Here’s What Lightsaber Form Baylan Skoll Uses in ‘Ahsoka’


The world of Star Wars is full of different Force-wielding characters who are unique in how they use their lightsabers, as they all have styles based on their combat forms. One character that comes into mind is Baylan Skoll, who was introduced as one of the main antagonists of the ‘Ahsoka’ series. He showcased his unique and forceful way of fighting, especially after he bested Ahsoka Tano. So, what lightsaber form does Baylan use?

Baylan Skoll seems to use a modified version of Form V: Djem So, which is a form that relies on going on the defensive before going for quick counterattacks and flurries after a successful defensive stand. However, his modified version seems to be similar to Vader’s forceful and aggressive Form V: Djem So.

One of the things that fans were quick to notice about the ‘Ahsoka’ series is that there are a lot of different messages and hidden easter eggs that series creator Dave Filoni hid behind the characters. Of course, Baylan is one of the characters created to have a deeper meaning, not only in terms of his goals but also in his lightsaber color and lightsaber combat form. Now, let’s talk more about Baylan Skoll’s fighting style.

Baylan Skoll uses a modified Form V: Djem So

In Star Wars, different lightsaber-wielding characters use different combat forms. Of course, not all fighting styles are similar, but we all know that lightsaber styles often base their foundations on the seven different lightsaber combat forms. One of the most unique characters in terms of lightsaber combat form is Baylan Skoll.

One of the things that characters were quick to notice about Baylan’s lightsaber combat form is his forceful nature. He does things in a manner that allows him to use his superior size and strength. In fact, in his duel with Ahsoka Tano, it was clear that he had a big advantage in strength and size as he could overpower her with his strikes. Ahsoka even had to use one lightsaber with two hands instead of relying on the usual dual-wielding Jar’Kai style that she often uses.

ahsoka vs baylan

But while Baylan does have a unique fighting style because he is forceful and methodical, there are clear hints that he could be using a modified version of Form V: Djem So. This combat form was created to be a defend-and-counterattack style that allowed the user to focus on defense at the onset before switching to an offensive stance to release a series of counterattacks before returning to a defensive stance. Shien was the Form V variant that relied on blaster defense, while Djem So was developed to address lightsaber combat.

In Baylan’s case, there are clear earmarks of Djem So in his style in that he tends to focus on the defensive before going for a sudden and short burst of strikes meant to overwhelm his opponents. Having a longer hilt on his saber also allowed him to grip it incredibly well with two hands and strike with more ferocity and force every single time.

Using size, Baylan understands that he has the advantage against enemies who focus more on quicker movements than forceful attacks. Of course, he does give up speed and mobility using his slower fighting style. But the fact is that preferring to use a modified Djem So allows him to defend against opposing attacks first before he can release his slower yet forceful strikes.


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The modified aspect of his lightsaber form can be seen in how he doesn’t use the same kind of acrobatic and footwork-heavy attacks that other Djem So users utilize. Anakin Skywalker, who is arguably the greatest Djem So user of all time, tends to use quick spins, multiple barrages, and mobility when it comes to utilizing his Djem So combat form. On the other hand, Baylan prefers to use slower yet stronger attacks that he tends to release in short bursts instead of using multiple attacks in one go.

What lightsaber combat form did Shin Hati Use?

We know that Shin Hati is a character Baylan Skoll took in as an apprentice at one point. Of course, it goes without saying that Shin is smaller than Baylan. As a woman way smaller than her master, she also doesn’t have the same forceful attacks that Baylan tends to have.

In that regard, Shin doesn’t use the same kind of forceful style that Baylan uses. But there are earmarks of Djem So in Shin’s combat style as well because she tends to emphasize defense much before going on the offensive. This can be seen in the fact that she was careful in parrying and blocking Sabine’s attacks before going for her own series of counterattacks as well.

shin fighting

But there are also signs of the basic Form I: Shii-Cho in Shin’s combat style as well. Shii-Cho is the simplest lightsaber combat form that uses traditional sword-fighting principles that are simple and straightforward. Still, certain aspects of Djem So are present in her combat style as well because, after all, she is Baylan’s apprentice.

Baylan mirrors Vader’s style

While it is easy to see that Baylan has a unique fighting style that doesn’t utilize the usual Djem So principles, there are similarities between him and a prominent Djem So user as well. We aren’t talking about Anakin Skywalker. Instead, we are talking about Darth Vader.


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While Vader and Anakin have styles that can be quite different even though they still base their fighting styles on Form V: Djem So. Anakin used a quicker and more footwork-heavy fighting style. 

However, he became slower yet stronger when he lost his limbs and became more of a machine than a man. As such, Vader utilized a more forceful fighting style that allowed him to use his lightsaber like a great sword in the sense that every single strike could easily overwhelm a combatant’s defense. This is because Vader is physically stronger than Anakin, even though he doesn’t have the same speed and mobility. 

As such, there are clear similarities between Baylan Skoll and Darth Vader in terms of their fighting styles. This was clearly something that Dave Filoni included in the storyline as Baylan mirrored the same kind of fallen Jedi that Anakin was when he turned into Vader.

Baylan also served as the Darth Vader figure whom Ahsoka needed to overcome after failing to defeat her own fallen master when they dueled during the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’

On top of that, Baylan and Vader are similar in a lot of ways as well. While both of them ended up falling from the way of the Jedi, they still have remnants of their old Jedi selves. Vader, of course, still had remnants of Anakin inside of him as he returned to the side of the light to destroy the Sith and save his son. On the other hand, Baylan’s demeanor seems to indicate that he is often troubled by the fact that he needs to go through this dark path in life for the sake of necessity as he believes that he has a greater goal to accomplish for the sake of the galaxy.

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