Ms. Marvel vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win in a Fight & How?

Ms. Marvel vs. Captain Marvel Who Would Win in a Fight How

Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers are two of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, each with a unique set of abilities and strengths. As Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, respectively, have both proven capable of taking on some of the most formidable villains in the Marvel universe. But what would happen if these two iconic heroes were pitted against each other in a battle? In today’s post, we will analyze the hypothetical battle between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel to see who would come out on top and who is more powerful between them. 

Captain Marvel is more powerful than Miss Marvel and would be able to win a fight against her easily. Carol Danvers outperforms Kamala Khan in all physical aspects, and she has some wildly powerful abilities based on cosmic energy radiation. Even though Kamala is powerful in her own right, she can’t hope to match Carlo, who can manipulate energy and easily lift a few tons.  

Now that we’ve covered that Captain Marvel is more powerful and would ultimately be victorious, it’s time to analyze why. If you’re interested in the analysis of powers, abilities, durability, and speed of both characters, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Captain Marvel possesses a broad range of superhuman powers and abilities that stem from her hybrid human-Kree physiology, primarily focused on energy manipulation and absorption. She can unleash incredibly powerful waves of photonic energy, generating devastating blasts. Her energy-based abilities are so impressive that she can simply produce objects, tools, and weapons from energy by willing them into existence. Moreover, her binary form amplifies all her powers to an unparalleled degree, making them more potent and readily accessible.

captain marvel photon blast

Kamala Khan is an Inhuman whose latent powers, and abilities were unlocked when she was exposed to Terrigen Mists. After gaining access to her powers, Kamala discovered that she is a polymorph, capable of stretching, deforming, expanding, and compressing her entire body. 

Every time Kamala alters her bodily structure, she can time travel. To add extra strength, Kamala can make herself giant. She likewise has powers that allow her to alter her appearance and clothing. 

Kamala Khan polymorph

Ms. Marvel’s powers are truly amazing and one of the most bizarre in Marvel Comics. However, it’s nothing that Captain Marvel can’t counter as her AoE abilities are off the charts and something that she is known for. Due to the sheer destructive potential of Captain Marvel’s energy-based abilities, the point goes to her. 

Points: Ms. Marvel (0:1) Captain Marvel 


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Strength and Stamina 

Captain Marvel is also capable of incredible displays of strength. For instance, she was able to bear the weight of a dead celestial, preventing it from crashing onto the earth. This impressive feat demonstrates her immense lifting capacity, exceeding well over 100 tons, although on average, she is capable of lifting up to 70 tons. Furthermore, her strength is further amplified when she enters her binary form.

Her Stamina reserves are likewise impressive, as she can exert herself for a little over 24 hours before she starts feeling the effects of fatigue catching up to her. 

Captain Marvel lifting celestial

Ms. Marvel’s standard strength is not that impressive, as she is capable of lifting her own body weight. However, as soon as she utilizes her polymorphic powers and makes herself giant, she can lift up to 25 tons. She likewise has somewhat enhanced stamina reserves that allow her to fight more than a regular human would. 

Kamala Khan giant form

With everything said, even though Kamala is incredibly strong when she utilizes her powers, she is still nowhere near as resident badass Captain Marvel. The point goes to Carol. 

Points: Ms. Marvel (0:2) Captain Marvel 


Captain Marvel can travel at supersonic speeds, exceeding the speed of sound. She can fly, and her reflexes and reactions are exceptional. In fact, Captain Marvel can circle the globe in just a matter of moments, as her speed is somewhere between Mach 2 and orbital velocity.  

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

In her base form, Ms. Marvel is no faster than the average human being. However, as we’ve mentioned before, she has this incredible ability to elongate her limbs, and once she elongates her legs, she can reach speeds up to 700 miles per hour. Although she is not that fast in terms of combat and reflexes, her giant fists can more than enough make up for it. 

Kamala Khan

Both Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are fast while using their abilities, but Captain Marvel is out of this world fast, literally. The point goes to her. 

Points: Ms. Marvel (0:3) Captain Marvel 


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Captain Marvel’s durability is exceptionally high. She has endured nuclear detonations and explosions on a planetary scale and survived. While she is not immortal, her decelerated aging abilities enable her to age at a slower rate than an average human. As a result, Captain Marvel is among the most difficult superheroes to kill in the Marvel Universe.

captain marvel point blank energy hit from thanos

Kamala Khan is nowhere near immortal, but her abilities grant her exceptional healing factor, which means she can tank a lot of damage. Kamala is capable of rapidly healing from injuries such as bullet wounds, but her healing factor does come with a lot of side effects, such as the inability to use her powers, and it is incredibly draining on her. 

Kamala Khan healing

Tanking nuclear explosions and bullets are not the same things. Captain Marvel demonstrated far superior durability in the comics; the point goes to her. 

Points: Ms. Marvel (0:4) Captain Marvel 


Captain Marvel is a highly intelligent character with diverse skills. She is proficient in espionage, an accomplished author and pilot, and a skilled tactician with extensive Kree knowledge. 

Kamala Khan’s abilities do not affect her intellect, as it is within normal expectations for an average human being. She also lacks the needed combat experience and strategic experience that Carol Danvers, due to her military experience, does have. 

In the battle of wits, Carol Danvers would prevail. Due to this, the point goes to her. 

Points: Ms. Marvel (0:5) Captain Marvel 

Combat Skills 

Captain Marvel has undergone formal military combative training, making her an exceptional fighter. In fact, she is considered to be one of the best combatants in the Marvel Universe. Her training has given her expertise in various fighting techniques, making her a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat. Moreover, her superior strength, speed, and energy manipulation abilities give her an advantage in combat situations. Captain Marvel’s combative skills have been honed to the point where she can easily defeat most of her opponents. 

Captain Marvel vs Thanos

Kamala Khan lacks both the formal training and experience needed to face some of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe. She is still young, and there’s plenty of time to learn, however. Paired with her incredible polymorphic abilities, Kamala Khan has a bright combat future in front of her. 

Kamala Khan Giant fist

Points: Ms. Marvel (0:6) Captain Marvel 


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Ms. Marvel vs. Captain Marvel: Who is stronger? 

Captain Marvel vastly overpowers Ms. Marvel in every single aspect. She is stronger, faster, more intelligent, more durable, and has more advanced combat skills and more experience fighting deadly enemies. Even though Kamala Khan has a bright future in front of her, as of now, Captain Marvel is still way out of her league. But this is fine, as Captain Marvel is among the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics

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