Anarky: Bio, Origin & History

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Real Name: Lonnie Machin

First Appearance: Detective Comics #608 (November, 1989)

Powers: N/A. Genius level intellect

Affiliation: N/A

Did You Know? At the time of his creation, Anarky was only meant to be a one off character

A Little History

At a very young age, Lonnie became aware of the injustice that can happen in the world. As a by-product of his awakening, he fights for those who cannot fight.

Lonnie Machin was actually born Lonnie Mitchell. However, while still a baby his mother, Greta, gave him up for adoption. His new parents, Mike and Roxanne Machin became the basis for which his childhood was shaped.

As a child, Mike noticed that Lonnie possessed an insatiable appetite for knowledge. As such, he would take him to bookstores so that Lonnie could take in as much information as possible. 

His appetite for knowledge led him to develo a hatred for authoritarian type organizations. This meant that Lonnie grew a distaste for those in powers. Of these, he grew particularity angry towards governments. This change in Lonnie sparked him to create the costume-wearing persona of Anarky.

It wouldn’t take long for his actions to attract the attention of Gotham’s greatest detective. Batman soon caught up with Lonnie and was shocked to learn that the costumed Anarky was nothing more than a 12 year old boy. 

Lonnie was sent to jail and while there, took the code name Moneyspider. As Moneyspider, Lonnie began to hack the accounts of select corporations. He did this so he could send money to developing nations. 

Kind of like Robin Hood

Over time, Lonnie amassed a reasonable amount of money and used it to create a device that fused both sides of his brain. This enabled Lonnie to think at a superhuman level. Now able to think and process at an unheard of pace, Lonnie began to master various fighting styles. 



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