Who Was the First Sith Ever? Meet the First Rogue Jedi

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If there’s one thing we know about the Star Wars world, it’s that there has been a never-ending war between the light and the dark sides of the Force through their representations: the Jedi and the Sith. While we know that the Jedi are the ones representing the light, they have been facing attacks from the Sith Order for thousands of years since the Sith first started. So, who was the first Sith in history?

The first Sith in history is yet to be named or explored in the storyline of Star Wars canon. But we do know that this individual used to be a member of the Jedi Order that fell into darkness and branched out. In the Legends, the first Sith was Ajunta Pall, who left the Jedi Order and established the Sith Order after falling to the dark side.

It has almost always been the case that the agents of the dark side of the Force were those that once walked the path of the light but have since been corrupted by the temptations of darkness. To that end, the First Sith, both in canon and in the Legends, used to be a member of the Jedi Order but eventually fell to the dark side. So, that said, let’s look at what we know about the first Sith.

The origins of the Sith explained

For as long as we can remember, Star Wars has always included a never-ending conflict between the Jedi and the Sith because these two groups represent the opposing sides of the Force. The Jedi Order stands for justice, peace, and harmony in the galaxy. On the other hand, the Sith Order wants absolute power and control above anything else.

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In that regard, it is quite understandable that these two groups have always been at odds with one another, and that’s why the wars between the Jedi and the Sith went on for thousands of years. Of course, one of the things that we know is that the Jedi Order was established before the Sith Order came to power. But ever since the Sith Order was established, the conflicts between the two groups rarely ended.

That means that the conflicts all started with the first Sith Lord in the history of Star Wars. This individual was responsible for causing so much pain and suffering in the galaxy for thousands of years because he spawned thousands of Sith Lords that came after him. Of course, Palpatine, who destroyed the Jedi Order and oppressed the galaxy, was a product of the line of Sith Lords that started from the first Sith in history.


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Unfortunately, the canon storyline of Star Wars is yet to shed some light on the story of the first Sith Lord to ever exist. But what we do know is that the first Sith was an unnamed Force wielder that once belonged to the Jedi Order but had become a rogue Jedi after they started studying the forbidden teachings of the dark side of the Force.

This Jedi eventually started to believe that the true power of the Force could only be attained by using the power of the dark side, and that was why they started to turn their back on the passivity of the light side of the Force. Because of this person’s beliefs, they were ousted from the Jedi Order by the Jedi High Council. As such, the fallen Jedi started a cult following that gathered enough people who believed in the teachings of the dark side as well.

It was due to this cult following that this renegade Jedi was able to form the Sith Order, which was born during the Hundred-Year Darkness. Eventually, the Sith Order became the ancient enemies of the Jedi Order as they both had differing and opposing beliefs regarding how the power of the Force should be used. But the name of the founder of the Sith was lost to history. Still, it is possible that this rogue Jedi’s story would be explored in a future movie, series, or book, as we already know that Lucasfilm and Disney are working on a movie about the first Jedi.

The first Sith in Legends

Even though the first Sith in canon is yet to be named or revealed, the thing is that the Legends storyline of Star Wars has already explored the formation of the Sith and the events that led to the rise of the Sith Order. And it all started with one man who also ended up becoming a rogue Jedi that embraced the dark side of the Force.

According to Legends, the first Sith Lord was a former Jedi Master named Ajunta Pall, who embraced the power of the dark side after rejecting the side of the light. He discovered the secret teachings of the dark side of the Force as he learned that this power could shape life. But the problem was that the Jedi Order thought that it was unnatural to use the Force to shape life and bend it to a person’s will. Nevertheless, Pall decided to use the power of the dark side regardless of what the Jedi Order believed.


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The fact that Ajunta Pall used unnatural powers was the reason why the Jedi Order rejected him and his beliefs. That was when he became the leader of a group of Dark Jedi that eventually embraced his teachings and followed him down the path of the dark side. The group had Jedi that was arrogant enough to fight the Jedi Order during the Hundred-Year Darkness. And all these Dark Jedi were expelled from the Jedi Order and the Republic.

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After their exile, the Dark Jedi went to the Outer Rim planet of Korriban, inhabited by indigenous species called the Sith. Ajunta Pall manipulated the leader of the Sith race and even killed him with his sword. That was when he positioned himself as a dark god on Korriban and founded the Sith Empire, claiming different worlds from different systems all over the galaxy. This led to the rise of the Sith Empire as one of the most powerful empires in the galaxy’s history.

In the video game ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,’ Revan can visit Ajunta Pall’s tomb on Korriban in one of the side quests that the player can take. However, Revan communicated with Pall in that side quest, who admitted that the Sith fought and destroyed one another due to their own quest for power.

Ajunta, however, told Revan that he should let go of his pain and return to the side of the light so that he could find peace with the Force. That means that, in death, Ajunta Pall regretted ever turning his back on the light side of the Force as he couldn’t find peace after dying.

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