Yes, Deadpool Does Have Cancer – But What Kind of Cancer?

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Deadpool is one of those characters you can’t help but love, even though he doesn’t always operate in appropriate ways. Before Wade Wilson became Deadpool, he was never about that superhero life, and having superpowers wasn’t his thing. However, when illness struck, and he got cancer, he had no choice but to put himself through a painful process that could possibly save his life. Let’s see what exactly happened to Deadpool and what kind of cancer he had.

Deadpool was diagnosed with metastatic late-stage cancer that had spread in his liver, lungs, prostate, and brain. It was never specifically mentioned what type of cancer Deadpool had, only that it had already affected his vital organs. His cancer drove him to participate in the experiment, eventually turning him into Deadpool.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll look into what Wade was like before he had cancer, his life, and how he learned about cancer. We’ll also mention how the experiment he was subjected to help and who cured him. So, if you want to learn more about it, keep reading.

Wade Wilson fell in love and was happy, but then cancer interfered


Wade Wilson is an ex-mercenary who liked spending time in a bar called ‘Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls.’ It was a place where people like him gathered and where they could be hired for a job. It was quite a peaceful place considering the clients-except when it wasn’t.

The thing about this bar is that it was also a place where mercenaries played a game called ‘Dead Pool.’ They basically bet against each other on who’s going to die next. They went so far as even try to sabotage each other and orchestrated each other’s death.

It sounds ruthless, but it was not for them. They actually enjoyed it. Wade liked the bar and often indulged in conversations with Weasel, the bar’s bartender. Sister Margaret’s was also a special place because Wade met Vanessa there – she was the love of his life. Wade believed Vanessa’s crazy matched his crazy, so they were so good together. And he was right; they made a cute couple and enjoyed every moment together.


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Wade learned what true happiness feels like for the first time. He was used to living being a series of train wrecks with parts of brief moments of happiness in between. He and Vanessa were in the part where happiness was, but that will soon be over. Wade collapsed out of nowhere, so he went to see a doctor, who said he had cancer.

What kind of cancer does Deadpool have?

deadpool cancer

When Wade and Vanessa went to see a doctor, she told them that Wade had late-stage cancer spread all over his vital organs, most notably his lungs, brain, liver, and prostate. The cancer metastasized, and Wade’s chances for survival were minimal. Wade has a hard time believing what the doctor is saying at first, but he soon realizes it is true, and the only thing he can think of is Vanessa.

Vanessa refused to give up and was willing to fight for Wade’s life in all possible ways. However, Wade thought differently. He knows that cancer will gradually take its toll on his body, and he does not want to put Vanessa through that tortured process. Wade wanted that Vanessa remembers him at his finest and not in a state where he is just a shell of his former self.

Soon enough, word about Wade’s condition spread, and that’s when he got invited to be a part of an experiment that promises to cure his cancer and give him extraordinary abilities. Wade was initially reluctant but decided to take a shot with it. He decided to be a part of the experiment not just to cure himself, but he also believed he was saving Vanessa’s life by going away and releasing her of all the burden cancer had on her.

Who cured Deadpool’s cancer?

ajax deadpool

When Wade accepted Agent Smith’s invitation, he was taken into a facility where the experiments occurred. At that moment, Wade realized he might have made a big mistake coming there. However, there was no turning back now, as the staff immediately started to prepare him for the procedure.

Ajax was in charge of the facility, and he was the one who subjected Wade to a series of experiments that would awaken his latent mutant genes. Ajax was straightforward and said that the procedure was going to be painful. He injected Wade with a serum that would wake up any mutant genes lurking in his DNA, but for that to happen, Wade’s body needed to overcome huge amounts of stress.

So, Ajax put Wade through many torture methods, each more painful than the other, until Wade finally mutated. The last method of torture consisted of Wade being placed inside a cylindrical hyperbaric chamber. The chamber was sealed, and the air pressure inside was increased while being flooded with pure oxygen.

Wade started choking, and his whole body was left in burns. It was not pretty, but Ajax considered it a success. Wade was cured. His mutated cells awoke, and he gained a regenerative healing factor, which meant his regenerative cells attacked cancer as fast as it could form.


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Basically, Ajax managed to awaken Wade’s mutation and his regenerative abilities. Those abilities kept Wade’s cancer in check, and as long as his power worked, he was cured. However, cancer was never truly gone. In ‘Deadpool 2‘, we can see this when a collar on Deadpool’s neck inhibits his powers. As soon as Deadpool’s powers were gone, the cancer was back, and Wade was only moments away from death.

However, part of Deadpools identity is his regenerative abilities, which makes him special. Thanks to it, we’ve witnessed some bizarre scenes like Deadpool chopping his arm, broken bones, or a grown Deadpool walking around on toddler-like legs. All funny stuff.

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