #1-4 2016

Avengers Quantum Quest Vol 1 1

What it’s about: Kang the Conqueror has obtained an ancient Eternals device called the Quantum Controller that can manipulate time and space. He’s recruited four heroes from earlier in their timelines to help him find the pieces, but the present-day Avengers are trying to stop them and Kang from using them.

Why you should read it: One more interesting time-bending storyline that sees Avengers trying to make sense of time and pits them against bizarre heroes from different timelines, it’s a quick and entertaining read for fans of time-traveling and quantum puzzles. 

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