Can Aquaman Control Water? Here’s How His Hydrokinesis Works

Can Aquaman Control Water Heres how his hydrokinesis works

Aquaman, the legendary DC Comics superhero, is often associated with his ability to control the sea and its creatures. But one of the most commonly asked questions about this iconic character is whether he can actually control water itself. Aquaman’s power to manipulate water has been a topic of much debate and speculation among fans and critics alike, and we’ve decided to use this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions and explain, in detail, how it actually works. Due to that, let’s dive into Aquman’s magical powers and see whether he can control water.  

Aquaman can control water, but only if he has access to the Trident of Poseidon. Trident and blessing of Poseidon allow him to utilize water for destructive purposes conjuring massive waves and unleashing devastating power of water on his enemies. With the use of the Trident of Poseidon, he can likewise teleport using water, manipulate ice, and control weather and lightning to a limited extent. 

Now that we’ve covered that Aquaman can indeed control water, but only under certain circumstances, it’s time to explore the Trident of Poseidon in a bit more detail as well as what exactly Aquaman can do with it. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

How did Aquaman get the Trident of Poseidon? 

It’s hard to imagine the King of Atlantis without his iconic Trident. This weapon has often been associated with command over waters and marine life, and in the DC universe, it is much the same. 

The Trident of Poseidon is one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Comics universe and has become synonymous with the character of Aquaman. The three-pronged weapon is a symbol of his connection to the sea, his authority over water, and his prowess as a warrior.

The origin of the Trident of Poseidon is closely linked with the New 52 storyline in which Aquaman fought against the influence of the Thule and the alternate Atlantis. The weapon was gifted to him by Poseidon, the Olympian god of the sea, earthquakes, horses, and storms. In the comics, the Trident took on several forms, most notably an enchanted sword and the three-pronged Trident that we have come to know and love. However, Aquaman ultimately destroyed the weapon in order to defeat the Thule once and for all.

Trident of Poseidon

But as fate would have it, Aquaman would get another chance to acquire the weapon and its powers. He helped Poseidon deal with ancient gods who came to drown the earth as a result of being slighted by Poseidon in the past. In return, Poseidon gifted him the Trident of Poseidon once again, cementing his place as the rightful owner of the powerful weapon.

In the DCEU movie released in 2018, the Trident of Poseidon is referred to as the Trident of Atlan and can only be wielded by true Atlantean heirs. This weapon further empowers Aquaman and grants him various magical effects, making him even more formidable in battle.

For Aquaman, the Trident of Poseidon is more than just a weapon. It is a symbol of his power and authority over water. Without it, his control over water is non-existent, and he is not able to utilize his hydrokinetic abilities. As we have seen in various storylines, whenever Aquaman loses control of the Trident, his powers disappear along with it.


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Can Aquaman use hydrokinesis? 

Aquaman can use hydrokinesis, but only with the Trident of Poseidon in his ownership and the accompanying blessing of Poseidon himself. However, in order for Aquaman to utilize his hydrokinesis to its fullest potential, he must possess the Trident of Poseidon, an ancient and powerful weapon. The Trident is not only a symbol of Aquaman’s authority and connection to the sea, but it also allows him to channel hydrokinetic powers more effectively.

Aquaman summoned a giant wave

With the Trident of Poseidon in his possession, Aquaman’s hydrokinesis is truly impressive. He can manipulate large bodies of water, summon massive waves, and redirect water in devastating ways. He can even create severe droughts by removing water from a particular area.

Aquaman using hydroportation

But Aquaman’s hydrokinesis is not limited to just destructive abilities. He can also use his control over water to teleport through a process called hydroportation. This technique allows him to transport himself anywhere in the world as long as there is water present at both the origin and destination points.

Aquaman can also use his hydrokinesis to manipulate water in other forms, including ice. He has cryokinetic abilities that allow him to freeze water with a mere touch, transforming it into powerful icicles that can be used as weapons.

Aquaman Freezes enemies

With the Trident of Poseidon, Aquaman’s elemental powers are not limited to water only

Aquaman’s control over water is not the only power he gains when he wields the Trident of Poseidon. This ancient weapon grants him mastery over several other elemental powers, including manipulating the weather. With the Trident, Aquaman can call upon the forces of nature and conjure up extreme winds, torrential rain, and even lightning.

His control over lightning is particularly impressive, as he can use the Trident to channel electrical energy and release devastating bolts of lightning. 

These attacks can stun or even obliterate his enemies, and the lightning can be powerful enough to leave the surrounding area scorched and smoldering.

Aquaman chaneling lightning

Additionally, the Trident’s power amplifies Aquaman’s already impressive strength and durability, making him almost invincible in combat. He can even use the weapon to project concussive force fields and energy blasts, further increasing his fighting prowess.

It’s worth noting that Aquaman’s control over these elemental powers is not as strong as his control over water. Even with the Trident, he is not able to summon storms or control lightning with the same level of precision and power as he can control the water. 


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And that’s about it. As you can see, Aquaman can only control water through the Trident of Poseidon, which additionally grants him other devastating powers.