‘Ahsoka’: What Is the Pathway to Peridea? Fairytale Explained


One of the things that we saw in the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ was that Morgan Elsbeth was leading the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn so that he could return and lead the Imperial remnants against the New Republic. Of course, we saw that Elsbeth needed the starmap that Ahsoka acquired in the ruins of an ancient Nightsister temple on Arcana. After she acquired and used the starmap, Elsbeth revealed the location of a site that Baylan Skoll called the Pathway to Peridea. So, what is the Pathway to Peridia?

The Pathway to Peridea is an ancient space pathway that leads to a legendary part of the universe called Peridea. This is an ancient Jedi fairytale that children in the Jedi Temple often talk about. However, it was confirmed to be a real location in space because Morgan Elsbeth believes that Thrawn is in Peridea.

At this point, we don’t know many things about the Pathway to Peridea because this was the first time this concept was ever discussed in the Star Wars lore. As such, there are a lot of different possibilities as to what the Pathway to Peridea really is. So, let’s look at what we know about this legendary location in the galaxy and the places beyond it.

Peridea is a Jedi fairytale

In the first two episodes of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, we learned that Morgan Elsbeth was broken out of the New Republic’s custody by the master-and-apprentice duo of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, who were both trained in the ways of the Force.

That’s because they wanted to help Elsbeth reach her goal of bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn back to the known galaxy so that he could be the one to lead the Imperial remnants. And one of the things that she needed to do was get her hands on the starmap that Ahsoka found at the site of ancient ruins made by the Nightsisters long ago.


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When Morgan Elsbeth went to that planet, Arcana, she quickly concluded that Ahsoka could get the starmap before she did. And that was why she ordered Shin Hati to get it from Ahsoka and Sabine Wren on Lothal.

Shin stole the starmap from Sabine after a brief duel with her on Lothal. This allowed Elsbeth and the Jedi working under her to get one step closer to bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn back to the known galaxy. And that’s because the starmap pointed the way to a location believed to be a myth.

shin and baylan

On the planet of Seatos, Baylan found the reflex point required by the starmap. Using her Nightsister magic, Elsbeth operated the reflex point, which she said was created by an ancient race of people from a different galaxy long ago. And after operating the contraption, the starmap revealed a pathway to the point that was beyond the galaxy.

That was when Baylan said that this was the Pathway to Peridea, which he described as a fairytale that the children of the Jedi Temple often spoke of back when the Jedi Order was still standing. However, Baylan never thought these fairytales were true, as no one could prove that the Pathway to Peridea was real.

Morgan Elsbeth responded that all fairytales were rooted in facts. That means that even the legendary and mythical place called Peridea existed in space. And the starmap they found was what would allow them to use the Pathway to Peridea.


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There’s a good chance that Peridea isn’t a planet or a star system. That’s because Sabine talked about the existence of two galaxies when she first deciphered the starmap. As such, it is possible that Peridea exists in an entirely different galaxy or is in a location beyond the reach of the current Star Wars galaxy. After all, Elsbeth said that the people who created the contraption on Seatos were people from a different galaxy.

Peridea is where Thrawn is at

Of course, there’s a good reason why Morgan Elsbeth wanted to use the Pathway to Peridea. Let’s not forget that her goal was to bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn from his banishment. And the only place where he could be is Peridea.

Back in the final episode of ‘Star War: Rebel,’ Ezra Bridger asked the help of the Purrgil, which are space whales that can travel through hyperspace, to transport Thrawn’s ship away from Lothal while he and Thrawn were in there. They have been missing for about a decade as their allies spent years trying to find them. Ahsoka and Sabine spent much time together trying to find where Ezra could be in the galaxy. Of course, the Imperial remnants probably did the same, especially with their massive resources and network.

ezra thrawn purrgil

But the fact that neither Thrawn nor Ezra has been found suggests that they were not in the known parts of the galaxy. Because the Purrgil can travel through different parts of the galaxy or even the universe, Ezra likely asked them to take Thrawn and his ship to a place beyond the Empire’s reach. And that’s why there’s a good chance that Peridea was where the Purrgil took them to make sure that Lothal and Ezra’s friends were safe from Thrawn’s wrath.

In that regard, Morgan Elsbeth may have concluded that the only place where Thrawn could be was Peridea because they must have scoured the entire galaxy. And because Peridea was a location that no one could easily reach, there’s a good chance that this was where Thrawn was.


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Of course, at the end of episode 2, we saw that Elsbeth was overseeing the construction of a massive ship called the Eye of Sion, which needed multiple hyperdrives from Super Star Destroyers. That means there’s a good chance that something even bigger than a Super Star Destroyer must go through the Pathway to Peridea. This is quite likely because this place is so legendary that it is widely believed to be a fairytale location.

The Nightsisters knew about Peridea

We also found out in the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ that Morgan Elsbeth was a Nightsister of Dathomir. Of course, it is interesting to note that she was the only one aware of the starmap that led to the Pathway to Peridea. And this opens up the possibility that the Nightsisters always knew about Peridea.

The Nightsisters have always been mysterious people with abilities beyond the understanding of both the Jedi and the Sith. They could use an illusion-based power called magick, which is said to have branched off from Force-based abilities. But no other group of people in the galaxy can use magick.

This means that the people who may have taught magick to the Nightsisters were from an entirely different galaxy or were actually from Peridea. And this is probably the reason why the Nightsisters knew about the starmap that showed the Pathway to Peridea, as they must have made contact with the people from that part of the galaxy years ago.

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