Adam Warlock vs. Captain Marvel: Who Wins the Fight? (MCU & Comics)

adam warlock vs captain marvel who wins the fight in the mcu and comics

When it comes to the ultimate showdown between cosmic powerhouses, the battle between Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel is one for the ages. Adam Warlock is soon to be introduced to the MCU with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We’re interested in how the hypothetical fight between him and Captain Marvel would play out. Both have enhanced physiology and energy-based powers at their disposal, but the winner can be only one. If it ever came to a battle between Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel, who would win in a fight in both the MCU and the comics? 

Adam Warlock would win in a fight against Captain Marvel. His cosmic powers and energy projection abilities are much more powerful than Captain Marvel’s. But as other aspects of the two characters come into play, they are pretty evenly matched. Besides the powers, Captain Marvel has no way of dealing with Warlock’s immortality. We don’t know what kind of powers and abilities Adam Warlock will have in the MCU, but he will probably be able to outclass Captain Marvel as the new MCU powerhouse. 

Now that we’ve covered the gist of the battle, it’s time to analyze it in more depth. Both characters have a similar origin of their powers, are extremely durable, and were introduced to the MCU as one of the strongest. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Captain Marvel’s abilities stem from her unique physiology as a human-Kree hybrid. She can manipulate and absorb energy, giving her additional strength. She has a limited ability to predict danger and enemy movements through precognition. Her energy manipulation abilities allow her to produce powerful blasts of energy and create weapons made of pure energy. In her strongest form, Binary, her powers are heightened to an even greater level.

We’ve also had the pleasure of seeing Captain Marvel in her binary form in the MCU. She was capable of slinging photon blasts around, powerful enough to melt through concrete and steel. She could also deal with the most difficult of enemies with her vast energy-focused powers. She was mostly seen focusing her energy on a single but powerful beam or explosion. 

Captain Marvel binary form

Adam Warlock is likewise in the comics, at least, a perfect specimen of a human being which gives him vast powers at his disposal. He can manipulate cosmic energy, elemental energy, and quantum magic which gives him limited control over space-time. He can create various energy-based constructs and is further empowered by the Soul Gem, which raises his powers and abilities on a completely different level. 

Adam Warlock powers

We don’t know whether the gem lodged in Warlock’s forehead in the MCU is indeed the Soul Gem or some kind of copy of it, but we do know that Warlock’s counterpart in the MCU will be, to some extent, based on his comic book version. 

His origin story also changed, but the brunt of his powers will surely remain, and in that aspect, at least when it comes to comic books, he outpowers Captain Marvel, and thus, this point goes to him. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:0) Captain Marvel


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Strength and Stamina 

Captain Marvel’s immense strength is demonstrated by her ability to hold up a falling Celestial, indicating that she can lift more than 100 tons. Her energy-manipulating powers also allow her to boost her strength even further. She is classified as being roughly Class 50, and this is without her Binary form. Currently, in the comics, she can lift up to 100 tons. In terms of stamina, Captain Marvel’s unique physiology allows her to exert herself for long periods without needing to rest. She can fight at full capacity for nearly 24 hours before fatigue starts settling in. 

In the MCU, we’ve witnessed Karol’s strength but to a much lesser extent. She was frequently seen bending metal and handling Skrulls with one hand, but that’s about it. 

Adam Warlock manhandles thor

Adam Warlock also possesses impressive physical strength, although it is not unlimited. He was previously listed as class 4, and he is believed to further enhance himself to reach class 40. This is still not enough to outclass Captain Marvel, however. His advanced physiology allows him to produce fewer fatigue toxins. However, he can only perform at his maximum capacity for a certain period before feeling the effects of fatigue. 

As you can see, at least if we’re going to by the source stats, in terms of physical abilities, Captain Marvel trumps Adam Warlock. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:1) Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel can fly at incredible speeds and has been demonstrated to be able to move many times faster than the speed of sound. She also possesses lightning-fast reflexes that far surpass those of an average human. In the MCU, she was frequently seen speed-blitzing other characters. She was seen moving so fast that she resembled only a light beam. 

Captain Marvel Thanos

Adam Warlock, likewise, can match the speed of sound and even exceed it. He is capable of flying by neutralizing the earth’s gravity, and he can teleport. Although teleportation is something that Captain Marvel does not have access to, since she is much faster than Adam Warlock in her base form without the help of teleporting, the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Adam Warlock (2:2) Captain Marvel


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Captain Marvel’s physiology makes her highly resistant to injuries and damage that would be fatal to a regular human. She can withstand nuclear detonations and explosions on a planetary level and has decelerated aging abilities. She is nearly immortal and has a powerful and fast healing factor, making her one of the hardest Marvel superheroes to kill.

In the MCU, she managed to tank hits and damage that would have killed regular human beings and some of the heroes many times over. She can survive in the most extreme environments, such as the vacuum of space. She flies through explosions, she tanks several Thanos’ hits, and she is seen holding Tesseract without receiving any damage whatsoever. This fact alone means Captain Marvel is more durable than steel, as Tesseract can easily burn through it. 

Captain Marvel holds tesseract

Adam Warlock is likewise extremely durable. He tanked hits from Thor and Hulk and lived to tell the tale. He is not nearly as indestructible as some of the most well-known powerhouses in Marvel Comics, but he can be injured with great effort. Adam also ages much more slowly than an average human. There’s a catch, however. Adam Warlock cannot be killed, at least not in the true sense of the word. When he is fatally injured, he simply escapes to his cocoon to regenerate completely. We’re not sure to which extent this will be implemented in the MCU, but it might be a big problem for Captain Marvel. 

Adam Warlock

Because Captain Marvel has no way of countering Warlock’s immortality, even if she kills him, it’s just a matter of time before he’s back again; the point goes to him. 

Points: Adam Warlock (3:2) Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel possesses high levels of intelligence and skill in various areas, such as espionage, writing, and piloting. Her strategic and tactical understanding is highly developed, and she is well-versed in advanced Kree technology, thanks to her merging with a Kree Captain using the Psyche-Magnitron.

Adam Warlock has heightened senses that give him a deeper connection to the forces of the universe. He can sense anomalies from across the universe and has powerful telepathic and clairvoyant abilities, allowing him to see into the future and read the thoughts of others. This is due to his enhanced brain structure and his mystical powers.

He is extremely intelligent but lacks practical knowledge of the everyday world. Adam Warlock will likely be a relatively new and inexperienced character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, his insight into the universe’s forces still makes him one of the smartest characters both in the comics and in the MCU, so this point goes to him. 

Points: Adam Warlock (4:2) Captain Marvel

Combat Skills 

Captain Marvel is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, with extensive training in both armed and unarmed fighting techniques. Her military background afforded her the status of one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe

Adam Warlock flips thor

However, due to his extensive energy-based powers, Adam Warlock never had to focus on perfecting his combat skills. Compared to Captain Marvel, he is severely lacking in that aspect. This is a clear win for Captain Marvel, even though we’re not sure to what extent this will be replicated in the MCU.


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Adam Warlock vs. Captain Marvel: Who wins in the MCU and Comics 

Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel are pretty close in terms of their physical abilities as well as their powers. However, Adam Warlock is more intelligent, and his energy and cosmic powers are better and more potent. 

However, if it comes down to hand-to-hand combat, Captain Marvel takes the win due to being stronger and technically faster between the two. In the MCU, we can’t be sure, but if MCU’s Adam Warlock is anything like his comic book counterpart, he takes the win as well. 

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