Who Are Marvel’s Multiversal Masters of Evil? History and Members Explained 


Marvel Universe is home to many teams of both superheroes and supervillains. Superhero teams aim to preserve the balance and justice in society, while supervillains often pursue their own sinister goals of domination. However, one supervillain team that emerged in recent years, the Multiversal Masters of Evil, attempted to gain dominance by changing the past fundamentally across several different realities. Let’s see how Multitversal Masters of Evil came to be and who the members were.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Multiversal Masters of Evil were created by Mephisto and Doom Supreme in order to face prehistoric Avengers.
  • Their goal eventually grew into dominating hundreds of realities by changing the events of the past, saving Earth-616 for last. 
  • The most notable members of the team were Berserkers, Black Skull, Dark Phoenix, Ghost Goblin, King Killmonger, and Kid Thanos.

Who formed the Multiversal Masters of Evil? 

The story of Multiversal Masters of Evil really begins with Doom Supreme, who achieved pretty much everything he could in his current timeline. He achieved the status of Sorcerer Supreme and Necromancer Supreme, dominating his reality in the most brutal ways imaginable. Until he got bored. However, the next frontier he could conquer presented itself soon after when Doom Supreme set out to travel to the past and kill the prehistoric Avengers. Still, the task proved to be more difficult than he anticipated. 

Doom Supreme time-traveled to 1,000,000 BC and met Mephisto, who proposed forming a team of supervillains since prehistoric Avengers proved to be much more difficult to defeat. The proposed team was the Multiversal Masters of Evil. The deal was to wreck prehistoric Avengers across the Multiverse, saving Earth-616 for last. Despite knowing the shady agenda, Doom Supreme was intrigued and agreed.

Doom embraced the idea and recruited a lineup of Multiversal scum, including Kid Thanos, Dark Phoenix with her Berserkers, King Killmonger, Ghost Goblin (Norman Osborn), and the Black Skull.


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They clashed with Deathloks, and Doom Supreme, after killing the Orb, clashed with the Avengers. Post-hunt, he handed over the Orb’s Watcher eye to Mephisto and continued his multiverse conquest. All the while, he sneakily recruited and enslaved various Doctor Doom variants, using Doom the Living Planet as his Doombase.

After conquering other Earths, the Masters of Evil targeted Earth-616’s prehistory, facing strong resistance from both prehistoric and time-traveling modern Avengers. Doom Supreme, leading the Masters, clashed with the Avengers, killing some members but eventually being defeated after a nine-day battle. Kid Thanos and Dark Phoenix escaped, realizing Doom Supreme had used them as a diversion. Meanwhile, Doom Supreme had secretly amassed an army, including Doom the Living Planet, and targeted the God Quarry. 

What happened to Multiversal Masters of Evil? 

Mephisto’s true plan was to use the Masters as pawns to weaken the barrier around the First Firmament beneath the Quarry, absorbing the Council of Red’s power.

Avengers from various universes established the Avengers Tower at the God Quarry, serving as the headquarters for Avenger Prime and his multiversal army. When Avenger Prime was captured on Earth-616 by Mephisto and the Council of Red, they attacked the Tower to claim the God Quarry. Despite a fierce battle, including Mephistos working to excavate the First Firmament beneath the Quarry, Avenger Prime was freed with the help of Old Man Phoenix and the Goddesses of Thunder. However, Doom Supreme launched his own assault on the Quarry, aiming for the same goal as the Mephistos.

Avenger Prime rallied Earth-616’s Avengers to face an army of Doom variants, while Mephisto absorbed the Council of Red and weakened the boundary to the First Firmament. The ensuing battle led to the shattering of the God Quarry. As the breach to the First Firmament overflowed with power, Doom Supreme attempted to harness it but was overwhelmed. 

Dark Phoenix attacked Doom Supreme in the Quarry, but he embraced her, leading to her defeat. Following the shattering of the God Quarry, Doom was petrified and then shrunk by Ant-Man, ending the Masters of Evil forever. 

Who were the members of the Multiversal Masters of Evil? 

As the name of the team implies, the members of Multiversal Masters of Evil were variants of Earth-616 villains who had scores to settle with the Avengers from their own timelines. The team was obviously led by Doom Supreme, who was one of the most vicious versions of the character yet. He recruited the following members to the team:

  • Black Skull, a version of Red Skull from Earth-21798 who, at some point in time, bonded with the Venom Symbiote. After the first version of Black Skull fell in combat, he was replaced by another version from a different timeline. 
  • Dark Phoenix, a version of Mystique from Earth 14412, who, at some point in time, bonded with Phoenix Force. Mystique turned villainous after Loki wiped out humanity in her reality to spite Thor. 
  • Ghost Goblin, Normal Osborn who bonded with Spirit of Vengeance to attain godlike powers. 
  • King Killmonger, a version of Erik Killmonger that used Asgardian Destroyer to enhance himself beyond what was humanly possible. 
  • Kid Thanos, a younger version of Thanos from Earth-616. Even though he was still a child, he was powerful enough to kill Earth-818’s Odin. 


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Are Multiversal Masters of Evil connected to the Council of Kangs? 

Multiversal Masters of Evil are not connected to the Council of Kangs and are not the same thing. The teams share similar purposes but arose at different times, led by different people, having a different members. Multiversal Masters of Evil is filled with variants of various villains across the Multiverse and led by Doom Supreme, while Council of Kang is a team reserved exclusively for villainous variants of Nathaniel Richards. The Council of Kangs also had better control over the timeline, and the in-fighting was what took them down. 

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