Who Was Thanos’ Mother? Meet Eternal Sui-San


We’ve already covered Thanos’ past quite extensively here on comic basics, but one aspect remains rather unexplored, the history of his family. We know that Thanos is an Eternal-Deviant hybrid, and much has been written about his Deviant side that inevitably resulted in his monstrous nature, but what about his Eternal side? He was one of the extremely rare offsprings of true Eternals and, according to the natural laws, shouldn’t even exist. This is why we decided to explore who was Thanos’ mother Sui-San, and what eventually happened to her.

Sui-San was a true Eternal who fell in love with A’Lars and eventually, with the use of Quantum bands, managed to reproduce with him naturally, which resulted in the birth of Thanos and Eros. After Sui-San has given birth to Thanos, she immediately recognizes that he is abnormal and attempts to kill him. Both Sui-San and Thanos were eventually killed by Thanos and resurrected by the Machine. Sui-San spent much of her existence hating Thanos with every fiber of her being.

Now that we’ve given you a brief insight into this touching story of motherly love and how the Mad Titan came to be, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Sui-San was one of the Titans that followed Uranos

Much of the history of the Eternals was spent in a conflict between the two rulers of the Eternals brothers, Uranos and Kronos. Uranos had genocidal tendencies and wanted to kill off all humans, and Deviants on Earth believed that the purpose of Eternals was to serve the Machine.

On the other hand, Kronos and the third brother Oceanos disagreed with this notion, which led to a bitter civil war in which Sui-San took part not because of her own ambition but because she followed her current lover.

After Uranos’ faction was inevitably defeated, Sui-San was among a small group of Eternals exiled to a small outpost on Uranus, far away from Earth they wanted to rule. Things were going well for Eteranls on Uranus until Uranos’ ambitions woke up again, he planned to return to Earth, but the Kree demolished their spaceship flee, and Eternals were once again forced to settle, this time on Saturn’s moon Titan.


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On Titan, the remaining Eternals were plunged into yet another civil war which resulted in all inhabitants dying, except for Sui-San, who was at the time the only living creature on Titan living in isolation.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, A’Lars wanted to tamper with the Machine and find a way for Eternals to reproduce naturally with each other (they were so far able to reproduce only with other species). Zuras considered this abominable and unnatural, and civil war erupted again.

After the conflict, A’Lars left the planet of his own volition and found Sui-San living on Titan alone. The two of them started the colony and populated the planet with technological wonders such as robots, clones, various technological constructs, and aliens.

Titan was, at the time, one of the most prosperous colonies the Universe had ever seen.

A’Lars found a way for Eteranls to procreate and lived to regret this

The primary reason why A’Lars left Earth and sought Sui-San on Titan was to find himself a mate, a true Eternal mate to reproduce with, and he found this in Sui-San as the two eventually fell in love and as his wedding gift to Sui-San, A’Lars has given her Quantum Bands, artifacts of immense powers that could be the answer to their troubles with reproducing.

Sui-San eventually got pregnant, and the two of them called it a triumph over Zuras back on Earth, who was responsible for A’Lars’ exile. They planned for Thanos to be a scientist or a poet, but he turned out to be a genocidal maniac.

A’Lars unknowingly decided to name the boy “Thanos,” his name signifying victor over death.

Sui-San went insane when Thanos was born

One look at Thanos and all Sui-San’s nightmares came alive. It was immediately obvious that Thanos inherited some less desirable traits of their shared lineage with Deviants. He was a hybrid half Eternal half Deviant, suffering from a syndrome that gave him both incredible power and incredible capacity for evil. Thanos had pitch-black eyes and purple skin. He was death incarnate.

Sui-San, peering into Thanos’ dark eyes, tried to kill him, and A’Lars institutionalized her several times until he could no longer deny and hide what Thanos was. His nature becoming obvious to everyone involved.

By the age of twelve, Thanos had already killed 17 people, including his own classmates, and he eventually started targeting Sui-San herself because by killing her and examining her body, he would be able to discover the secrets about her and about himself.


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What happened to Thanos’ parents?

Well, Thanos got rid of both of his parents; eventually, he killed both Sui-San and A’Lars, but the Machine resurrected them. Thanos, who became the Prime Eternal, discovered that his parents, who were true Eternals, had been resurrected on Earth. Unaware of their true identity, he killed his mother multiple times after realizing they were alive.

Frustrated by their immortality, Thanos learned that his parents would continue to live as long as Earth existed, leading him to focus on integrating himself with the Machine and resorting to torture them to find out, how on Earth he was conceived. He threatened Sui-San that he would destroy the town of Little Hollow is she doesn’t reveal the information, but instead, he only learned that his mother hated him more than anything in the Universe.

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