Who Is Space Punisher Hulk & How Powerful Is He?

Who Is Space Punisher Hulk How Powerful Is He

Hulk is well known to be among the most powerful and iconic Marvel characters, and as such, there have been many versions of the Jade Giant both in the mainline universe and in alternate universes. Some of them are humorous, some benevolent, and some are just straight-up terrifying, and today, we’re going to explore one such version of Hulk, the Space Punisher Hulk. This version of Hulk proved to be extremely strong and dangerous, so let’s see who Space Punisher Hulk is and how powerful he is.

Space Punisher Hulk is the version of Hulk from Earth-12091. He appeared in the ‘Space: Punisher’ storyline and was notorious for being a savage beast that frequently attacked spaceships. Space Punisher Hulk was powerful enough to kill Fantastic Four, Hulk Buster, and the Watchers. Punisher escaped death at the hands of Hulk, and he used him to annihilate Six-Fingered Hand, an intergalactic mafia ring hired by Uatu the Watcher. Eventually, it’s revealed that Bruce Banner and Space Punisher Hulk are two distinct personalities, and Bruce Banner is physically trapped inside Hulk’s body. The Punisher mercy-killed Bruce Banner by shooting him in the head, and Space Punisher managed o escape the ordeal alive. 

Now that we’ve summarized who Space Punisher Hulk is, it’s time to explore the character in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

How did Space Punisher Hulk get his powers?

Despite being an alternate version of the character, Space Punisher Hulk got his powers in the exact same way as the Earth-616 Hulk. Space Punisher Hulk appears only in one storyline released in 2012 titled ‘Space: Punisher.’ 

The story follows an alternate version of Frank Castle, who is trying to avenge the death of his family, which was caused by the intergalactic mafia, The Six Fingered Hand, led by an alternate version of Uatu the Watcher.

Space Punisher Hulk hunting six fingered hand

Now Frank Castle keeps investigating the mysterious space mafia, and at the same time, Space Punisher Hulk is wreaking havoc all across the galaxy. 

Six Fingered Hand

Space Punisher Hulk used to be a scientist under the name Bruce Banner and one day, he was caught up in a radiation accident that transformed him into this monstrous version of the Hulk. The main physical difference between Earth-616 Hulk and Space Punisher Hulk is that Space Punisher Hulk has two additional arms and is much more savage. 

Space Punisher Hulk

Apparently, Hulk keeps annihilating ships and is considered to be a horrible threat to everyone around him, the authorities are looking for a way to deal with him, but unfortunately, Space Punisher Hulk managed to kill all his would-be killers. It was also revealed in the last issue that Bruce Banner was actually physically trapped within the body of the Space Punisher Hulk. 


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How powerful is Space Punisher Hulk? 

Space Punisher Hulk is definitely among the most powerful versions of Hulk. In the storyline, it’s mentioned that he is the second greatest danger to the universe, right behind Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds (and it is implied that Galactus was dealt with and is currently dead in that reality). 

Anyway, a lot of people tried to “deal” with Hulk in the same way. However, he is seemingly unstoppable. Hulk managed to kill Fantastic Four, tying up Mr. Fantastic in a Knot and ripping off The Thing’s arm. Human Torch and Invisible Woman weren’t spared as well, as they can be seen lying on the floor dead in the scene.

The Galactic Military decided to send the so-called “Hulk Busters” to deal with Space Punisher Hulk, but they failed. Space Punisher Hulk strangled Colonel Samson when he tried to assassinate him and, soon after that, wiped out the remaining Hulk Buster forces that were sent to kill him.

Space Punisher Hulk killing Hulk Buster Samson

Space Punisher Hulk was likewise strong enough to deal with alternate versions of the Sabretooth, Deadpool, and The Leader, who were at the time of Hulk’s attacks just about to kill the Punisher. 

Space Punisher Hulk attack

Hulk unintentionally saved Punisher but planned on killing him in any case. Luckily Punisher managed to escape due to sheer luck. 

This version of Hulk, however, was extremely sensitive to a sonic device that was able to induce extreme rage in Hulk.

Space Punisher Hulk was also strong enough to kill all the Watchers at the same time. 

Space Punisher Hulk 3

What happened to Space Punisher Hulk?

As we’ve said before, Punisher used the sonic device to “summon” Hulk and used him to kill all the Watchers at the same time. The reason why Punisher wanted to kill the Watchers was the fact that they hired the Six Fingered Hand to kill his family. 

Following the death of Sabertooth and Deadpool at the hands of Hulk, Punisher manages to track down the Leader who survived Hulk’s attacks. He teleports the Leader to extract information about their employers and kills him afterward. Next, he tracks down Doctor Octopus, ties him to the front of his spaceship, and forces him to reveal the location of the remaining four members. 

The Punisher travels to Skrullword and confronts the Green Goblin, Magneto, Ultron, and Red Skull, along with an army of Hitler Clones. In the battle, Chip, an ally, kills Magneto and the Green Goblin, while Punisher kills Doc Ock and Red Skull.


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At Avengers Planet, Punisher attempts to steal the Ultimate Nullifier but is stopped by Jarvis, who severely beats him. After a confrontation, Punisher teleports Jarvis into deep space. Later, Punisher meets the Watchers, and they destroy his ally Chip. They attempt to trick him but fail. Punisher manages to trick the Hulk into killing the Watchers using a sonic device that enrages the Hulk. 

Space Punisher Hulk killing the watchers

When the Watchers are dealt with, true Bruce Banner emerges from the wound in the middle of Hulk’s chest, and he begs the Punisher to kill him. Punisher accepts Banner’s wish and shoots him in the head. Space Punisher Hulk, however, survives and flies away, still carrying the corpse of the dead Bruce Banner within him. The Punisher died when his ship broke down due to the damage caused by the Watchers. 

Punisher killing Bruce Banner

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