Star Wars: Here’s Who Trained Ezra Bridger

ezra and kanan

Ezra Bridger is now one of the most intriguing Star Wars characters because he is set to make a live-action appearance in the ‘Ahsoka’ series. But of course, we all met Ezra during the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ which featured him as the main protagonist while learning how to become a Jedi after being discovered to be quite strong in the Force. So, who trained Ezra Bridger?

Kanan Jarrus served as the Jedi Master of Ezra Bridger during the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ He was the one who taught Ezra the ways of the Force and how to use a lightsaber. But Ezra also learned a good deal from Ahsoka Tano as well. And he also trained in other aspects under Rex, Hera, Hondo, and even Darth Maul.

The thing that needs to be considered about Ezra is that he was always a well-rounded character who wasn’t just a Jedi in how he operated. So, while he was supposed to be a Jedi under the tutelage of Kanan Jarrus, he learned a lot of other things from the different mentors that he had in his life. Now, let’s look at who trained Ezra Bridger.

Kanan discovered him on Lothal

During the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ one of the things that we learned about Ezra Bridger was that he was some sort of a street rat who stirred things up on Lothal because he hated the Empire. His activities got him entangled with the Spectres, who were members of a small Rebel cell that operated nearby. During that time, Kanan Jarrus, one of the leaders of the Spectres, started sensing something in Ezra.

Before getting captured by Agent Kallus and the Empire, Ezra stole a Jedi Holocron that belonged to Kanan. While he was in his jail cell, he was able to open the Jedi Holocron. He was eventually rescued by the Spectres once more as Kanan revealed himself to the Empire as a Jedi after spending years hiding the fact that he could use the Force.

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Ezra stole Kanan’s lightsaber before returning to his tower on Lothal. That was when Kanan gave him two choices. Either he could keep the lightsaber and return to Lothal or join the Spectres to become a Jedi.

The reason why Kanan wanted to train Ezra as a Jedi was the fact that he was sensitive to the Force. Jedi Holocrons could only be opened by a Jedi by using the light side of the Force. As such, the fact that Ezra was able to open the Holocron, which contained Obi-Wan Kenobi’s message to the Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars, was the only proof that Kanan needed to know that this young 14-year-old boy was strong in the Force.

Ezra decided to leave Lothal and join the Spectres to become a Jedi. As such, he became the Jedi Padawan to Kanan Bridger, who served as his master in the ways of the Force. Kanan only accepted Ezra as a Padawan because he knew that they needed to have more Jedi in the hopes of defeating the Empire.


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Nevertheless, as Kanan was training Ezra, he eventually learned that this was something that he wasn’t cut out for. Kanan struggled to train Ezra, who was a bit too stubborn and impatient. Kanan also learned the importance of being a patient teacher to a young boy as he was once an impatient young boy as well when he was learning under Jedi Master Depa Billaba.

In that regard, Kanan eventually wanted to give up training Ezra because he felt that he wasn’t equipped to handle this job. It was also revealed that Kanan never graduated from being a Padawan because Order 66 broke out before he was knighted.

As a result, he thought that he had neither the status nor the skills to take on a Padawan learner under his guidance. That was why he and the Spectres went on a mission to try to rescue Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, who they thought was still alive, only for them to learn that the Empire was using her corpse to attract Jedi.

Eventually, Kanan accepted his new role in life because this was the will of the Force. Taking Ezra as a Padawan was also part of his growth as a character because he also learned a great deal from teaching a young teenager the ways of the Force. And that was why he and Ezra grew together as a master-and-apprentice duo, as Kanan was eventually elevated to the status of Jedi Knight by the ghost of the Grand Inquisitor, who used to be a Jedi Temple Guard.

Ezra learned from a lot of people

Even though Kanan Jarrus was Ezra Bridger’s master while he was learning how to become a Jedi, he also learned a great deal from a lot of different people as the storyline of ‘Rebels’ progressed. For instance, Ahsoka was also one of the mentors that he had in his life, especially during the Jedi missions that they took on together. But Ahsoka, in her own words, was not a Jedi, which was probably why she didn’t try to take the responsibility of teaching Ezra away from Kanan.

ezra and ahsoka

Of course, Ezra also learned from the other Rebels. Hera Syndulla, the greatest pilot in the entire series, was the one who taught Ezra how to properly fly a starfighter. As such, Ezra became a capable pilot during the latter portion of the series. Ezra also learned a few tricks of the trade as a combatant under Captain Rex, who was a veteran of the Clone Wars.

Some unconventional people were mentors to Ezra Bridger. The first of them was Hondo Ohnaka, a pirate who taught Ezra how to be a smuggler and swindle people. Whenever Ezra was able to trick people for the sake of the mission of the Spectres, Hondo was always so proud of the fact that he taught everything that Ezra knew about being a pirate and a smuggler.


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Then there was Darth Maul, who temporarily served as Ezra’s mentor while they were traveling together on Malachor V. Maul needed Ezra because the contraption in the Sith Temple of Malachor needed two users of the dark side of the Force. As such, Ezra learned how to tap into his dark side while he was spending with Maul. He was even able to open a Sith Holocron by tapping into the dark side of the Force, even though he eventually overcame his dark side.

So, with all that said, Ezra Bridger is a character who learned from many different people. While most Jedi strictly learned the ways of the Force, Ezra is different because he became a well-rounded character with many different mentors, including those who weren’t necessarily Force wielders. This is the reason why Ezra Bridger’s methods were often unorthodox as far as Jedi were concerned but were nonetheless effective.

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