Who Are the Aliens in the ‘Dark Phoenix’? D’Bari Explained


Dark Phoenix was an intense movie as it portrayed X-Men fighting each other, among other things. Jean became possessed with a cosmic force and drew mighty alien species, D’Bari, to Earth. This article will focus more on that species and explain who are the D’Bari aliens in the Dark Phoenix movie.

D’Bari is an alien species that came to Earth in pursuit of a cosmic force that Jean Grey absorbed when she was in space. They are powerful shapeshifters whose planet was destroyed by the same cosmic force. They now want to control that force and recreate their home planet.

It was always known that Jean was much more powerful than she showed. In the movie Dark Phoenix, she is still a young mutant who doesn’t have all her powers under control, and the rest of the team is aware of that. When one of the space missions went wrong, X-Men was sent to space to save the astronauts, and that’s when they drew the attention of the mighty D’Bari species. So, let’s find out more about how it all went down and who the D’Bari are.

D’Bari came to Earth following X-Men and the cosmic force

Dark Phoenix movie focuses more on Jean Grey’s origins as a mutant. When she was a little girl, her mother was killed in a car accident, and it was Jean’s fault, even if she did not know at the time. Jean was led to believe that her father died in that accident, and Charles Xavier and Jean’s father agreed it was best to keep it that way. Charles took Jean in among other young mutants and promised to care for and protect her.

Years later, Jean joined the X-Men team alongside Scott, Storm, Mystique, Quicksilver, Hank, and Nightcrawler. Charles tried to keep the peace between humans and mutants, and the X-Men were at the government’s disposal for any mission the President thought he needed them.

One of those missions occurred when USA’s space mission went wrong, and the astronauts were left in danger, stranded in space, facing a solar flare. Charles gladly responded and sent his X-Men team to save the astronauts. Quicksilver and Nightcrawler used their abilities to save the astronauts when they got to space.

But, there was one astronaut left unconscious, and the only one who could save him was Jean, but she needed to get into the space shuttle to keep it from shattering to pieces. She did that and managed to hold the shuttle together until Nightcrawler grabbed the remaining astronaut and took him to safety.


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Time was of the essence as the solar flare was seconds away from demolishing everything on its way. And while X-Men managed to rescue all the astronauts, the solar flare was about to destroy their ship, but Jean used her powers to reroute the flare toward the wrecked space shuttle she was in.

She absorbed the flare, causing a massive explosion in the process. Everyone thought she was dead, but Jean survived and became stronger than ever. That energy was not a solar flare but a mighty cosmic force that Jean now hosted.

D’Bari spent much time tracking that force as it destroyed their planet. They were watching everything happening, so when the X-Men returned to Earth, D’Bari followed.

D’Bari wanted Earth for themselves to kill everyone in the process

Upon arriving on Earth, D’Bari split into three groups. They were powerful shapeshifters that could take any human form they wanted. One of their leaders was Vuk, a powerful D’Bari who murdered a woman named Margaret and shapeshifted into her. The other group member did the same with the rest of Margaret’s family.

The other D’Bari leader infiltrated the White House, and from there, he gathered intel. He also met Charles Xavier there and found out where Jean is at. When Jean absorbed the cosmic force, all the mental walls in her mind Charles had built were torn down. She became overwhelmed and erratic in behaviors, eventually having a psychic breakdown.

She learned that Charles had lied to her and that her father was alive. She visited her father only to find out he never wanted her after the car accident. There Jean lost control, killing Raven in the process.

All of that led to X-Men choosing sides. One side, led by Charles, wanted to help Jean and get her to safety, while the other, led by grieving Magneto and Hank, wanted to kill Jean. D’Bari decided to exploit that and get Jean on their side. Of course, they never cared about Jean and were only interested in the cosmic force she possessed.


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Vuk explained to Jean how special she is and that the power she now holds has the ability not only to destroy worlds but to create them as well. That same cosmic force was a spark that gave life to the whole universe and consumed D’Bari’s home planet. D’Bari spent years trying to find and harness that power for themselves so that they could create a new world for themselves. However, the force was uncontrollable, destroying anything it came in contact with.

After Jean realized what toll had the cosmic force taken on her and all of those she cared about, she did not want it. Vuk could not believe she would gladly give up that kind of power. Jean agreed to transfer all the cosmic force to Vuk; however, when Charles realized that Vuk intended to destroy Earth and all humanity to make a home for her own people, he tried his best to stop the transmission of force between Jean and Vuk.

They managed to disrupt the transmission, and what followed was a grand battle between the X-Men and D’Bari. Jean easily overpowered anyone in her way, but she realized she couldn’t control the force and was hurting her friends. The only way to defeat Vuk was to take her far away from everyone. So, she flew Vuk to space, evaporated her there, and caused a massive explosion. The cosmic force reshaped around Jean in a shape of a Phoenix.

Jean was considered dead, and Charle’s school was named Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters. However, Jean is not dead; she just evolved into something beyond life and death.

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