Who Is Avenger Prime? Meet Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero of All Time

Who Is Avenger Prime Meet Marvels Most Powerful Hero of All Time
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Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 served as the first appearance of Marvel’s most powerful hero of all time, known as Avenger Prime. The mystery behind the character, however, was long-simmering due to his identity being hidden. Now with Jason Aaron’s work with the Avengers coming to an end, Avengers Forever #13 served as the unmasking of this incredibly important and powerful hero. But who is Avenger Prime, and how he came to be? 

Avenger Prime is none other than Loki. This version of Loki became Avenger Prime following the accident that took Thor’s life when he was young. After usurping the throne of Asgard, Loki became bored and flew into the sun. Loki was transported to the god quarry instead, where he got the task to reunite the Avengers. Avenger Prime is considered to be the greatest Marvel hero of all time, powerful enough to defeat the likes of Galactus, Thanos, Gorr, and other powerful entities from the Marvel Universe. 

Now that we’ve covered who Avenger Prime is, it’s time to analyze the character in a bit more depth and give it some context. If you’re interested in how Loki became the Avenger Prime and why he was tasked with reuniting the Avengers, keep reading!

The latest Avengers event led to the unmasking of Marvel’s most powerful hero so far 

Avengers Assemble is the last Avengers storyline written by Jason Aaron, and it sets up a fight of epic proportions that ties the Avengers and Avengers Forever series perfectly. The story so far is exciting and sees Avengers teaming up with their alternate versions and prehistoric Avengers from 1,000,000 BC against threats that come from two fronts. Multiversal Masters of Evil, under the guidance of Dr. Doom Supreme and Mephisto, tries his hardest to grab ahold of the God Quarry that seems to be in the story’s center. 

Avengers united

The many versions of Avengers are reunited by, until recently, a mysterious hero Avenger Prime, who seems to have unspeakable powers and unclear goals. Avenger Prime was teased in Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Hulk #1 but appeared fully in Avengers Assemble Alpha #1. His identity was revealed in Avengers Forever #12 and Avengers Forever #13, with his backstory explained in detail in Avengers #65.

Avenger Prime

As you can see, the mystery of Avenger Prime spans multiple issues and several storylines that involve different versions of Avengers separated by eons. Avenger Prime seems to be the central figure when it comes to bringing them together, but why and who is he? 


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Who is Avenger Prime? 

Avenger Prime was ultimately revealed to be Loki. Although they were hints that Loki might be underneath the mask, still the fans were shocked and intrigued by the story of how he became one of the most powerful Marvel Superheroes of all time

This version of Loki hails from reality, where Thor got into a tragic accident while he tried to get Mjolnir under control. Mjolnir flew him right into the sun, leaving Loki an unsupervised threat to Asgard. The inevitable happened, and Loki soon took over as King of Asgard, taking the throne from Odin. 

Loki revealed

Loki’s rule was filled with boredom, so he reached into the Multiverse, where he came across different, numerous variants of himself. In contact with them, he learned that in every reality, Avengers seem to thwart him at every step. Loki’s solution? He destroyed Avengers, leaving the doors open for numerous villains and Multiversal threats to take hold in that reality and across all realities. The Multiverse was highly unstable at that point, with no one to defend it. 

Loki vs Mephisto

This meant that Loki had to take up the job of defending the Universe on himself, he stood against Galactus, Thanos, Red Skull, Gorr the God Butcher, Celestials, and many other threats, and he was successful until he realized that every living being in the Universe was gone, demolished by the threats that Avengers would have stopped if they were around.  

Loki flew himself into the sun, where instead of dying, he came across the God Quarry. The God Quarry contains the essence, fossils, and conscience of all gods in existence from the early beginnings of time. Loki prayed to the gods, but instead of being forgiven, he was punished since Loki was the reason that led to the annihilation of every living thing in the Universe due to wreaking havoc on the natural balance by destroying the Avengers.

He was transformed into Avenger Prime and was tasked with uniting several versions of the Avengers across different timelines and guarding the God Quarry. Naturally, the Avengers seem highly suspicious of him, especially because he seemed to work in shadows for eons, often clashing with them, unable to reveal his purpose. 

How powerful is Avenger Prime? 

Avenger Prime is allegedly the most powerful hero yet. Even before coming in contact with the God Quarry, this version of Loki seemed to have power levels on an altogether different level, being able to defeat the greatest threats to the Universe, albeit with a great cost. 

However, fans weren’t as excited when it was revealed that Loki is under an Avenger Prime helmet due to numerous clues left in past issues that make it easy to discern the real identity behind this mysterious figure.

Avenger Prime . full body

For starters, Loki is the last character that was near the God Quarry, which we know of, and several of Avenger Prime’s appearances leave subtle clues through his clothing and gear style, usually in Asgardian style with green details. 


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Overall, as the storyline reaches its conclusion, at least one mystery is resolved, that of Avenger Prime. The story is set to continue in Avengers Assemble Omega #1 on April 19, 2023, which serves as the grand finale to this story of epic proportions and Aaron’s final Avengers story. 

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