Who Is Master Karja in ‘GotG Vol3.’? Meet Nathan Fillion’s Character


We all know that the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would introduce new characters into the MCU. One such occasion where we met new characters was when the Guardians of the Galaxy infiltrated the Orgoscope, a corporation owned by the High Evolutionary, to obtain sensitive data related to Rocket’s past. Master Karja was one of the characters they met there. So, who is Master Karja in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?

Master Karja is the leader of the sentries that work for Orgoscope. Played by Nathan Fillion, Karja is a strict leader that likes picking on one of his men for being dumb. And while he and the other sentries were able to corner the Guardians of the Galaxy, their suits were hijacked by Peter Quill to disable them.

While he wasn’t a very important character in the movie, Master Karja was a hilarious addition to GOTG3 due to his comical approach when it came to his character. Of course, he was still quite serious in his approach to his job as the leader of the Orgoscope sentries, especially when he tried to defend the corporation against the Guardians. Now, let’s look at Master Karja’s character more.

Master Karja’s Background and Fate Explained

During the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we learned that the Guardians have to take on an entirely different quest from the ones they took in the past. This time, it involved one of their own as it was important for all of them to save Rocket’s life from certain death when he got injured at the hands of Adam Warlock. They could have easily operated on him but discovered that Rocket had a kill switch that would kill him if someone tried to operate on him.

The kill switch ensured no one would go poking around Rocket’s body because whoever created him thought of him as a proprietary product. And we found out that the one that created him was none other than the High Evolutionary himself, who was trying to create the perfect species.


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That was when they traced Rocket’s kill switch to a company called Orgoscope, which the High Evolutionary owned. The Guardians needed to infiltrate the Orgoscope to learn more about the kill switch and save Rocket’s life. And the problem was that they had to do so stealthily because the Orgo sentries were highly trained fighters that defended the Orgoscope.

The one leading the Orgo sentries or the guards of the Orgoscope was Master Karja. He was introduced as a normal guy who talked to his employees around but also bullied one of them because he thought he was dumb. The Guardians first ran into him when there was a security alert after the heroes infiltrated the Orgoscope as mechanics. And when Master Karja entered the room to try to apprehend the invaders, the Guardians quickly pretended they were maintenance workers responding to a hole in the Orgoscope.

Peter Quill pretended to be mad at Karja by scolding him for suddenly entering the room without following proper protocol. The other members of the Guardians followed his lead by scolding Karja as well. However, when Drax pretended to be angry, it was clear that he wasn’t doing a good job at it, and that was when Peter told Karja that Drax was dumb but had no choice but to bring him around with him to work because he was “the boss’s son.”

In that regard, Karja quickly responded to Peter Quill by telling him that he also had one of those dumb employees working under him, as it was clear that he liked picking on this guy. The shared experience of having a stupid employee allowed him to instantly connect with Peter, who was merely pretending to be a maintenance worker to infiltrate the Orgoscope.


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However, the security personnel of the Orgoscope eventually found out that the Guardians were infiltrators, and that was when they started to attack Mantis and Drax. Master Karja severely injured Drax by shooting him with his gun twice. The other Guardians also struggled in the fight against Karja and the other Orgoscope guards until Quill devised a brilliant plan.

Peter used his charm to convince the manager of the Orgoscope that he could find a way to convince the sentries to let them go by telling them that they were only there to save their friend. When the manager allowed Peter to enter the Orgoscope system in the hopes that he would talk to them through the heart, Star-Lord used the system to disable the artificial gravity of the suits that the Orgo sentries were wearing. As such, the Guardians of the Galaxy used this opportunity to escape while Karja and his men struggled to keep their feet on the ground.

After the Guardians escaped the Orgoscope, the Sovereign came to visit them to ask for any information they had about the infiltrators. The High Priestess was interrogating one of the captured Ravagers that knew about the plan to infiltrate the Orgoscope. When the Ravager refused to talk, the High Priestess told Adam to tell him that they meant business, only for the Warlock to disintegrate him to ash using his powers. That was when Master Karja laughed as he thought that he had something in common with the High Priestess in the sense that they both had underlings that were dumb.

Who Plays Master Karja in GOTG3?

A lot of people thought that Master Karja was a familiar face. That’s because he was portrayed by Nathan Fillion, who made his name as an actor in the Castle TV series that aired from 2009 to 2016. Fillion isn’t a stranger to sci-fi productions set in space because he also starred in the Firefly TV series. He is also one of the many actors in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 that already had experience working with James Gunn. He played a minor role as The Detachable Kid in the 2021 Suicide Squad movie directed by Gunn.

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