All Powers Aquaman’s Weapon, “Trident of Neptune,” Gives Him


Aquaman is one of the most iconic and powerful superheroes in the DC Comics universe, thanks in no small part to his signature weapon, the Trident of Neptune. This mythical five-pronged spear not only serves as a symbol of Aquaman’s royal lineage but also grants him an array of extraordinary powers that make him a formidable force to be reckoned with both on land and underwater. In this article, we will take a closer look at the incredible abilities that the Trident of Neptune provides Aquaman and how they have helped him in his battles against villains and threats to the ocean and beyond.

Aquaman’s signature weapon, the Trident of Neptune, serves as a symbol of his office as the ruler of the seven seas. The Trident is likewise imbued with such potent energies that it allows Aquaman to absorb and utilize a vast array of powerful mystical energies. With his Trident, Aquaman can likewise create powerful force fields repelling all physical and mystical attacks alike.

Now that we’ve covered in short what Aquaman can do with his Trident of Neptune, it’s time to analyze all of his powers and abilities in a bit more detail. Additionally, we’re going to take a look at how Aquaman lost his Trident and what were the consequences of it. If you’re interested, stay with us!

Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune serves as the ultimate symbol of his office as the King of Atlantis.

The Trident of Neptune has a pretty long and enchanted history that goes back to King Atlan of Atlantis, which ruled centuries ago. Atlan’s history is pretty tragic and involves his brother Orin usurping his throne and slaying his family. Atlantis was not always the underwater kingdom that we know today. Once, it was a thriving kingdom made out of seven different parts. After Orin tried to usurp the throne, and as we’ve mentioned, killed Atlan’s family. In his quest for vengeance, Atlan unlocked the mysteries of Alchemist’s Gold and created the Atlan’s Trident, which will, over time, become known as the Trident of Neptune, and Aquaman’s iconic weapon.

With the Trident, Atlantis truly became what we know today as Atlan used the weapon to sink Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean, in the process completely destroying 4 of seven kingdoms. The kingdoms that survived this apocalypse were Atlantis, The Trench, and the Kingdom of Xebel. After the deed was done, Atlan succumbed to magical sleep.

Since those first days, while Atlantis was still a place on the surface, the Trident of Neptune has been known as the ultimate symbol of office for any ruler of Atlantis and gives him complete authority over the seven seas. It just so happens that Aquaman is a distant relative of Atlan and managed to acquire the Trident in his hour of need.


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The Trident of Neptune was powerful enough to pierce Darkseid’s chest

Darkseid is among the most powerful villains to ever grace the pages of DC comics. He is well known to have superhuman strength, durability, and powers. It just so happens that Aquaman’s Trident is sturdy enough to pierce through Darkseid’s chest.

This is because the Trident of Neptune is not made out of regular metal; the Trident was created by metal that goes by many names such as Gold of Legacy, Alchemist’s Gold, and enchanted gold, but most famously, it’s referred to as “Nth Metal,” the same metal that gives Hawkman his powers. Nth metal is incredibly durable with amazing magical properties, so it’s no wonder that the Trident itself gives Aquaman incredible powers as well as enough force to pierce through Darkseid himself.

Nth metal is native to planet Thanagar, meaning that almost all items and gear made out of it can be considered superior to other metals made from more conventional ores.

Aquaman has unparalleled magical powers while he wields the Trident of Neptune

Besides having incredible sturdiness and being a symbol of office, Trident of Neptune likewise imbues Aquaman with various magical abilities. The Trident serves as a conduit ready to absorb, distill, channel, and utilize various mystical energies from various external sources. Aquaman is a magical being, but Trident allows him to utilize that inherent magic relatively easily.

By focusing all magical energies and channeling them through Trident, Aquaman can create powerful energy blasts and beams capable of demolishing objects and seriously harming even the strongest and sturdiest beings in the DC universe.


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Besides being an offensive weapon, Trident can likewise be utilized for defensive purposes as well. Since Trident can channel the destructive energies in an outward way, it can likewise use those same energies to create impenetrable force fields for protection. Those force fields are sturdy and capable of taking incredible attacks, magic and physical in nature.

What happened to Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune?

We’ve already covered that the Trident was a pretty powerful weapon that greatly enhanced Aquaman’s abilities. It just so happens that it’s currently broken, and Aquaman has another, more powerful Trident at his disposal, the Trident of Poseidon. The story of how Aquaman lost his original Trident is long, so we will try to keep this as short as possible.

Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune was broken in Aquaman Vol 8 #37 during the battle with Abyssal Dark-possessed Rath. Rath managed to snap the trident in half like it was nothing, and so Aquaman’s (at the moment) most formidable weapon was destroyed.

Aquaman had hoped that the metalsmiths of Atlantis might be able to repair it, but as of now, it’s still broken, replaced by a more powerful version of the iconic weapon.

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