Star Wars: Who Is Ursa Wren? Meet Sabine’s Mother


Sabine Wren is a very important character who appears in the new Disney+ series, ‘Ahsoka.’ Fans of ‘Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels’ are likely already acquainted with the character, but she isn’t the only notable member of Clan Wren. In fact, her mother, Ursa Wren, might be even more notable. So, who is Ursa Wren?

Ursa Wren is a female Mandalorian warrior who led Clan Wren and was also a member of Death Watch during the Clone Wars. She temporarily cut ties with Sabine Wren to protect her and Clan Wren from Imperial forces. Ursa later reunited with her daughter and even saved her life at one point.

Sabine and Ursa aren’t the only members of the Wren family, too. There’s a long, epic history behind Clan Wren and their role in Mandalorian history, so if you want to hear more about Ursa and her family, keep reading this article.

Who was Ursa Wren?

Ursa Wren was among the most renowned Mandalorian warriors during and after the Clone Wars. She was the wife of Alrich Wren, with whom she had two children, Sabine and Tristan. Ursa was the Countess and leader of Clan Wren, a notable, honorable Clan among the Mandalorians.

Ursa Wren was once a Death Watch member and participated in the Siege of Mandalore in 19 BBY, along with Bo-Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, Commander Rex, and others.

After the war, though, the Empire simply took over Mandalore, and Clan Wren was forced to comply and abide by the new order. However, although Sabine Wren attended the Imperial Academy for a while, she fled, which brought shame – and trouble – to her family.

Ursa never publicly searched for her daughter after she fled, as the entire Clan Wren was now under the suspicion of treason by other clans – especially Clan Saxon, whose leader took Alrich Wren hostage to ensure that Clan Wren complied. Tristan Wren was also forced to join the Imperial Super Commandos to improve the family’s status.

Ursa willingly accepted these terms publicly and sided with Viceroy Gar Saxon, the Emperor’s Hand and leader of Clan Saxon.


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Reunion with Sabine

After a while, Sabine showed up at the Wren Stronghold on Krownest, an icy planet under Mandalorian rule where Clan Wren had their family home and headquarters. Sabine showed up with Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus and his apprentice, Ezra Bridger, asking Ursa to join her in battle against the Empire.

At first, her mother denies Sabine her help as she doesn’t want to give Saxon a reason to hurt her husband. She even offers Jarrus and Bridger to Saxon, along with the Darksaber, in exchange for him to spare Sabine’s life.

Gar accepts the offer but then betrays Ursa and attacks the entire Clan Wren with his forces. However, they are soon overpowered when Fenn Rau emerges. He came with Sabine to Krownest but remained hidden until needed. Saxon ends up in a duel against Sabine.

She beats him and decides to spare his life, but as soon as she turns, Saxon tries to kill her – only to be shot dead by none other than Ursa. It was, however, not the end but rather the beginning of a new civil war between Mandalorians.


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Facing highly unfavorable odds against the Imperial forces, the Countess still agreed to help Ezra and his rebels escape, as she believed that she owed them for helping her get her family back.

To return the favor, some of them returned to Mandalore after their escape to help Ursa get her husband back. They were reunited once again.

What planet does Ursa Wren live on?

Ursa Wren didn’t actually live on Mandalore. Instead, Clan Wren was situated on Krownest – a planet under Mandalorian rule covered in snow and evergreen forests. On the banks of a frozen lake, there was a structure known as the Wren Stronghold, where the family had lived for generations.

Despite living on Krownest, Ursa did spend much time on Mandalore, especially during the wars.

Did Ursa and Sabine get along?

Although their relationship was stranded for a while – even cold, one might say – Ursa and Sabine’s relationship is much more complicated than that. When Sabine fled the Imperial Academy, her brother was forced into the Imperial Super Commandos, while Gar Saxon took her father hostage.

If Ursa wanted to keep them alive, she had to obey their rules and show that Clan Wren wasn’t responsible for Sabine’s actions. In the end, it still was in vain, as Saxon attacked anyway, but the important thing was that Ursa eventually saved Sabine’s life, which eventually also led to her being reunited with her partner.

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