Xolo Maridueña, the Star of DC’s ‘Blue Beetle’, Shares Important Updates on the Film

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A highly-anticipated premiere day came this past week when the new ‘Barbie’ movie starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie hit theaters. Many famous faces showed up at the premiere, especially those tightly related to Warner Brothers and their other projects.

One such face is the young upcoming star Xolo Maridueña, whose new movie, ‘Blue Beetle,’ is next in line of Warner Bros. mega-blockbusters to hit theaters on August 18, 2023.

Xolo took a moment of his time and gave it to Entertainment Tonight reporters, and the interview was quickly shared on social media. Not only did Xolo express love and support for his fellow actors and colleagues behind ‘Barbie’ – he also provided a few simple, subtle hints for the upcoming film in which he stars as Jaime Reyes, aka the Blue Beetle.

As the big premiere of his breakout film approaches – which will essentially be the first DCU movie – the reporter asked Xolo how he is mentally preparing for the big day, to which he responded:

“By being here! This is fantastic! As a part of the Warner Brothers fam, we’re always excited to support movies, and right after Barbie, the road is short to Blue Beetle – we’re just ready to gather the support – and take over!”


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Xolo was also asked to give us a little tease about the movie, apart from what we’ve seen in the trailer:

“We’re setting up the DCU, and we’re setting the bar high. That’s what we’re gonna see.”

Not that big of a tease, is it? Well, what Xolo said next was much more important – as it turns out, we shouldn’t expect too many cameos of other superheroes – but that Blue Beetle’s cameos could come soon:

“We were fortunate to keep this one a pretty self-contained movie with Jaime [Reyes]. What I’m excited to see is where Jaime is gonna cameo in the rest of the universe.”

And then, when asked about his dream superhero partner for Jaime, he said.

“Blue Beetle; I was so fortunate that he kind of brushed his shoulders with a lot of different people. I like the ‘kid’ dynamic. Like, he feels like an adult in this movie, but next to Batman, [or the] Peacemaker, he definitely looks like a kid. So, I’m excited to see how to play with those levels, and hopefully, we’ll be able to tie everything in.”

Does that mean we’ll get to see Peacemaker or Batman team up with Blue Beetle along the line in the DCU? It might be just something on Xolo’s mind, but if he’s already ‘excited’ to play with that dynamic, perhaps it means he already knows something we don’t…

We’ll have to wait for the first answers when Blue Beetle drops in theaters worldwide on August 18, 2023.

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