‘Ahsoka’: What Is “Eye of Sion”? Large Starship Explained

eye of sion

There were a lot of different revelations in the first two episodes of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, and one of the things that we found out was that Morgan Elsbeth was determined to be the one to bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn at all costs. To that end, she needed the starmap that led to the Pathway to Peridea, where Thrawn was. On top of that, she also needed a large ship in the form of the Eye of Sion. So, what is the Eye of Sion in ‘Ahsoka’?

The Eye of Sion is a colossal space structure that Morgan Elsbeth will likely use to reach Peridea and bring Grand Admiral Thrawn back to the known regions of the galaxy. It uses multiple Super Star Destroyer Hyperdrives, which means that it might be even larger than a Super Star Destroyer.

At this point, we don’t know much about the nature of the Eye of Sion, but we do know that Morgan Elsbeth is looking to use it to bring back her master. There’s even a good chance that this massive floating ring-like structure will serve as the hyperdrive ring that will bring Thrawn’s ship back to the known regions of the galaxy so that he can lead the Imperial remnants against the New Republic. Now, let’s talk more about the Eye of Sion.

What is the Eye of Sion?

During the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka,’ it became clear that the person leading the charge in bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn back to the galaxy was none other than Morgan Elsbeth, who is a Thrawn loyalist and was the very same person that Ahsoka defeated in season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ to try to obtain information regarding the whereabouts of the Grand Admiral.

To that end, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati broke her out from the custody of the New Republic so that she could lead them to Thrawn, as she was the only one who had the means to get to where Thrawn was.


As such, Elsbeth needed to obtain the starmap that Ahsoka found in an ancient Nightsisters of Dathomir temple on the planet called Arcana. She sent out Shin Hati and a few HK droids to steal the Starmap from Sabine Wren on Lothal. And after stealing the starmap, she could use it on the reflex point on the ruins of the planet of Seatos, which were left there by an ancient group of people from a different galaxy.

Elsbeth used the starmap to operate a contraption on Seatos as it revealed the Pathway to Peridea, which Baylan Skoll said was just an old Jedi fairytale that children in the Jedi Temple often talked about. But Elsbeth said that Peridea, which may not be located in the Star Wars galaxy, is a real place that can only be reached with the help of the starmap that revealed a secret route that would allow them to get there. Before setting out on a mission to bring back Thrawn, Elsbeth’s people still needed to prepare for the journey.

That was why Elsbeth sent out Marrok to Corellia to obtain a hyperdrive from a Super Star Destroyer. On Corellia, Ahsoka Tano and Hera Syndulla wondered why the factory there was repurposing a hyperdrive from a massive Super Star Destroyer, larger than anything the New Republic planned to construct. That was when it became clear that this factory on Corellia was working for the Imperial remnants as that Super Star Destroyer hyperdrive was repurposed for Morgan Elsbeth.


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As Ahsoka was about to stop the ship carrying the hyperdrive from escaping, Marrok engaged her in a duel. Hera tried to chase the ship using the Phantom, only for her to fail in doing so. Nevertheless, they were able to leave a tracking device on the ship so that they could trace its location.

After Chopper could trace the ship’s location to the space outside Seatos, the scene shifted to the location of the Imperial remnants that Morgan Elsbeth was leading. A large ring-like space structure could be seen floating in space. Elsbeth was inside it as she announced to Baylan Skoll, Shin Hatti, and Marrok that the last hyperdrive that the Eye of Sion was now installed. That means that the Super Star Destroyer hyperdrive was repurposed for using the Eye of Sion structure.

Elsbeth also said that the Eye of Sion was now ready to go on a journey to bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn from the legendary place called Peridea. In that regard, it is clear that the Eye of Sion was created to bring Thrawn back to the known galaxy so that he could lead the Imperial remnants.

While the Eye of Sion may look like a massive ring-like structure, it resembles the same hyperdrive rings that small Jedi starfighter ships used during the Clone Wars. Back when the Jedi Order still existed, Jedi starfighter ships often used hyperdrive rings to travel through hyperspace because these ships were far too small to have their hyperdrives. As such, they needed to be equipped with hyperdrive rings that docked with the Jedi starfighter ships to travel through hyperspace.

hypderdrive docking ring

The Eye of Sion looks similar to the hyperdrive docking rings used by the Jedi fighters during the events of the Clone Wars. That could mean that this massive structure might be a colossal hyperdrive ring meant to take back Thrawn’s ship, the Chimaera, back to the known regions of the galaxy, as the Chimaera alone may have no capacity to make the journey.

The Eye of Sion is likely a reference to Darth Sion

One of the things that we noticed about the First Order in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars is that they often liked to use old Sith Lord names when naming their structures and legions. And while the First Order is yet to exist in the events of ‘Ahsoka,’ the Eye of Sion is likely a reference to another Sith Lord.

darth sion

In the 2004 video game ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II,’ we met a Sith Lord called Darth Sion, a zombie Sith that led the Sith Order together with Darth Traya and Darth Nihilus. However, he lived thousands of years before as he was defeated in battle during the time of Exar Kun. He was able to find a way to revive himself during the events of KOTOR II.


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While he may have found a way to revive himself, it came at a price because he became a disfigured version of his old self. He looked more like a zombie than a person, and we even saw that one of his eyes was completely white. And it is possible that this very same eye was the one that inspired the Eye of Sion structure that Morgan Elsbeth constructed in ‘Ahsoka.’

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