How Did Sabine Wren Survive Getting Stabbed in ‘Ahsoka’?

stabbed sabine

The storyline of ‘Ahsoka’ was full of action in its first two episodes, as we already saw a lot of different lightsaber duels involving the main lightsaber-wielding characters of the series. In that regard, we saw Sabine Wren taking on Shin Hati in a lightsaber duel that showed the difference in skill between the two characters. Shin won that battle by stabbing Sabine through the gut, and the Mandalorian survived that wound. So, how did Sabine Wren survive getting stabbed by a lightsaber?

It is possible that Sabine was stabbed in an area that wasn’t fatal as long as she received immediate medical attention. Ahsoka and Huyang were also there to provide medical attention immediately, as the medical facility on Lothal was just close by. And it is also possible that Shin never meant to kill Sabine.

The thing about the wounds that different people receive from lightsabers is that some can be fatal, while others mean instant death. In that regard, we’ve seen a lot of different characters suffering from wounds similar to what Sabine suffered in ‘Ahsoka,’ but ended up surviving them as well. So, with that said, let’s look at how Sabine survived getting stabbed.

Sabine wasn’t stabbed in a fatal area

Even though fans loved the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka,’ a questionable scene got fans talking. This happened when Shin Hati, the apprentice of Baylan Skoll, was sent to Lothal so that she could retrieve the starmap from Sabine Wren, who used to be the apprentice of Ahsoka Tano. And Sabine was alone in the communications tower of Lothal so she could decipher the puzzle behind the starmap.

That was when Sabine had to fight off a few HK droids before going up against Shin Hati. Now, one of the things that we know about Shin is that she is well-trained in the Force because she was trained in the ways of the Jedi by a former Jedi. In that regard, she is as skilled as any Jedi-trained warrior can be, and that’s why her fight with Sabine was one-sided.

Sabine, who didn’t keep up with her training and was not as strong in the Force as Shin, struggled in that duel. But she knew Ahsoka and Huyang were on their way because she called for backup. Knowing that she needed to get away, Shin had to stab Sabine in the torso with her lightsaber as she quickly escaped. Sabine fainted as episode 1 ended.

shin stabs sabine

But the very next episode, Sabine was seen fully recovered but still weak from her injury. She was in the hospital together with Ahsoka and Huyang, and it was made clear that she was fine, albeit still recovering from her encounter with a well-trained Dark Jedi. And this has got fans buzzing because we’ve seen quite a lot of characters dying after getting stabbed by lightsabers right in the gut.

We can’t forget that Qui-Gon Jinn died after getting impaled by Maul’s lightsaber. The same happened to Han Solo when Kylo Ren stabbed him with his lightsaber. But for some reason, Sabine survived a wound that was similar to the ones that Jinn and Solo suffered.


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The first thing that comes into mind here is that Sabine probably wasn’t stabbed in an area that could be fatal. Remember that Qui-Gon and Han were impaled right through the middle of their torsos. On the other hand, Sabine was stabbed near the right area of her torso, which might not have vital organs that would kill a person if these organs ended up getting damaged.

On the other hand, Qui-Gon was stabbed in a fatal area as it was clear that Maul’s saber also went through his spine. Solo also suffered a similar stab wound that would have killed him.

Ahsoka was there to provide immediate medical attention

Of course, there’s also the fact that Ahsoka was already there when Shin stabbed Sabine. That means only a few minutes passed between Sabine getting stabbed and Ahsoka arriving to provide immediate medical attention. Ahsoka’s ship should have a first-aid kit that would have delayed the effects of Sabine’s stab wound.

The nearest medical center wasn’t too far away either, so Ahsoka and Huyang could immediately seek medical assistance from one of the hospitals in Lothal right after Sabine was stabbed. While there’s a good chance that this wound would have killed her, the thing is that the medical technology of Star Wars far surpasses what we can imagine.

sabine hospital

We’ve seen a lot of different Star Wars characters surviving from fatal wounds after seeking immediate medical attention. For example, Bacta Tanks could exponentially increase the body’s healing capacity. In fact, Darth Vader, who suffered burn wounds that were beyond repair, often spent long periods of time in a Bacta Tank for pain relief.

So, if that’s the case, then there was a good chance that something similar was used on Sabine’s wound to ensure she would survive. The world of Star Wars doesn’t fully explain the full extent of what their medical technology and medical droids are capable of. Still, we’ve seen a lot of Star Wars characters surviving fatal wounds after receiving immediate medical care.

Shin likely didn’t want to kill Sabine

There’s also the possibility that Shin never intended to kill Sabine. Of course, the first thing that people would think is that Baylan and Shin are evil characters. That makes sense to some extent because they felt no remorse in slaying the New Republic officers to break Morgan Elsbeth out of prison.


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But at the end of episode 2, Morgan felt Baylan’s uneasiness about facing Ahsoka Tano and possibly killing her. Baylan admitted he didn’t want to kill Ahsoka because so few Jedi were left in the galaxy. As such, it is possible that Baylan doesn’t want to kill Jedi or any other Force-sensitive person because he still wants to see a new kind of Jedi Order rising.

That means there’s a good chance that Baylan told Shin to pull her punches and ensure she didn’t kill Sabine. After all, Sabine Wren was Ahsoka’s apprentice and had the makings of a Jedi. In that regard, Baylan and Shin may have felt that killing Sabine would have been a waste because of her potential as a Jedi. And that probably explains why Shin didn’t stab Sabine in a fatal part or didn’t even try to finish the job after stabbing her.

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