‘Ahsoka’: Is Anakin Dead Again? Will He Show Up Once More?

Anakin vs Ahsoka
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The most surprising aspect of the ‘Ahsoka’ series was the return of Anakin Skywalker when Ahsoka Tano was on a spiritual journey in the World Between Worlds after losing her duel with Baylan Skoll. Of course, Ahsoka succeeded in the test that her former master had her undergo while she was in the World Between Worlds. Ahsoka woke up shortly after Anakin disappeared. So, does that mean Anakin is dead again, and will he show up again?

Anakin Skywalker was never revived in ‘Ahsoka.’ Instead, the Anakin that appeared in the World Between Worlds manifested Anakin’s spirit through the power of the Force, as the World Between Worlds could also be a conduit between life and death. As such, Anakin’s spirit was able to show up.

There aren’t many things we know about the World Between Worlds and how it connects with the power of the Force. However, the one thing’s that sure is that anything is possible regarding what the Force is capable of. In this case, Anakin was already one with the Force, meaning it was easier for the Force to do something with him and his soul. Now, let’s talk about this topic in greater detail.

How was Anakin in the World Between Worlds?

Fans would agree that the most welcoming surprise in the ‘Ahsoka’ series was the return of Anakin Skywalker, who appeared to Ahsoka Tano in the World Between Worlds.

This happened after Ahsoka lost a duel to Baylan Skoll on Seatos when she and Sabine tried to stop them from using the starmap to get to Peridea. And while everyone thought that Ahsoka had died when Baylan struck her down, she fell into the waters of Seatos and woke up in the World Between Worlds, where her former master appeared.

Anakin Ahsoka

Anakin appeared before Ahsoka to complete her training. In doing so, she had to pass a test that Anakin himself set up to determine whether or not his former Padawan had the conviction to continue to live her life. We all know that Ahsoka eventually chose to live as this experience in the World Between Worlds changed her upon her return to the real world.

Of course, some fans thought that Anakin actually returned to life when he appeared in the World Between Worlds. This makes sense, especially because the common understanding about the World Between Worlds is that it’s an entirely different realm of existence that’s beyond time and space. So, for Anakin to have appeared as a physical manifestation in this realm, he must have been revived, right?


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Well, for starters, we all know that Anakin died and became one with the Force at the end of ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.’ He has been dead since then but has occasionally appeared as a Force Ghost to Luke.

Meanwhile, we learned in the ‘Secrets of the Sith’ novel that Palpatine knew that the World Between Worlds was not only a realm outside of time and space but was also a world that acted as a conduit between life and death. It is also a creation of the Force itself, which means that the Force could have easily manifested Anakin in physical form in a world beyond life and death.

anakin and ahsoka 2

This opens up the possibility that the appearance of Anakin in the World Between Worlds was the Force’s way of testing Ahsoka to determine how strong her convictions were and to see whether or not she was ready to be a true Jedi. And because Anakin was her former master, it only made sense for him to appear in this world instead of any other person important to Ahsoka.

Is Anakin still in the World Between Worlds?

Of course, Ahsoka successfully passed Anakin’s test in the World Between Worlds. Anakin’s manifestation, however, disappeared after he told his Padawan that there was still hope for her. This makes people wonder whether or not Anakin was still in the World Between Worlds.

For starters, we can’t say if he was always in the World Between Worlds or was just there temporarily. That’s because the nature of the World Between Worlds tends to be a mystery. It could be a plane of existence where the living and the dying or those who could find doorways to the World Between Worlds could meet with one another. But it could also be the Force itself, as this could just be a material plane representing a manifestation of the mysterious cosmic power known as the Force.


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To that end, Anakin may have always been in the World Between Worlds if this realm was always part of the Force. We know that Anakin is now one with the Force after fulfilling his duties as the Chosen One. And that means that being one with the Force could mean that he is and has always been in the World Between Worlds, especially if this realm could be a manifestation of the Force itself.

Will Anakin appear again in ‘Ahsoka’?

At this point, we are quite unsure whether or not Anakin will appear in the ‘Ahsoka’ series again because there are many different things that we don’t know about the flow of this storyline. But what we do know is that anything is still possible.

For one, it looks as if Baylan Skoll is looking for something so powerful that he could stop the wheel of time and the endless cycle of death and destruction associated with the Jedi Order and the Empire.

While he has been vague about it, it could be that he is looking for a doorway to the World Between Worlds so that he could “return to the beginning” to break the cycle. And knowing that Anakin is one with the Force, the Force itself could always bring him back to the World Between Worlds.

shin and baylan 1

There is also a good chance that the series would explore flashback scenes, especially if such scenes are important to the story’s progression. If that’s the case, Anakin might return not as a spirit or a manifestation of the Force but as his actual self in a flashback scene.

At this point, we are simply speculating, especially now that only two more episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ are left. But those two episodes could still have their own fair share of surprises, as we all know that there are still things about the characters and the storyline that are quite mysterious and vague.

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