‘Ahsoka’ Episodes 1 & 2 Ending Explained: The Search for Thrawn Begins


The release of ‘Ahsoka’ has gotten Star Wars fans buzzing because the series released two episodes that were able to form a feature-length film. This was the best way to reintroduce Ahsoka Tano and the rest of the characters of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ to fans, as there were a lot of nostalgic moments in the first two episodes. And most of the nostalgic moments involved Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren.

Of course, as the first two episodes progressed, many things happened not only in relation to Ahsoka and Sabine but also in relation to the Imperial remnants that were looking to stir up some trouble by going on a journey to search for Grand Admiral Thrawn. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ and how this two-part series opener ended.

Breaking Morgan Elsbeth out

The opening crawl of ‘Ahsoka’ didn’t waste time introducing the plot of the series as it was quick to mention that the Imperial remnants were relying on Thrawn’s return in their effort to take the galaxy back from the New Republic. Of course, the same opening crawl also explained that Ahsoka was on a quest to learn more about Thrawn’s whereabouts after interrogating Morgan Elsbeth, whom she defeated in season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian.’

In that regard, the New Republic Defense Fleet was on its way to give Morgan to the proper authorities until a shuttle carrying an old Jedi clearance code arrived to demand that they see the prisoner.

That was when the captain allowed them to dock as he didn’t believe he was dealing with Jedi. Of course, he was shocked to see that the ones in the ship could use the Force as Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati, decimated the entire ship and killed everyone before rescuing Morgan Elsbeth and breaking her out of prison.

Of course, there was a good reason why these two fallen Jedi needed Elsbeth, as she was the only one who knew where the starmap that could lead them to Thrawn was. She was also the leader of a group of Imperial remnants loyal to the Grand Admiral and his vision. And that was why she and the fallen Jedi were hellbent on finding the starmap that could lead them to where Thrawn was.


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Ahsoka and the starmap

Elsewhere, Ahsoka was on a planet with ruins. This planet was later revealed to be called Arcana, an ancient planet that once belonged to the Nightsisters of Dathomir. And the same ruins there were also revealed to have been created by the Nightsisters.

Ahsoka deciphered a puzzle in the ruins that allowed her access to the starmap she learned was located there after interrogating Morgan Elsbeth. And while she was successful at getting the starmap, the problem was that Huyang, the droid professor that has lived for over 25,000 years, was far away with Ahsoka’s ship as the former Jedi needed to fight several MagnaGuard-like droids.

After defeating several of these droids, the remaining ones initiated a self-destruct sequence that was supposed to destroy the entire ruins and everything close to them. Luckily, Huyang arrived in time to allow Ahsoka to board before the blast caught her. And she rendezvoused with General Hera Syndulla.

Ahsoka told Hera about the existence of the starmap after the general briefed her regarding the attack of two Jedi-trained warriors that broke Morgan Elsbeth out of prison. Ahsoka allowed Huyang to cross-reference the lightsabers that these two warriors used with his database so that he could learn more about their identities. And after Ahsoka and Huyang told Hera that they had no way of opening the starmap, General Syndulla told them that one person could do so.

The return to Lothal

The scene shifted to Lothal, which was celebrating the anniversary of the defeat of the Empire on that planet, thanks to the efforts of Ezra Bridger and the other members of the Spectres. Governor Ryder Azadi was there to greet the people and introduce Sabine Wren to them because she was asked to deliver a message to the people of Lothal. However, Sabine ditched the festivities and decided to spend her time on the old Lothal communications tower, which was Ezra’s home but has now become hers.


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While in the communications tower, Sabine was still bothered by the fact that Ezra wasn’t home yet, as it was clear that she didn’t feel it was proper to celebrate with the people of Lothal as long as Ezra was still missing. After watching Ezra’s pre-recorded message, Sabine noticed that Ahsoka’s ship had just arrived on Lothal.

