Who Is Blurp in ‘GotG 3’? Adam Warlock’s Pet Explained


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 featured many animals, most of which needed help or saving from the cruel intentions of the High Evolutionary. One of the “animals” we saw in the movie was Blurp, a furry creature that Adam Warlock happened upon and formed a strange bond with. He liked the creature so much that he eventually adopted it as his pet. This is why we decided to dedicate a bit of time to Blurp to explore his strange journey, as well as how he ended up being a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Blurp is a male F’saki formerly owned by Ravager Fitz-Gibbonok. Adam Warlock adopted Blupr after he “accidentally” killed Fitz, much to the dismay of his mother, Ayesha; Warlock took a liking to the strange creature and gave it his best to protect it from harm. After most members of Guardians of the Galaxy decided to depart the team, Blurp joined the team alongside his owner, Adam Warlock, and the two seemed to be inseparable.

Now that we’ve given you the basic info about Blurp, it’s time to explore the creature in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

What species does Blurp belong to?

Before we tell you about Blurp, we need to clear up his origin. Blurp belongs to an alien species called F’saki, a furry variant. There are two variants of F’saki we’ve seen so far in the MCU, a furry and non-furry. Non-furry F’saki we saw in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, better fitted the description of the F’saki species as “small, reptilian carnivores,” but it is what it is.

There are many species in the MCU as a whole, and most of them don’t make sense. Blurp is not an exception to this rule. He is adorable enough, I suppose, with his chocolate brown fur and, well, a set of sharp teeth.

Blurp was formerly a member of the Ravagers

We don’t know how exactly Blurp became a member of the Ravagers, but when Adam Warlock first happened upon the creature, he was in possession of Fitz-Gibbonok, one of the Ravagers that Adam Warlock and his mother Ayesha took as a hostage in order to gather more information about Gamora who was at the time the only lead they had to reach Rocket Raccoon and save the Sovereign race from being destroyed by High Evolutionary.

Ayesha ordered Adam Warlock to “show” Fitz that they mean business, and Warlock, dumb as he is, took it literally and fried Fitz on the spot. Warlock also noticed that a strange furry creature accompanied Ravager, and he immediately liked it, despite his mother hating it and calling it hideous.


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Warlock connected with Blurp and adopted him, taking him on his endeavors. One of the more shocking moments of the movie was when Warlock broke into Bowie in an attempt to steal Rocket Raccoon. Gamora managed to grab ahold of Blurp and threaten Warlock that she was going to kill the alien if he didn’t comply with her demands.

Warlock immediately stopped his rampage, not willing to risk his new pet’s life. In part, Blurp was responsible in large part for Warlock’s redemption arc over the course of the movie, as who knows what would have happened if Gamora didn’t use Blurp as a bargaining chip, as Warlock was clearly more than capable of overpowering her.

What happened to Blurp at the end of the movie?

Blurp, of course, survived the events of the movie unharmed. We know that the original Guardians of the Galaxy team disbanded with Gamora, Quill, Nebula, Drax, and Mantis, deciding to explore new and uncharted waters. Rocket Raccoon took over the leadership of the team, and he needed new team members to continue saving the Galaxy, of course.

This is where Blurp comes in as he seemingly joined the new Guardians of the Galaxy alongside his reformed owner Adam Warlock. We’re sure that there are much larger things for Blurp planned, and we can’t wait to see him in future MCU projects.

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