America Chavez vs. Ms. Marvel: Who Is More Powerful & Who Would Win in a Fight?

america vs kamala

We know that the MCU is getting more and more exciting due to the introduction of younger talents who are set to help take it to the future. Two of the young women ready to take centerstage as characters of the future for the MCU are America Chavez and Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. Both of these women are strong and capable in their own right. But in a fight between America Chavez and Ms. Marvel, who would win?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • America can use her powers to strengthen herself, whereas Kamala is more durable because she can augment her defense using energy constructs.
  • While Kamala can use light to create energy constructs, America can manipulate extradimensional energy and use the mystic arts, making her powers better.
  • America was able to fight Scarlet Witch on par, whereas Kamala is still untested.


America Chavez has a unique physiology that allows her to control extradimensional energy because she has the power to travel from one dimension to another at will. This power allows her to imbue her body with extradimensional energy that makes her stronger, as shown by the fact that her punch to Scarlet Witch was able to create shockwaves. However, we don’t know the full extent of her superhuman strength.

Kamala Khan has no superhuman physical abilities whatsoever, but she can augment her strength by using her ability to manipulate light energy to create energy constructs. We saw her using her signature Embiggen technique, which allowed her to create a large fist-shaped construct strong enough to do some real damage. However, as far as her body’s strength is concerned, she remains a regular human in terms of her physical prowess.


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Because America can use her powers to increase her strength, she is physically stronger than Kamala, who has almost no physical feats without creating light constructs.

America 1, Kamala 0


While America does have a unique physiology, she has yet to show any signs that her powers extend to her durability. We haven’t seen her showcasing the ability to withstand powerful attacks or augment her defense. As far as we know, her durability is the same as a regular person’s durability, although there’s a chance that she can now create magical constructs that can help improve her defenses.

The fact that Ms. Marvel has the power to create energy constructs makes her capable of defending herself against powerful attacks. Kamala’s light constructs are strong enough to withstand powerful attacks, and we’ve seen her using her powers to create shields that can protect her entire body from physical damage. This allows her to augment her defense even though her body isn’t more durable than a regular person’s.


Kamala Khan’s ability to create energy constructs gives her the advantage here because she can augment her defense. In contrast, we are yet to see America Chavez doing the same using her extradimensional powers.

America 1, Kamala 1


America Chavez’s powers allow her to manipulate extradimensional energy and use such powers to create portals that allow her and other people to travel from one universe to another. She is the only person capable of such powers. America also trained with the Masters of the Mystic Arts to become well-versed in using magic. As such, there’s a good chance that she has already become skilled in the use of the mystic arts but probably not up to par with the likes of Doctor Strange and Wong.


Ms. Marvel’s powers allow her to manipulate light and use this energy to create energy constructs that can solidify. Her powers are inherent to her mutant physiology but were awakened by the bracelet she inherited from her grandmother, who hailed from the Noor Dimension. As such, Kamala can create different constructs that are not unlike the constructs that DC’s Green Lantern can create. But her control over her powers is at a weaker level compared to Green Lantern’s powers.

Kamala’s powers may be unique and versatile, but America’s status as a singularity with the power to control extradimensional energy makes her more powerful. The fact that she is also learning how to use the mystic arts gives her the advantage as well.

America 2, Kamala 1

Fighting Skills

During the earlier part of her life, America Chavez had no formal combat training, but the fact that she had to fight her way to survive was one of the reasons why she became an adept fighter. America eventually went on to live and train with the Masters of the Mystic Arts, who also trained in hand-to-hand combat. As such, America may be now a skilled fighter after spending time with Wong and the other sorcerers.

Ms. Marvel grew up as an ordinary high school girl before realizing that she could control light when wearing her grandmother’s bracelet. As such, she has zero combat experience whatsoever and received little to no training as a fighter. Her physical abilities aren’t even up to par with the other superheroes, as she was never known to be a standout athlete. And even after awakening her powers, she received no combat training.

kamala fight

Even though both America and Kamala were never known to be fighters, America’s entire life allowed her to become an adept fighter. On top of that, undergoing training with the sorcerers also allowed her to become better at fighting.

America 3, Kamala 1


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Despite her young age, America Chavez has experienced many things in life as she had to spend a long time running away from Scarlet Witch and the demonic entities she sent after her. America mostly avoided direct confrontation until she finally had to do so in her final encounter with Scarlet Witch. America delivered a powerful punch to Wanda while also standing her ground against an enemy strong enough to defeat powerful heroes in a different dimension.

Ms. Marvel is still in the earlier part of her career as an up-and-coming hero, which means her feats aren’t that impressive. She showcased her improved control over her powers by going up against Najma and the other Clandestines. However, she struggled against them in most instances that they encountered one another due to how skilled the Clandestines were.


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We are yet to see incredibly impressive feats from Kamala, whereas America has already proven herself capable of standing her ground against one of the strongest characters in the MCU.

America 4, Kamala 1

America Chavez vs. Ms. Marvel: Who wins?

At this point, America Chavez is the stronger young female hero when compared to Kamala Khan. We know that they are yet to reach their full potential as heroes, and that means that both America and Ms. Marvel can still become stronger and more skilled at using their powers. But at this point, America seems to be stronger and has a higher ceiling compared to Kamala due to her status as a singularity.

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