10 Greatest Avengers to Fight on the Pages of a Marvel Comic

Top 10 Greatest Avengers To Fight on the Pages of a Marvel Comic
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The Avengers have been a staple of Marvel Comics since their debut in 1963. Over the years, countless heroes have joined the team and fought against some of the biggest threats the Marvel Universe has ever seen. From classic heroes like Captain America and Iron Man to newer additions like Spider-Man and Wolverine, the Avengers have always been a powerhouse team of superheroes.

In this article, we’ll be counting down the top 10 greatest Avengers to fight on the pages of a Marvel comic. Whether they’re long-time members or temporary additions, these heroes have all made significant contributions to the team and have helped shape the Avengers into the iconic team they are today.

10. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes Captain America

Just because Bucky Barnes is a newer addition to the Avengers doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be on this list of the greatest Avengers. And why? Simple. Although he has committed as many high-level assassins as Winter Soldier, Bucky deserves to be here because Steve Rogers saw him fit to carry the mantle of Captain America. 

That’s right. Of all the characters that Steve could’ve chosen to become Captain America, the most obvious choice to him was Bucky Barnes. In the words of Stan Lee, “‘Nuff said.”

9. Iron Fist

Iron Fist

I already know that there will be several people who disagree with me. Iron Fist isn’t exactly the first character to come to mind when asked about the greatest Avengers. Greatest street-level character? Yes. But Avenger……?


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Although Iron Fist is more associated with the Defenders and Heroes For Hire, he aided the team as Daredevil when they needed him to. It’s he who they turn to when a martial arts master is needed. And he helps them when the battle is taken to the streets. Simply put, Iron Fist is more valuable than most believe he is. As such, he is a vital team member and will continue to be as long as he wants to be.

8. Vision


Admittedly, I had a hard time putting Vision on this list. It isn’t that he wasn’t deserving to be here. Instead, it was more that I could’ve put so many other characters here. To my better judgment, he is here, which swayed me.

Vision is one of the greatest Avengers because, unlike many others, he can beat everyone in battle on any given day. Yep. If Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, or Black Widow one day decided to take him on in a battle, the most likely result is Vision standing over their unconscious bodies as the victor. 

7. Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Like Vision, Luke Cage isn’t the first hero who comes to mind when asked who are the greatest Avengers. However, like Vision, he should be. Luke Cage personifies what it means to let your past go to live a better future. After being wrongfully imprisoned, he was forced to undergo an experiment. As a result of the experiment, Luke was blessed with invulnerable skin and super strength. This is so much that the bullets would merely bounce off of him if shot at.

But that isn’t the only reason he belongs here. Luke Cage is also the husband to another great Avenger, Jessica Jones, and best friend to another on this list, Iron Fist. Both of these acquaintances easily make him a must-have inclusion.

6. Black Widow

Black Widow

Like Iron Man, Black Widow received a boost in popularity due to her multiple appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Of all the characters in the MCU, very few, if any, can boast the mysterious background that she does.

Black Widow is an ex-spy for the Soviet Union who has undergone more espionage and assassin training than any character at Marvel. She is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, can take down multiple targets simultaneously, and is only one of a few called upon when a mission requires a certain level of professionalism. Black Widow is on this list of the greatest Avengers simply because it’d be stupid not to have her.

5. Scarlet Witch 

scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch makes a lot of my “greatest” lists, and for a good reason. Not only does she belong to multiple groups of superheroes, but if surrounded by any of those groups, she’s usually the most powerful of them all.


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Scarlet Witch “was” the daughter of Magneto, the brother of Quicksilver, the “wife” of Vision, and the reason that enemies run and hide if they learn she’s part of the opposition. Scarlet Witch is a Nexus Being and, with it, is capable of altering the very fabric of existence. I look at you, House of M.

4. Iron Man

Iron Man

There isn’t a superhero alive who has gained as much popularity over the last ten years as Iron Man. Due to the success of the MCU, Iron Man has become a household name. He’s the face of the entire franchise and transformed himself from a “B-List” character into an “A-List” character.

Iron Man is exactly what happens when desperate person becomes trapped by the enemy and must free themselves. While most people won’t come out of something like this alive, Tony Stark did. And how? He made Iron Man.

3. Thor


I bet you were wondering if I’d include Thor on this list, weren’t you? Well, wonder no more. Thor is one of my greatest Avengers. Depending on where on the timeline we are, Thor is the King of Asgard and the ruler of the Nine Realms. He’s the son of arguably Marvel’s most powerful character, Odin, the brother to its most mischievous, Loki, and the wielder of one of Marvel’s most powerful weapons, Mjolnir. 

In addition, Thor can fly, cast lightning from the sky, and possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and more. Thor is one of, if not the strongest of all, the Avengers and doesn’t shy away from letting it be known.  I’m saying that any greatest Avengers list without Thor simply isn’t a greatest Avengers list.

2. Spider-Man 

Iron Spider

Is there a character under the Marvel brand who symbolizes the company more than Spider-Man? I mean, he’s the face of Marvel in all corners of the world and causes children to scream his name at any sight of him. From his very first appearance to today, no character means more to Marvel than Spider-Man. Spider-Man is the most relatable comic book character in the history of comic books. 


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And why? Because anybody who reads him always imagines themselves being him. Think about it. For most of his existence, he was a teenager who dealt with teenage problems (dating, grades, bullies, etc.) while trying to find balance for the rest of his life. Because of all the above mentioned, he easily makes this list.

1. Captain America 

Captain America

Is there a superhero in the world that symbolizes what it means to do good more than Captain America? I’d argue no. Captain America is the living definition of high morals, values, and standards. He epitomizes what it means to look out for the underdog and is the backbone of the Avengers. 

Captain America has mostly led the team since he “came out of the ice” back in the sixties. He’s the product of an experimental serum that changed his body on the molecular level. He gained super strength, speed, endurance, stamina, and every other imaginable “super” trait with the serum. For all the reasons I just listed, putting him on this list of the greatest Avengers was one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to do.

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