‘Superman & Lois’: Who Is Candice? Jonathan’s Girlfriend Explained


Besides superhuman affairs, we know that CW’s hit TV show, Superman & Lois, is a prime source of the Kent family drama, including their two teenage sons, Jonathan and Jordan. Jonathan seems to be more problematic between the two of them, which is why his love life will be the topic of this article, specifically, his girlfriend, Candice Pergande. Candice has a tough life but is trying to make it with all odds stacked against her. Let’s explore her character in a bit more detail and answer the question who is Candice Pergande?

Candice Pergande is the daughter of Emmitt Pergande, the town outcast and troublemaker. She comes from a poor and sometimes abusive family and is forced to engage in some illegal activities to make ends meet. In the Superman & Lois TV show, she is the girlfriend of Jonathan Kent, Clark and Lois’ son, and the two of them sometimes have a difficult relationship with Jonathan at one point, even getting into trouble because of Candice. 

Now that we’ve given you the basics of Candice’s character, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Candice is an outsider in Smallville

One of the main things that make Candice stand out in the show is the fact that she is an outsider. She recently moved to Smallville because her father has trouble keeping respectable jobs due to his heart condition. Her father, Emmitt Pergande, is known as the local outcast and troublemaker, often involved in shady deals and criminal activities. 

The two of them live in the trailer park, and despite their sometimes abusive relationship, Candice cares about her father and does what she can to support their little family financially. Following the footsteps of her Emmitt, at one point, Candice was involved in criminal activities herself to earn money the only way she knew how. But more on that later. 

Candice was the one that introduced Jonathan Kent to X-Kryptonite

Jonathan was frustrated by his football performance as he was seemingly always outperformed by Timmy at practices. Accidentally he figures out that Candice is dealing X-Kryptonite, or X-K, a yellow-colored type of Kryptonite that can be found only in Smallville and has the properties to endow regular humans with Kryptonian powers for a limited time. 

Candice explained to Jonathan that she was dealing X-K only because she needed money. She is helping out her father financially, who is in no state to work due to his heart disease. Candice moved seven times before she ended up in Smallville, and she is sick and tired of moving around. If she doesn’t come up with the money, they will have to move again or end up homeless, and this is unacceptable to her because she has finally found someone who cares about her and appreciates her, Jonathan. 


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Jonathan accepts her explanation and even asks her for a small amount of X-K, despite knowing the risks associated with the drug, even more so knowing that it might affect him differently due to his hybrid Kryptonian physiology. 

When the cops come to search the school, Jonathan takes the blame for dealing X-K not to get Candice in trouble. Luckily, Candice is a decent person, unlike her father, and eventually comes clean to Lois and Clark that the drug that the police found with Jonathan was actually hers. 

Even though they started badly, the relationship between Lois and Candice improved with time. 

Candice always takes her father’s side 

The relationship between Candice and Jonathan is complicated at best. We know he was willing to get into serious trouble because of her. Despite the sacrifice that he’s making for their relationship to work, Candice still tends to side with her father when important issues resurface. Emmitt, on the other hand, despises Jonathan and frequently makes thinly-veiled threats directed his way.  

The most recent example of this was when Emmitt stole Jonathan’s brand-new truck. Despite Jonathan telling Candice that her father clearly planned to do it when he asked about the price, Candice blew up on him, telling him that just because she is poor and lives in a trailer park doesn’t mean they are criminals and through. Jonathan apologized, but in the end, he was right. 

Jonathan’s truck was eventually found in an abandoned building, ready to be refurbished to be sold easier. The building was easily connected to Emmitt, and back at home, Candice found Lois’ watch in the truck when the truck was stolen. This, in turn, resulted in Candice being apologetic and clearly seeing her father in a light everyone else sees him in. 

However, Candice’s tendency to side with her father is only one part of the problem, as Jonathan also complicates the relationship. Recently, Jonathan cheated on Candice with his ex-girlfriend, and he hasn’t told her yet. 

Candice currently lives with the Kent family 

After the theft of Jonathan’s truck was resolved, Jonathan decided not to go to the police since he knew that this would land Candice in a whole lot of trouble. Instead, Jonathan, Jordan, and Natalie Irons dealt with the theft themselves and recovered the truck. 

Emmitt didn’t take kindly to Jonathan repossessing his truck, and one time when Jonathan came to their house to hang out with Candice, he punched him in the face. 

Lois quickly figured out who was behind the bruise on John’s face and promptly visited Emmitt, warning him to leave her family alone. Emmitt prepared a gun and threatened Lois with it, which absolutely made Clark furious. 

Clark visited Emmitt as well to “talk” to him. Instead of talking, Emmitt also threatened Clark and tried to shove him away. Due to his Kryptonian physiology, Clark easily resisted this and pushed him away before subduing him. Clark clarified that he could hurt him far more than this if he messed with his family again. 


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Following this encounter, Emmitt decided to leave Smallville for the time being. Who knows what he is planning next, but at the moment, Candice is staying with Kents before she figures something out.

Everything may turn into a mess once Candice finds out that Jonathan cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend. 

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