Who Is Prince Yan in ‘The Marvels’? Meet Park Seo-joon’s Rumored Character


Marvel Studios recently dropped the trailer for the upcoming movie The Marvels, and we had the first opportunity to see the return of our favorite Marvels as well as some other additions to the cast. A new villain will be introduced to the MCU, played by Zawe Ashton, and we even had a glimpse of Park Seo-joon’s so far unnamed character. Since not a lot is known about the movie at this stage, we had to rely on rumors to get the info about the roles, and one recurring insider information is that Park Seo-joon will be playing Prince Yan. We’ve decided to use this opportunity to explore the alleged character Seo-joon will be playing. Let’s see who is Prince Yan and how is he connected to Captain Marvel? 

Park Seo-joon will allegedly be playing Prince Yan, a monarch from the planet of Aladna, who Captain Marvel helped put a stop to the cruel practice of men being unable to choose their marriage partners. It’s unknown how the character ties into the current MCU, as there has been no official confirmation regarding Seo-joon’s role so far. Alternatively, some sources likewise claim that Park Seo-joon will be playing Kree member Noh-Varr. 

Now that we’ve covered what we know from the rumors, it’s time to analyze the details. If you’re interested in who Prince Yan is in the comics and what his relationship is with Carol Danvers, stay with us and keep reading!

Prince Yan hails from Aladna, strange planet where everybody speaks in rhymes 

Prince Yan debuted in Captain Marvel (Vol. 8) #9 in 2014. He hails from a planet called Aladna, a strangely musical planet where everyone speaks in rhymes, but the story doesn’t begin with him. Rather it begins with Lila Cheney, a musically gifted mutant who got herself into quite a predicament when she was young. 

Lila Cheney is a mutant gifted with teleportation powers. She can manipulate tachyon fields around herself and utilize this to transport herself over vast cosmic distances. When she was still a child, she traveled to the musical planet and accidentally got engaged to Prince Yan there. 

Aladna strangely has one more curious tradition. The males cannot choose their own wives; rather, the women choose their parents, and the male has no say whatsoever in who he will marry.

Lila Cheney teleported to Captain Marvel’s ship and asked her for help because she didn’t want to marry Yan. Once on the planet, the prince likewise shared the sentiment that he didn’t want to marry Lila as well. 

The two arranged a deal. During the “objection” part of the ceremony, Carol is supposed to object to the marriage between Yan and Lila, and the engagement should be broken off in practice, and Lila is supposed to go home free. 


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Captain Marvel helped Prince Yan abolish the century-old practice

During the ceremony, the part to object arrived, and Captain Marvel was supposed to raise her voice. However, she was interrupted by Marlo of Sleen, a woman known for her cruelty and the fact that she desperately wanted to be queen.

Marlo of Sleen challenged Lila to a fight to the death to earn her right to marry Prince Yan, and naturally, Captain Marvel volunteered to fight in Lila’s stead. 

Captain Marvel and Malo started fighting, with Captain Marvel gaining the upper hand in the fight quite quickly. Prince Yan begged his parents to call the whole thing off, and they realized that Yan, in fact, didn’t want to marry Lila. 

After her victory, Captain Marvel asked Prince Yan’s parents to change their succession rules. As a sentient being, Prince Yan should be able to ascend the throne of Aladna in his own right, regarding of who he marries. The current King and Queen of Aladna refused this, quoting that “This is their way, and it will remain as such” 

Captain Marvel, as the winner of the duel, was technically Prince Yan’s current bride, but before she could proceed with the marriage, her companion Tica, volunteered to marry Prince Yan in her stead so that Prince Yan could keep his regency. 

As soon as Tica married Yan and he assumed his rightful role of being pronounced the King of Aladna, he abolished the cruel practice of men not being able to choose their wives. 

Will Prince Yan appear in the MCU? 

According to the well-known Marvel insider Daniel Richtman, Prince Yan is set to debut in the upcoming The Marvels movie, played by Park Seo-joon. Allegedly, in the MCU, Prince Yan is set to appear as Carol Danver’s husband. 

It’s unknown how Aladna and Prince Yan and rhymes tie into the current MCU, and it’s unknown whether Yan’s role will be big in any case, considering that the movie has so much to explain and explore already like the introduction of a new villain, introduction of the new SABER agency, and the fact that Rambeau’s, Danvers’ and Khan’s powers seem somehow to be connected. 


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Still, the mystery of Seo-joon’s character remains, and according to some other sources, he might appear in the role of Noh-Varr, a member of the Kree race located in an alternate reality of Earth-200080. He had his triple-helix DNA altered with cockroach genes to include insect properties and became a super-soldier. 

Since nothing has been confirmed, we’re going to have to wait for November 10, 2023, when The Marvels releases in cinemas. 

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