Sabine greeted Ahsoka because this was the first time in years that they met once more, as it was clear that they didn’t part ways on good terms when they set out to find Ezra Bridger at the end of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’

Ahsoka told Sabine about the starmap and asked her for help because her artistic eye could decipher puzzles. Nevertheless, there was clear tension between the two because they didn’t part ways on good terms, as Ahsoka forbade Sabine to take the starmap out of the ship due to safety reasons.

When Huyang called Ahsoka in to tell her about the identity of the fallen Jedi, Ahsoka eventually found out that Sabine had run off with the starmap and returned to the old communications tower, where she thought she could think clearly. And the only reason why she even wanted to help Ahsoka was that there was a chance that they could find Ezra using the starmap, as he and Thrawn disappeared together years ago.

Sabine deciphers the map

While in her home, Sabine tried her best to decipher the puzzle of the starmap while cross-referencing it with the map of the ruins where Ahsoka found it. Elsewhere, Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan, Shin, and Marrok were talking about their next move after learning that Ahsoka had taken the starmap from the ruins. She told Baylan that these ruins were constructed by her people, the Nightsisters of Dathomir. After that, Morgan ordered Shin to go to Lothal because she had a hunch that Ahsoka was there due to Sabine.


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Eventually, Sabine opened the starmap, revealing a holographic display of two galaxies and a pathway that led to where Thrawn and Ezra might have disappeared years ago. However, HK droids attacked Sabine, took the map, and destroyed any evidence inside the communications tower.

Sabine asked Huyang to help her out, and the droid and Ahsoka quickly went over there to try to offer assistance. However, Sabine had to face Shin, a strong user of the Force. They clashed lightsabers in a duel as it was clear that the rogue Jedi was more skilled than Sabine was. And her time was running out because Shin had the upper hand the entire time.

Eventually, Ahsoka and Huyang arrived on their ship, only for Shin to stab Sabine in the torso in an area that didn’t seem to have any vital parts. The first part of this two-parter ended with Ahsoka and Huyang on their way to saving an injured Sabine while Shin and her droids escaped the premises.

Sabine recovering

The second part of the two-part release showed Sabine recovering in a hospital in Lothal. Her injury wasn’t fatal because she could wake up not long after a lightsaber stabbed her. And she told Ahsoka that she could decipher the starmap, only for her to lose it to the droids, who also destroyed any remaining evidence there.

Luckily, there was one droid that Sabine could destroy back in the tower, which was why Ahsoka went there to investigate. Using the Force, Ahsoka could play out a few memories of what happened between Sabine and Shin. When she got to the top of the tower, the HK droid that Sabine took out was still functioning, as Ahsoka destroyed it without damaging any of its vital parts.

Ahsoka had to return with the droid because she understood that Sabine could use it to decipher where the droid came from as long as some of its parts were still intact. Sabine did that while in the hospital as Ahsoka, Huyang, and Hera’s holographic image was watching her. After a risky move, Sabine learned that the droid came from Corellia, which used to be an Imperial manufacturing site before the New Republic shut the place down.


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Ahsoka and Hera decided to go to Corellia to investigate the matter. However, Ahsoka prevented Sabine from accompanying them because she was still recovering from her injury. However, Sabine felt that Ahsoka didn’t want her around, only for Hera to tell her that she felt that Ahsoka knew that she needed Sabine but was unsure whether or not they should try to make their master-and-apprentice relationship work again.

Elsewhere, Baylan and Shin found the reflex point of the map. Baylan told Shin to call Morgan and tell her they found the reflex point on Seatos. And he sent Shin to assist Marrok in an important matter on Corellia.

Morgan used the starmap on the reflex point and even used her Nightsister magick to operate this mysterious contraption that Baylan said was not created by the Jedi. Elsbeth, however, revealed that these ruins were built by ancient people from a distant galaxy as she showed the path to Thrawn. And Baylan called this the Pathway to Peridea, which he thought was just an ancient Jedi story.

