Who Is Thor’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Who Is Thors Love Interest in the Comics

Even though comics are mostly about action and superpowered heroes and villains, once in a while, love stories develop to showcase the human side of characters or to complicate stories even further. Thor, one of the most popular Marvel characters, was not immune to romance in the comics. Better known as the mighty God of Thunder, even though incredibly powerful, Thor proved weak against the charms of several women throughout his existence in the comics. From mortal women to superheroes, let’s see who is Thor’s love interest in the comics.

Thor had numerous love interests in the comics, and often he was involved with more than one woman. However, his most notable love interest, and best known to fans, is Jane Foster. Jane had become God of Thunder in her own right. Most recently, Thor was involved with She-Hulk.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to analyze all of Thor’s love interests in the comics, and trust me; he had a few. From superpowered Asgardians to ordinary human women, Thor can’t help being attracted to strong women. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Does Thor have a love interest in the comics?

Thor does have a love interest in the comics, and throughout his history, it wasn’t a question of who but rather a question of how many. He was involved with numerous women, some of who were fellow Asgardians, and some were ordinary humans. In the rest of this post, we will analyze every romantic interest Thor had in the comics.

1. Jane Foster

Jane Foster is perhaps the greatest of Thor’s loves. The two met when Thor was posing as Donald Blake, a doctor stationed at the same hospital where Jane also worked. Jane fell deeply in love with Donald Blake, and Thor secretly begged his father to let him marry Jane. Odin refused on numerous instances because Jane was mortal.

Jane Foster

Thor’s enemies slowly figured out that there was some connection between Thor and Donald Blake, and this led them to Foster, in turn. Thor had to save Jane numerous times, and thus Jane quickly fell in love with Thor. Thor eventually revealed to Jane who he was and petitioned Odin once again for permission to marry Jane.


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Odin halfheartedly accepted his petition and promised Thor that Jane could take on the new role of Asgardian goddess. Along with her new station, Odin turned her into Asgardian and granted her powers. However, Jane couldn’t handle her new powers, and Odin stripped her of them, banishing her back to Earth and recommending Thor rekindle his romance with Sif, who we will mention in more detail later.

This is where Jane’s and Thor’s relationship takes a nastier turn. They break up, and she forgets about him. He saves her life as she is dying once again. Jane marries, and she leaves her husband and children for Thor. Jane eventually takes on the mantle of Mighty Thor while she is fighting cancer, albeit it costs her health as every time she wields Mjolnir, she gets weaker and weaker. The two had a very tumultuous relationship, a forbidden one, we might say, but still, she will be remembered as one of greatest Thor’s love interests both in the comics and in the MCU.

2. Sif

Thor and Sif have known each other since they were kids, both being of Asgardian descent and deities in their own right. Thor fell in love with Sif’s golden locks and fell even more deeply in love with her when her golden locks were replaced with black locks as a part of one of Loki’s many machinations.

Even though the two were close and were planning to spend their lives together, Jane Foster happened in the meantime. Thor felt the call to go to Earth, and he met Jane Foster as his Donald Blake alter-ego there.
Sif and Thor will be reunited once again eventually when Odin banishes Jane Foster back to Earth and strips her of Asgardian powers.


Odin considered Sif and Thor to be perfect for each other, and the two managed to rekindle their relationship for a time. The trouble started when Thor wanted to return to Earth but didn’t want to leave Sif behind. She was understanding at first and followed him to Earth, but her heart constantly yearned for Asgard.

This was the first obstacle that came between the two, the second one was Jane Foster herself, and the third one was Lorelei. Even though the two were closed throughout their existence, the relationship between them never worked out.

3. Enchantress

Not the most iconic of Thor’s love interests, but certainly the evilest one, as Amora the Enchantress would be better suited for Loki than for good-natured Thor. Amora was born in Asgard as a beautiful and greatly magically inclined Asgardian.


Most of her romantic exploits that concerned Thor were of little importance since she stubbornly used her powers as an Enchantress to seduce him. Their chance at a legitimate relationship came when Thor was exiled to Earth without his powers.

4. Valkyrie Brunnhilde

Valkyrie was the leader of Valkyrior, and their main purpose was to bring the souls of deceased humans who proved themselves worthy in life to Vallhalla. Valkyrie has a long history with Odin; at one point, he stripped her of her powers and sent her down to Earth. Once there, she fell in love with the mortal incarnation of Thor, Siegfried.


Their love was strong but also tragic. When Siegfried was murdered, Valkyrie threw herself at his funeral pyre. Seeing this moved Odin, and the two decided to bring them back to life but wiped their memories clean of the events.

5. Shawna Lynde

Shawna Lynde

Shawna and Thor were classmates when he operated under the guise of Donald Blake. Their relationship was of little significance until he moved to Chicago, where Shawna was residing at the time. This led to them rekindling their friendship and even led to a brief fling.

6. Lorelei

Lorelei is the sister of Amora the Enchantress and a powerful Asgardian in her own right. The sisters share one trait: a strong urge to seduce men with their otherwordly beauty. Lorelei was included in Loki’s many schemes to distract Thor.


Few even had some results. At first, Lorelei was strongly attracted to Thor, but soon she got bored of him and only planned to use him to ascend to Asgard’s throne. What she could never predict (but her sister did, unfortunately) is that she will eventually fall in love with Loki. At first, Loki welcomed her advances but eventually cooled off. The romance was short-lived and very painful for Lorelei.


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7. Bloodaxe

We’ve had several types of relationships on this list, and most have been toxic, but the title of most bizarre relationship definitely goes to Bloodaxe. Bloodaxe was a woman named Jackie Lukus who dated Eric Masterson, a mortal currently fused with Thor. Eric and Jackie had superpowered extracurricular activities, and neither knew about it.

Thor and

Jackie would transform into Bloodaxe as soon as she grabbed ahold of the axe that used to belong to Skurge the Executioner, who poured all his evil and might into it. While Thor was inhabiting the body, Masterson was very much into Lukus.

8. She-Hulk

The most recent of Thor’s love interests is none other than She-Hulk. She-Hulk and Thor got involved after her confidence took a hit, and she grew even more powerful. She-Hulk was exposed to additional gamma radiation, greatly increasing her powers and physiology. However, the relationship was as smooth as Walters was convinced that Thor was dating her only because of her powers.

She hulk

And that would be all. As you can see, Thor has many love interests and relationships, and none of them bore much fruit except for maybe his timeless love for Jane Foster.

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