What Is ‘The Hulk Gang’? History & Members Explained


Marvel Comics Universe is pretty expansive and, as such, has plenty of teams belonging both to villains and superheroes alike. Most are famous and home to some of the most powerful characters that you can imagine, and some are a bit more obscure and home to, well, abominations. The Hulk Gang is the latter, and despite being offsprings of the mighty Bruce Banner, they are as far away from superheroes as you can imagine. Let’s see exactly what the Hulk Gang is, as well as who its members are and what ultimately happened to them.

The Hulk Gang is a band of hillbilly thugs, comprising mostly grandchildren of Bruce Banner, who impregnated She-Hulk. Members of the Hulk Gang were extremely violent, but their “rule” was unchallenged because it spanned a huge chunk of the USA called “Hulkland.” The Hulk Gang eventually murdered Logan’s family due to being bored more than anything. Logan naturally avenged his family, killing most of the members of this twisted band of thugs, which eventually culminated in Wolverine murdering the Hulk as well. Following Hulk’s death, Logan took one of his sons, Bruce Banner Jr., under his wing.

Now that we’ve given you a brief description of the Hulk Gang, you’re probably wondering how all this went down and why exactly Logan got into conflict with them in the first place. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

The Hulk Gang members are basically products of incest between She-Hulk and Hulk

Remember that time when Wolverine violently eliminated Hulk by tearing him apart? Well, the Hulk Gang was part of the reason why, and before we skip to the end of the story, we need to tell you where it takes place and what really happened.

The story of the Hulk Gang takes place in Wasteland, the Hulkland territory, 50 years into the future during the ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline.

Bruce Banner and his first cousin Jennifer Walters got into a relationship, which eventually resulted in many descendants, all of whom were in some way mentally challenged and typically exhibiting hillbilly behavior.

Eventually, a gang was formed, the Hulk Gang, since all of its members were green, brutish, and ready to jump at any sign of violence. They were not easy to handle and were mostly using their raw strength to get their way.

The members of the Hulk Gang were numerous, and they were led by Pappy Banner. Other named members of the Hulk Gang are Beau, Billy Bob, Bobbie-Jo, Bruce Jr., Charlie, Elrod, Eustace, Luke, Otis, Rufus Woody and Jamie Banner. Of course, we can’t forget the She-Hulk herself, who served as the matriarch of the Gang.


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How is The Hulk Gang connected to Old Man Logan?

You see, in the future, Logan settled down with his family – his wife Maureen and two children, Scotty and Jade Logan. The Logan family lived on the property of the Banners and struggled to pay rent on time.

The current month was, however, the first month they missed, but aware that Hulk Gang tends to kill people, entire families that owe them money, they were worried, and Maureen even suggested selling toys to cover the month’s rent. However, due to pride, Logan refused, and sure enough, in two days’ time, Hulk Gang appeared and roughed him up, beating him up savagely in front of his own family. Logan submitted to them without much fighting, afraid they would hurt his family.

Scotty Logan, seeing his father beaten up, intervened with a gun, but the Hulks were unaffected by this. They cared only about money. Logan was supposed to pay double the next month, but he had no idea where to get the money.

What did the Hulk Gang do to Logan’s family?

Following the beating, Hawkeye visited Logan and offered him a business proposition. They were supposed to deliver a package to the East Coast, and there was a lot of money involved. Enough to make rent for several months. Logan left Scotty in charge of his mother and sister and left.

Following the grueling delivery, Logan returned to Hulkland with the money but found no trace of his family. His neighbor Donovan filled him in on what happened to them while he was away. Apparently, the Hulk Gang murdered Logan’s family because they were bored. They decided to visit the Logan’s sooner than expected, and it didn’t go all that well.

Seeing his family dead, naturally, something snapped within Logan. Donovan was, however, worried that Logan wouldn’t go “looking for trouble” with the Hulk Gang. Donovan explained that if Logan goes into the hills to avenge his family, the Banners will only take it out on the rest of the people living in the vicinity.


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Donovan also suggested that Logan give his family a nice Christian burial.

Naturally, Logan had no such plans. Enough was enough, and he was going to eliminate every single member of the cursed family by himself. He corrected Donovan to call him Wolverine for the first time in who knows how many years.

What happened to the members of the Hulk Gang?

Soon after Logan found out what happened to his family, he tracked down members of the Hulk Gang while they were washing themselves in their attempts to cover up the evidence. Logan eliminated almost all members of the Hulk Gang. This inevitably led him to a conflict with Pappy Banner, aka Hulk himself.

Hulk initially won the fight and proceeded to consume Logan. A few hours later, Logan re-formed himself inside Hulk and burst from within him.

He took Bruce Banner Jr. from the survivors of the Hulk Gang in revenge for the Hulk Gang stealing his family from him.

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