The Imperial plot on Corellia

On Corellia, Ahsoka and Hera met up with Myn Weaver, the head of the former Imperial manufacturing facility that was now repurposing Imperial warships to be used by the New Republic for their Defense Fleet and other things. Weaver, however, was reluctant to show Ahsoka and Hera around but only agreed to do so when Hera threatened him with a formal report.

Weaver revealed that they employed former Imperial workers because they needed to find the manpower necessary to operate such a large factory. He also told them that his loyalty lied to whoever was willing to do business with him, as he said that he didn’t care about who was running the galaxy.

Back in Lothal, Sabine had fully recovered from her injury and was having a moment with Huyang, who asked whether she had been continuing her training as a Jedi. That was when Sabine said she stopped training because she didn’t have Ezra’s talent and aptitude.

Huyang revealed that Sabine was indeed sensitive to the Force. Having more than 25,000 years of experience, Huyang met almost all of the Jedi Padawan in the history of the Jedi Order. And he said that Sabine’s aptitude in the Force was the lowest he had ever seen.


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Still, he encouraged Sabine to continue her training with Ahsoka because she needed to be with her. And Huyang also said that a Padawan’s capabilities were not always determined by their talent in the Force.

Back on Corellia, Weaver took Ahsoka and Hera to the control bridge of the facility. Hera was curious about the fact that there was a Super Star Destroyer hyperdrive that was about to be taken off-world, as she was wondering why the Republic would even want to use something that big as the Defense Fleet was not planning to construct a ship that was the size of a Super Star Destroyer. Panicking, Weaver tried to diffuse the situation by saying that this was classified information, only for Hera to remind him of her rank as a general.

When Ahsoka asked about the HK droids that came from Corellia, that was when one of the droids told her that she encountered an HK droid a while back and that the same droid was on the ship that was about to leave with the Super Star Destroyer hyperdrive. As such, it became clear that the people working on that facility were still loyal to the Empire as several employees attacked Ahsoka and Hera.

After the attack, Ahsoka had to try to stop the ship from launching but was prevented by the Inquisitor Marrok and the MagnaGuard-like droid. Meanwhile, Hera chased down the ship using the Phantom as Ahsoka had her hands full dealing with Marrok and the droid. And while Ahsoka could fight both of her enemies on par, Marrok could escape.

Hera was unable to force the ship to stand down but successfully put a tracking device on it, thanks to the efforts of Chopper. While they may have failed to learn more about the people who took the Hyperdrive, they successfully tracked their location.

Sabine and Morgan are ready

Back in Lothal, a more determined Sabine returned to the communications tower and decided to put on her Mandalorian armor once more. She also cut her hair to its ‘Rebels’ length, as this was a sign that she was now ready to return to action as Ahsoka’s apprentice and companion. Sabine called Ahsoka while wearing her full Mandalorian armor to tell her she was ready to take the fight to the Imperial remnants.

Ahsoka returned to Lothal to pick Sabine up after the Mandalorian reminisced about the good old days while looking at the mural of the Spectres that she painted years ago. After Ahsoka’s arrival, Huyang told them that Chopper had just sent information regarding the whereabouts of Morgan Elsbeth’s forces.

Elsewhere, Elsbeth was overseeing the construction of a huge vessel that needed multiple Super Star Destroyer hyperdrives. It was clear that this vessel was either so much bigger than a Super Star Destroyer or was embarking on a mission that required multiple large hyperdrives. Whatever the case, she was ready to bring Grand Admiral Thrawn back on the vessel she called the Eye of Sion.

Meanwhile, Baylan, Marrok, and Shin called to tell her that he was troubled that Ahsoka was determined to meddle with their mission. Baylan said she couldn’t see Ahsoka’s future in the Force as it was clouded. He was also troubled by the fact that they needed to kill Ahsoka, as only a few Jedi were left in the galaxy. Nevertheless, the episode ended with Morgan Elsbeth determined to go on a journey to finally bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn from his banishment and for him to lead the Imperial remnants against the New Republic.

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