Who Is Lifebringer Galactus & How Strong Is He? 

Who is Lifebringer Galactus and how powerful is he
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Galactus is among the most popular Marvel characters, partly due to his imposing presence and the fact that he has been a villain in the stories, more often than not. Galactus spent most of his existence devouring planets, and considering that he is older than the current Universe, many planets were devoured. But, there is one version of Galactus that was so radically different than his true self, that even the Living Tribunal had to rule whether it was natural for Galactus to stay in that form. We’re talking about the Lifebringer Galactus. Since the version of the character is so bizarre, we decided to explore it in more detail as well as to check out how powerful he is.

Lifebringer Galactus was the version of Galactus that did not devour planets. Instead, he restored them. Lifebringer Galactus was created by the Ultimates through a similar process as the original Galactus. The character debuted in ‘Ultimates’ Vol 3 #2 and eventually recruited the team as his Heralds of Life. Lifebringer Galactus was one of the most powerful versions of the character, rivaling some of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. 

Now that we’ve given you a short summary of who Lifebringer Galactus is, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

The story of Lifebringer Galactus begins with Ultimates 

Captain Marvel was long aware of the various cosmic threats to Earth, and eventually, she decided to do something concrete in order to prevent them before they even arose. This is why she formed a “proactive task force” that was supposed to look into the possible threats and review the possible solutions to them. The core members of the team were Ms. America, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Spectrum, with Blue Marvel having the most experience battling severe cosmic threats. 

Ultimates set their sights on Galactus

The Ultimates set out to identify threats, and sadly, one of the first threats that they decided to deal with was Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. 


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How was Lifebringer Galactus created?

The process of creating Lifebringer Galactus was complicated, to say the least. Black Panther needed to travel back in time to retrieve Galactus’ incubator, which survived the destruction of the sixth Universe and gave birth to him

Galactus time traveling

We witness Galan’s last moment in the previous Universe, as both he and the surviving Taans are completely annihilated by the cosmic radiation involved in destroying the Universe. Moments later, we can see that Galan survived but spent countless eon in his incubator. 

Galan before he was Galactus

Soon after waking up from incubation, Galactus devoured his first planet, Archeopia. Black Panther traveled back in time, retrieved the incubator from the orbit of Archeopia, and returned it to the present time. He used the incubation chamber against Galactus, who, in his great hubris, completely forgot about it. 

Galactus incubator

Galactus started threatening Black Panther and the rest of the Ultimates, but they didn’t care. They simply needed Galactus back in that incubator to once again induce that process that happened billions of years ago, the creation of Galactus.

Black Panther confronts Galactus

The Ultimates started throwing everything they had at Galactus until they forced him into the Incubator chamber. The process was repeated, but Neturonium was used to accelerate the molecules. After a massive power surge and total destruction of the Incubator, Galactus was reborn, this time as Lifebringe Galactus, the Seeder of Worlds. So, Lifebringer Galactus was created in a similar means as his previous version, by using Incubator accelerated with Neutronium. 

Galactus being transformed into Lifebringer Galactus

The main difference between your usual version of Galactus and Lifebringer Galactus is the fact that Lifebringer Galactus restores planets instead of devouring them, and as such, he just might be a threat to the cosmic order. 

Galactus retoring a planet

The first planet that Lifebringer Galactus restored was Archeopia, the first planet he ever destroyed. 


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What happened to Lifebringer Galactus? 

As Lifebringer, Galactus eventually turns the Ultimates into his “Heralds” of life in order to find out who is attacking Eternity and to stop Lord Order, Master Chaos, Logos, and the First Firmament. Along with Ego-Prime, Psi-Hawk, the Infinaut, and the ghost of the Shaper of Worlds, the so-called Eternity Watch was founded in an attempt to help Eternity.

Galactus and the Eternity Watch continued their battle against the agents of the First Firmament, aided by Black Panther’s ascended astral form and rebirthed Celestials. The First Firmament, Aspirants, and Logos were defeated, thanks to Eternity summoning past incarnations of the Multiverse, the Ultimate Ultimates. 

With the Universe safe once again, Galactus bid farewell to the Ultimates, and they went their separate ways. Meanwhile, to prevent Ultron’s destructive plan, the Silver Surfer asked Galactus to destroy Saiph and save the galaxy from the Ultron Virus and the Soul Gem.

Lifebringer Galactus form fading away

The destruction of the planet triggered a change in Galactus, and his Lifebringer form was destroyed. He reverted to his old self, hunger and all. 

Galactus back to his old self

How powerful was Lifebringer Galactus? 

Lifebringer Galactus was among the most powerful versions of Galactus. This is due to having access to the so-called “biosphere recreation” that allowed him not only to devour matter but to completely recreate it from scratch. 

Only one power in the Universe is stronger than destruction, and this is creation. Lifebringer Galactus was powerful enough to create whole planets, transform already powerful superheroes into his heralds, he had enough juice to manipulate the surface of Ego’s planet, and he was strong enough to defeat Lord Order and Master Chaos. 

It’s too bad that this version of the character didn’t stick around longer, but ultimately, Galactus had to return to his former form, only to be killed sometime after by Thor and resurrected once again, this time hungering for knowledge. 

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