Is Ahsoka Dead at the End of Episode 4? Why Did She See Anakin?

ahsoka lying down

The fourth episode of the ‘Ahsoka’ series has allowed us to see more action and drama unfolding in the series, especially on the side of Ahsoka Tano. In her duel with Baylan Skoll, her past was often brought up as this contributed to her mental state in that fight, as Baylan was able to strike her down after she got handicapped with an injured left hand. In the final scene of the episode, we saw an unconscious Ahsoka waking up in a different world where she saw her master, Anakin Skywalker. So, does that mean that Ahsoka is dead?

Ahsoka Tano is not dead. Instead, she just found herself in the World Between Worlds, which is an area that’s outside the confines of time and space. The fact that the World Between Worlds is a construct of the Force was what allowed her to see the spirit of her master, Anakin Skywalker.

The storyline of ‘Ahsoka’ does not only focus on Ahsoka’s goal of preventing the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn and on finding Ezra Bridger but also on her past. That’s because Ahsoka has never fully gotten over the fact that her master turned to the dark side, as this is something that was never addressed in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ That said, let’s look at what happened to Ahsoka and if she’s still alive.

What happened to Ahsoka?

Episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ allowed us to see Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren taking the fight to the Imperial remnants when they fought against the ground troops that were on Seatos. We know that the faction of Morgan Elsbeth is yet to complete its preparation for the journey to Peridea, and that’s why they needed to defeat Ahsoka and Sabine to make the preparations smoother.

Morgan is still trying to calculate the coordinates of the hyperspace jump that they need to make to get to Peridea. The only way for them to do so was to keep the starmap on the henge on Seatos so that they could use the map to complete the calculations. And Morgan left Baylan Skoll on the henge to protect it from Ahsoka and Sabine.

baylan morgan 1

On their way there, Ahsoka and Sabine faced Marrok and Shin. While Ahsoka defeated and killed Marrok, Sabine struggled against Shin. Still, Sabine urged her master to move forward to retrieve the map from Baylan instead of telling her to help her fight Shin. That was when Ahsoka met Baylan on the henge, where they talked about Anakin Skywalker briefly, as Baylan had met him in the past during the time when the Jedi Order was still around.

While his ultimate goal was still unknown, Baylan tried his best to keep the starmap away from Ahsoka while Morgan was still calculating the coordinates. He used Anakin’s memory as a way to try to make Ahsoka unbalanced in their fight, as he even said that death and destruction were the legacies of the master-and-apprentice duo. Nevertheless, Ahsoka found a way to momentarily take Baylan out of the fight before she grabbed the starmap.


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The starmap burned Ahsoka’s left hand because of the energy surging through it. She was handicapped in round 2 of her fight with Baylan as it became clear that Skoll’s brute strength was too difficult for Ahsoka to handle with only one hand. Shin’s arrival made Ahsoka even more unbalanced as she thought that Shin had killed Sabine.

Ahsoka used the Force to take Shin out of the fight. An angry Baylan pressured Ahsoka until she reached the end of the ledge on the henge. However, Sabine arrived with the starmap in her hands as she threatened to destroy it.

baylan strikes ahsoka

But Baylan understood more than anything that Sabine couldn’t destroy the Starmap because of her attachment to Ezra Bridger. He knew that finding Ezra was the only thing that Sabine wanted to accomplish at that point in her life. As such, he didn’t fear the possibility of Sabine destroying the map. Baylan struck Ahsoka down as she fell down the cliff.

Why and how did Ahsoka see Anakin?

After Baylan seemingly killed Ahsoka, Sabine had no choice but to give the starmap to the fallen Jedi. Baylan still had his Jedi honor left because he gave Sabine his word that he wouldn’t kill her and that he would see to it that she gets to fulfill her goal of finding Ezra. In that regard, while Baylan did evil things to achieve his goal, it seems like his honor as a Jedi was still intact.

As the episode was about to end, after the Eye of Sion successfully entered hyperspace to get to Peridea, Ahsoka was seen lying down from where she fell. She woke up but not on Seatos. Instead, it became clear that she was in an entirely different place that resembled the World Between Worlds.

In that world, Ahsoka heard a familiar voice calling to her. She knew who this person was because no other person called her “Snips.” And when she turned around, she found Anakin Skywalker in his pre-Darth Vader form greeting his former Padawan.

anakin and ahsoka

Ahsoka and Anakin reunited for the first time since they both went their separate ways before the Battle of Coruscant. Of course, we know that they met once more on Malachor V. But that was Darth Vader. And the circumstances at that time were different because Vader was trying to kill Ahsoka.

We know that Anakin is now dead, which means there is no way he came back to life. This opens up the possibility that the World Between Worlds is not only a place beyond time and space but also a plane of existence that allows the dead to communicate with the living.


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It is still a mystery how and why Anakin is in the World Between Worlds, but it is possible that the Force simply allowed him to be there because this plane of existence is unlike anything we’ve seen in Star Wars. This opens up the possibility that the dead could also enter this plane of existence as their former selves.

Of course, we aren’t sure how or why Ahsoka is in the World Between Worlds because we know that people need to enter certain doorways to enter this plane of existence. It is possible that there’s a doorway to the World Between Worlds on Seatos and that Ahsoka fell into it after Baylan struck her. Whatever the case may be, we know that this is the will of the Force and that Ahsoka is set to face her past so that she can face her future.

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