‘X-Men ‘97’ Producer Comments on Future Cameos & New Characters: “I’ll Let the Footage Speak for Itself”

X Men 97 Comments on Future Cameos New Characters

‘X-Men ’97’ was a massive success for the studio, the show premiered with 100 % on Rotten Tomatoes and the critical opinion of both the fans and critics was that it’s a faithful adaptation of the original ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ which aired back in the ’90s.

The creators aimed to recreate both the original characters, and the original animation to a reasonable extent of course, and the best part, a good part of old voice actors returned to reprise their roles.

Recently, Captain America was teased, that he will presumably make an appearance in the show. This led fans to speculate that plenty more cameos might happen, as well as theorizing on which characters will be included down the line. Especially now that some of the most notable mutants in the show have been killed in an extremely emotional episode 5, which served only as a prelude to things to come.

Head director and producer of the shower Jake Castorena recently sat down with Screen Rant to comment on what fans can expect in the future:

Yes… [laughs] Unfortunately, I will leave it there because you need to get through season one first. But yes, an absolute yes, some personal favorite characters and some that may have been in the OG show and that we’ve seen before, maybe glimpses in some that we may not have seen animated before. But you will just have to stay tuned in to find out. But yes, I can confirm that there will be cameos and new characters and it will be good.

In regards to Captain America being teased he also added:

you’re gonna see cameos and while I will hesitate to confirm verbally who we will see, [I’ll] let the footage speak for itself and let you ponder that how much you will but what I can say is, something that I spoke with earlier and a talking point that comes up with this episode in particular, are consequences.

In the remaining episodes of ‘X-Men ’97’ season 1, the Genosha massacre will have a significant impact, drawing in other Marvel characters and deepening divisions. The mystery of who orchestrated the attack grows as various theories continue to be debunked.

Beau DeMayo already explained that episodes 8-10 will completely blow fans’ minds. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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