10 Most Important Teen Titans Characters Since 1964


The Teen Titans have had a rotating cast of characters since it came to be way back in 1964. In their first appearance, Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad come together to stop the evil Mr. Twister. Even with his abilities, the team was successful and quickly realized that the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.

No matter who has been a part of the team, one thing remains common…they are a force to be reckoned with. With that, I give you the 10 best and most important Teen Titans characters.

1. Robin


The quintessential sidekick, Robin has made a name for himself outside his duties to Batman. Robin is one of the only members of the team without powers. That doesn’t stop him, however. Not only is he one of the original members, but he is also their leader. Robin is often considered the world’s greatest acrobat and due to this, he is incredibly difficult to read, let alone hit.


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More than that, he is one of the most respected characters in all of the comics. If this doesn’t impress you, know this. Robin has filled in for Batman from time to time. That’s right. His abilities are so strong that he can wear the cowl and villains are none the wiser. 

2. Raven


One of the most unique characters in DC, Raven is capable of teleportation, and precognition, can project her soul self, is a capable spell caster, and possesses psychic powers. And that’s not all.

She is also able to manipulate the emotions of others and call upon the darkness. Basically, this means that she can give or remove all emotions from an individual all the while gaining the upper hand in any situation. Raven is quite possibly the most powerful of the Teen Titans characters but without any sort of scale to measure her power with, it’s hard to define exactly how powerful she is.

3. Beast Boy

Beast Boy

Born Garfield Logan and altered with a Machine after contracting a rare disease, Beast Boy has been in most incarnations of the Teen Titans. He is the most lovable of all the members and has one of the most unique power sets. As a by-product of the machine, he is able to transform himself into any animal or creature that he has seen.

This includes, but is not limited to, every Earthbound animal and creature from outside Earth. His power set is so impressive that he can even retain the attributes of the animals/creatures he becomes.

4. Starfire


After being experimented on by a group of aliens, Starfire left her home planet and made her way to Earth. Upon her arrival, she met Dick Grayson and pledged to use her abilities to defend the planet. And what are her abilities?

She can absorb solar energy, thereby allowing her to use it as a power source. Through it, she can fly, shoot energy bolts, has increased durability, and has the strength that rivals most. Starfire is one of the most important members of the team and losing her is like fighting a war that you can’t win. Her importance simply cannot be understated.

5. Cyborg


Victor Stone was a member of the Teen Titans but became so popular with the fans that he was rebranded as a founding member of the Justice League during the New 52 relaunch.

Cyborg is the benefactor of multiple upgrades throughout his life. This, of course, is due to him being half man, half machine. With his upgrades come superhuman strength, speed, endurance, intelligence, durability, and an unrivaled ability to hack into anything connected to the internet.


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Don’t let his appearance fool you. Victor Stone is one of the most crucial Teen Titans characters. Even though he is a member of the Justice League, true fans associate him with the Teen Titans.

6. Kid Flash – Wally West

If you’re faster than The Flash, Barry Allen, then you must be one of the best Teen Titans characters of all time. While experimenting with the same method that turned Barry Allen into The Flash, Wally West was also given Super Speed. Unlike Barry, Wally’s powers grew at an exponential rate and he was able to surpass Barry in nearly every category. Wally is able to break the laws of physics and utilize the Speed Force in ways that no others have. More impressively, Wally is able to “give and take” speed from the Speed Force.

This allows him to do a multitude of things, the most important of which is increasing the healing properties in others. Wally is also able to run faster than water and death, he can vibrate so quickly that he becomes invisible to the eye, and can vibrate his molecules so quickly that he can pass through objects. Yes, Wally is the quintessential Teen Titans character.

7. Speedy


It doesn’t matter what he’s known as, Roy Harper, Speedy, Red Arrow, or Arsenal, Speedy is deserving of this list. For the longest time, Speedy served as the sidekick to the Green Arrow. He was actually given the name because he was faster with the bow and arrow than the Green Arrow. Much to the downfall of the character, he infamously became a drug addict. While this may have hindered who he was, it did a lot to give the character dimension.

After joining the Teen Titans, he took on the name Arsenal. He was called Arsenal due to the often varied but effective set of arrows he employed. He retained this name until he joined the Justice League and became Red Arrow. Roy Harper is one of, if not the best marksmen in the world. He is a capable martial artist and can turn nearly any object into a weapon. There is no denying his abilities and his effectiveness in battle.

8. Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

Not the first iteration of the Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes is arguably the most powerful. What makes him superior to the rest is his bond with the Scarab which grants him his power. The bond grants him the usual suspects of powers superhuman strength, superhuman speed, flight, and superhuman durability.


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But it does more than that. It also gives him access to internal weapons like sonic cannons, swords, shields, grappling hooks, and energy blasts. The suit also encases and protects Jamie when danger is near.  The Scarab, has at times, taken control of Jamie and when this happens, it grows taller, gains spikes and Jamie is never the wiser. Since its inception, the Scarab and Jamie have formed a symbiotic-type relationship in that it is physically attached to his spine. 

9. Donna Troy

Donna Troy

Around since the inception of the Teen Titans, Donna Troy is often called upon when things get tough. In fact, on more than one occasion Donna was called upon for her brute strength over anything else. The issue that has plagued the character throughout her existence is the inability of writers to clearly define who she is and what backstory to use. This is primarily due to her appearance in both Teen Titans and Wonder Woman stories. This shared existence caused all sorts of continuity issues.

No matter, Donna Troy, like Wonder Woman, is an Amazonian who possesses unbelievable speed, endurance, durability, and strength. She can also fly, manipulate energy, and control the animals around her. Her powers are so advanced that she is capable of standing tall against Wonder Woman. No different than most Amazonians, Donna Troy underwent a rigorous training program that taught her armed and unarmed combat.

10. Superboy


After Doomsday and Superman shocked the world in 1993 a void was left in all of humanity. That void was soon filled by Project Cadmus when, unbeknownst to anyone, the genetic information of Lex Luthor was combined with that of Superman. The creation, Kon-El was aged to his mid-teens and given all the biological information required by someone of that age group. Shortly thereafter, the new creation would embark on somewhat of a world tour and establish himself as his own identity.  

Superboy, through what’s known as Tactile Telekinesis, possesses most of the well-known and not-so-well-known powers of Superman. Some of these include flight, freeze breath, super strength, and super speed.

Being the offspring of Lex Luthor is inconsequential. Superboy is a hero through and through and has firmly cemented himself as a valuable Teen Titans character.

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